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  1. Arrow BBS Complete PCT !!!! Testers Wanted - YOU !

    Better Body Sports wants to know what it would take for you to be the complete Athlete!

    We are looking for the best answers- 1 post per entrant who are currently running a ph cycle and need some PCT (we are looking for 3), and also 1 standalone not in PCT.

    If you don't know about Complete PCT here is some info!!!

    Complete PCT - The name says it all!

    Complete PCT was designed with one thing in mind. Providing customers with an effective fusion of PCT elements to help them retain as much of their gains as possible.

    By consolidating these key elements, Better Body Sports has made post cycle therapy clear, concise, and nearly effortless without sacrificing product efficiency or quality. Inside Complete PCT is everything you need to support testosterone, control estrogen/prolactin levels and provide consistent cardiovascular support the human body demands of a post cycle therapy.

    In addition, Complete PCT also integrates a full spectrum of multi-vitamins and anti-oxidants: as we all know it's nearly impossible for a toxic body to grow and recover. With Complete PCT Better Body Sports has eliminated the need to count out pills, measure powders, or open multiple bottles...

    Simply take 1 packet 2 times daily to maintain optimal health & recovery levels.

    Complete PCT contains 60 packs to carry you through 30 days of your post cycle therapy, making the process simple, effective, and manageable. Better Body Sports has taken the initiative to develop a post cycle therapy of the highest caliber, so when the time came to put a name on our thorough research and hard work:

    We had no other choice but to call it Complete PCT.

    Entrants must be:

    -Males 21 or older
    -Verify they do not have any health issues and are ok to use Complete PCT
    -That they will update at least 4 times per week for the entire use of the product
    -Have experience in logging
    -Be ready to do work!

    And remember, we are looking for 3 currently on cycle, and 1 for a standalone log. This promo will run for 1 week, we will determine the loggers next Monday, the 17th of August


  2. KJ's PCT Application

    I'd like to start out saying that this ingredient profile definitely looks like it will live up to the product name. Easily the most comprehensive OTC PCT product profile I have seen. Would love to give this a go. Here's my app:

    Name: kjkriston
    Age: 27
    Height: 6’
    Weight: 229
    BF%- 14-15
    Body Type: Meso-Endo
    Lifting history: Been training with dedication and intensity for the last 6 years but have lifted for over 10 years.

    Current Cycle: 10mgs SD for 3 weeks

    End of Cycle: 4 September 2009

    Diet: Currently cutting taking in about 2900 cals with a 50/30/20 Macro.

    Lifting Schedule: M-F 5 separate groups.

    Cardio: Low and slow cardio for 30 minutes 3x/week

    Goals: Continue to lean out while still putting on lean mass. My days of all out bulking are gone.

    Current supplements: Jack3d, WMS, WPI, Animal Pack, Glutamine, Fish Oils,
    Valerian Root.

    PCT: On hand (Nolva) and Restore

    I would be a great candidate for this test because I am currently running a mild 10mg/day cycle of SD looking to gain some strength and a few very lean pounds. I have a clean diet, a very consistent training schedule and I no longer drink at all. I also have unlimited computer access both @ home and @ work. In the past I have run several logs for other companies and would like to think that although my logs aren’t 20 pages long I provide very honest feedback, honest results. If necessary I will have a SERM on hand if for some reason PCT does not go according to plan. I am assuming you want this product to be used as a stand alone PCT. I also can get post PCT bloodwork done.

    Hormone Experience: 1-Andro Rx, SD, Halo, Epi, “Tren”, Max LMG, Winztrol, Propadrol, M-TRN, M-TST. “Old” 1AD and 4AD, M-Dien.

    Previous logs:
    KJ's White Flood Tablets Log (Sponsored)
    KJ's NEW X-Mass Log (Sponsored)
    The "I promised piston" Propadrol/Zol Log
    Be REVOLTed by my EPI mini-log!
    Last edited by kjkriston; 08-14-2009 at 02:05 PM.

  3. great application!
    have you ever used SD before?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by 0verc0m3 View Post
    great application!
    have you ever used SD before?
    Yes twice before. First time ran it 10/20/30 over three weeks and blew was only my second cycle ever...gained 14 lbs. Had miserable sides though....BP, insomnia and horrible lethargy. Ran it the second time @ 20mgs for 4 weeks and on a cut and it went nicely. I think this run @ 10mg will do exactly what I want with little to no sides. Should be a very smooth PCT as well.

  5. I recently finished a run of both BBS C-Bolic and Testify and had a fine experience on those. I see this has some of the same ingredients as those, which I felt had positive results for me, albeit in different quantities.

    I am not a PH user as of yet, so my application would be for stand alone testing.

    Name: IMMoose
    Age: 37
    Height: 511"
    Weight: 251 (after this morning's cardio)
    BF%- 23-24
    Body Type: "Yo Fatty!" Meso with an EndoGut
    Goals: Lose the belly/Lean out and still add more lean mass.

