LG Sciences ANADRAULIC STATE - Only $29.99 at Nutraplanet!

  1. LG Sciences ANADRAULIC STATE - Only $29.99 at Nutraplanet!

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    New Anadraulic State by LG Sciences

    This revolutionary new product is unlike anything you have ever experienced. It puts your body in the perfect bodybuilding state to accomplish solid muscle growth, a state we call The Anadraulic State.
    You’ll experience explosive pumps, skyrocketting testosterone levels, vastly increased nutrient absorption and utilization which will turn your body into a muscle building machine!

    Anadraulic State is the first pre-workout product made exclusively to build the key androgenic compounds needed for extreme muscle growth. Its powerful 4 stage release technology increases the key factors in a man's endocrine system that cause muscle growth and cellular expression. Based on years of scientific research, this product combines our Receptor technology with the active pSARM's and anti-estrogens found in our other popular products, along with a new type of creatine to give you the most complete formula for increasing muscle growth.

    4 Phases Technology...

    If you can add more receptors, then increase natural testosterone levels, reduce estrogen and finally add in a pSARM for better anabolic effects, you have a product that will naturally rival cycles of even a gram of test a week! Take that and add in nutrients to increase Growth Hormone release and reduce cortisol and you get the perfect Anadraulic State. Unfortunately, this product is too hardcore for women and should only be used by men over 21 who want the maximum anabolic response.

    Phase I

    Receptor technology increases the sensitivity of each cell and increases the androgen receptor response, causing every molecule of testosterone to be more biologically active; this gives you an increased response to the androgens that are produced during your workout and carries that increased response throughout the day

    Phase II

    Using our popular pSARM technology, we add in co-factors that can act as phyto-testosterone analogs to give your body additional testosterone-like molecules to increase the anabolic effect in each muscle cell. To quote one published study “Osthol could increase androgen, gonadotropin and nitric oxide synthase (NOS) activity. It suggested that osthol had androgen-like effect and gonadotropin-like effect”. This amazing pSARM adds significantly more androgenic hormones to each muscle cell and stacks right on top of the increased Testosterone production

    Phase III

    Using the natural SERM's from our popular Formadrol product, we reduce the effects of estrogen, thus increasing your natural Testosterone production and increasing the anabolic environment in your body. Phase 3 knocks out estrogen in your cells, which could otherwise make you fat and soft like a little girl.

    Phase IV

    Anti-estrogens boost testosterone to the highest possible human levels (over 1200ng/dl). Anadraulic State has the strongest natural Aromatase inhibitor on the market, which will increase the free form testosterone in the blood and make more testosterone available for muscle building. The beauty of this is testosterone boosting effect is that it lasts for as long as you take Anadraulic State, keeping blood levels of testosterone elevated for up to 8 weeks without any negative impact.

  2. I want to hear more about this so called Anti-Aromatase, 3b-hydroxy-Urs-12-en-28-oic acid, and some proven literture behind it.

  3. i jumped on this deal.

    been wanting to try it and nows the perfect time!!!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by capnsavem View Post
    i jumped on this deal.

    been wanting to try it and nows the perfect time!!!
    Agreed, that is a damn good price man for a solid product! I have been using it again for 2 weeks and the veins popping out are insane! Also seems to really lean me out!

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