    Diet: Currently between 2500-3000 cals high protein.

    Lifting Schedule: M/W/Th/Sat

    Cardio Schedule: M/W/Th/Sat 30 minutes Low Intensity
    T/F 2 30 minute sessions - Fasted (w/ Abs in between)

    Supplements: Multi, Creatine, Protein, Animal Flex, VAT Attack (about a week left)

    This would be my first official log, although I've constructively commented and provided honest feedback on other supplements I've used. I would certainly do the same here. My training schedule is set as well as my diet, but allows me to be flexible if the situation calls for it. Since I am currently in between contracts, I also have plenty of time to dedicate to logging the product.

  6. keep them coming !

  7. im currently on my second week of havoc dosing it at 20/30/40/40...would i be able to run this as my pct along with my other supplements like superpump creatin and protein?

  8. I am shocked at the lack of apps....

  9. woow i cant belive im saying this....... this look great and i might switch to this from pct assist. what will be price of this?

  10. Are the testers going to run this with or in place of serms?

  11. I'd be interested in being that one standalone that's not in PCT!

    Age: 44
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 238
    BF%: 14-15%
    Workouts: 4-5 x per week. Alternating between total body workouts with HIIT at the end, then cardio (biking, hockey or swimming)
    diet: Pretty clean, around 3k per day
    goals: Drop fat!

    I push my self hard, no matter what type of traininig I do. There is nothing casual about any of my workouts. The only other supplements I will be taking is a protein drink after a workout and Xtend/Intra-Aid mix during my workouts. I'm also half way into a can of Animal Flex for my joints. Thanks for the consideration.

  12. bump for more apps !

  13. Age: 28
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 229
    BF%- <10
    Body Type: Meso-Endo
    Lifting history: i lost about 80 lbs six years ago and got down to 156. Have been lifting for the last 4, with my weight going up to a high of 190 with more bf, and am currently at my leastest and most musclar and strongest

    Have been looking for a Natty stack to try out.

    This would be a standalone use

    Diet: Getting around 2500 calories with about 220 grams of protien
    Lifting Schedule: West side Barbel 4 days per week

    Cardio: because of work schedule cardio is probally 3x a week, 20-30 min

    Goals: Stay just as lean or get leaner and add some size and more importantly strength

    Current supplements: Maca extract, Cissus and a hodge podge of stims! and protein powder.

    I have run a log before, check it out at. I ran it on a another forum. you can find it at site


  14. I am not currently on any hormonals so this would be stand alone however if need be I could run a quick 4 week cycle.

    • Age :23
    • Height :5'10''
    • Weight :220
    • Body type :Meso
    • Training Experience (please be detailed) :I have been training ever I was a freshman in highschool, 9 years now. I have done everything from BFS, my own random workouts, westside, exact Arnold workouts, warrior workout, Tabata intervals, DC.
    8-10-09 Shoulders, Cardio
    25 minutes treadmil intervals
    Standing DB military 3x10/8/6 65/75/85
    Lateral raise 4x20/15/12/10 20/25/30/35
    Facepulls 3x15
    Kneeling cable front raise 2x10
    Machine military 1 drop set 4 drops
    8-11-9 Arms, Cardio, Abs
    20 minutes stair climber intervals
    BB curls 2x8 drop sets 3 drops per set 100/90/80
    Pummel curls 3x8 60/75/90
    Single arm machine curls 3x8/12/15
    Overhead extension 2x8 drop sets 3 drops per set 100/90/80
    Close grip bench 4x12/8/6/12 135/225/275/135
    Cable pushdown reverse/regular grip 3x10/10
    Ab circuit 2x10 sprinter crunch/medball twist/reverse crunch
    8-13-09 Legs
    10 minutes recombant bike warmup
    2 sets Lunges 60 yards 25's superset good morningsx20 90 superset Single leg pressx20superset single leg curlx20 superset seated calvesx20 superset incline calvesx20 superset leg press calvesx20
    Squat 5 reps each 30 seconds rest 135/185/235/285/335/285/235/185/135
    Hamstring swiss ball curl single leg 5 reps continuous x50 reps
    8-14-09 Back, Abs
    Pulldowns 3x20
    Pullups 2x10/8 with rope, 2x10 wide grip
    DB row 100 10/8/6/4/2 alternating sides continuous
    Single arm pulldown 2x10
    V-Bar pulldown 2x10
    Incline rope pull 3x20
    BB crunch 2x15 135 superset hanging leg raise 2x15 superset Overhead side bend 2x15 10
    10 minutes fast paced rowing
    8-15-09 Chest, only 3 hours of sleep for this workout, get pumped!
    20 minutes treadmil 10% 3mph
    Incline 3x8/8/6 225/225/245 superset Flat flies 3x15/15/8 40/50/60
    DB Floor press 2x8/5 100 superset Machine press 2x10 continuous
    Decline band pushups 2x15/10 drop set
    Decline DB press 2x15/7 70 superset Plyo pushups 2x6
    • Current Supplements (please list all product names) :Spectro 3 multivitamin, Xtend BCAA's, L-Glutamine, Whey protein, Milk Protein Isolate, Waxy Maize Starch
    • Prescription / Non-Prescription / Recreational drugs :None
    • Are you currently being treated for any known medical conditions? (please be specific) :None
    • Current Diet & Macros (please be detailed) :Protein 1.5-2g/lb/day Carbs 2-2.5g/lb/workout day 1-1.5g/lb/non workout day Fat 0.5-0.75g/lb/day
    • Links to Past Logs & Reviews (if any) :Hateful's journey to being swole jacked
    Also I will be able to post before and after pics, here are my latest progress pics
  15. Thumbs up shaddow's application

    This product looks amazing! The formula is so complete!! This is a great opportunity! I'm not on cycle yet (preloading - would start Aug. 31) however, I'm using a 2-on-2-off 2-on-2-off protocol, so I would run Complete PCT twice; once for two weeks after 2 weeks on, and again for 2 weeks after 2 more weeks on.

    shaddow's application

    Name: shaddow
    Age: 30
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 202
    Bodyfat %: ~12-15
    Body Type: Meso-Endo

    Lifting history: I lifted for team sports in high school and college, on and off since about 20 years old, and into bodybuilding ~5 years.

    Cycle: mdrol / xtren 2-on-2-off 2-on-2-off

    mdrol: 10/20/0/0/10/20/0/0
    xtren: 60/90/0/0/90/90/0/0

    CPCT: 0/0/2/2/0/0/2/2
    Nolva: 0/0/20/10/0/0/20/10
    AI CS: 2/2/2/2/2/2/2/2

    Diet: Clean diet, ~4500 kcal.

    Training: Modified DC/Volume

    Cardio: Off days

    Goals: I've been on a perpetual bulk for more than a year. I'll shoot for the stars and say I'd like to hit 220 on this run. I'm well overdue for a cut. With a 2-on-2-off 2-on-2-off cycle, proper recovery during both 2-week PCT segments is of paramount importance for retaining strength and mass. I will run a fair and detailed log about precisely what the product is doing for me.

    Long-term goals: 240 by spring, then cut for summer.

    Current supplements: Fish Oil, Whey protein, RPM preworkout

    I would be a great candidate because I am about to start running a 2-on-2-off 2-on-2-off cycle which will put the product to work twice! I will be running xtren & mdrol. I'm looking to gain strength and size on my way to 220 pounds on this cycle. I eat clean foods, train consistently, and record weight and numbers. I obviously will not drink at all. I have unlimited computer access and will post daily.

    Hormone experience: T-Roid, P-Plex, 1-Test, 4AD, M1T, m5aa, mdht

    Previous logs: Shaddow vs T-Roid & P-Plex
    ANABOLIC EDGE (Sponsored), Activate Xtreme, IGF-2 & Prime
    Shaddow's Rehab Log
    Ripped on Napalm

    Gallery: shaddow's gallery

  16. So no answer to my question?

    Is this suppose to replace the need for a SERM?

    Marketed as complete PCT would have one with the idea of maybe?

    Are the testers going to be running this in place of any serm which might have been needed?

    what particular ph's will this be most useful for?

    Something mild? The one? Epi?

    Something strong? Sd, tren?

  17. Quote Originally Posted by MurdahUDawg View Post
    So no answer to my question?

    Is this suppose to replace the need for a SERM?

    Marketed as complete PCT would have one with the idea of maybe?

    Are the testers going to be running this in place of any serm which might have been needed?

    what particular ph's will this be most useful for?

    Something mild? The one? Epi?

    Something strong? Sd, tren?
    If I was running "The One" doesn't "2nd Gear" come with it in a combo?
    Either way, I think Complete would work VERY well instead if you chose to use it.

    I plan on using it for Epi very shortly, and Mitch is in PCT with it for his cycle of Epi I believe.

    Pheravol, Megavol, SUS 500, and Epivol are other PH's that have been run with Complete PCT as well.

  18. bump for more apps !!!!!!

  19. Check out the packaging

  20. Looks awesome!

  21. I forgot to add the links to my logs:

    Ed's Adrenalean 4 week cut!

    Epithin-E Pulse by Edvanp

    IGF-2 by Edvanp

    several others on


  22. Are the winners being chosen today?

  23. Quote Originally Posted by kjkriston View Post
    Are the winners being chosen today?

  24. Can't type app on blackberry but running purus labs m14-e and x-tren for 5 weeks, this wood be a perfect addition to an already great stack will put app in tomorrow

  25. Can't type app on blackberry but running purus labs m14-e and x-tren for 5 weeks, this wood be a perfect addition to an already great stack will put app in tonight


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