SNS is Giving Away Stacks!!!!!!

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  1. SNS is Giving Away Stacks!!!!!!

    We at SNS are proud to present some kick ass stacks to the AM members. I dont really see SNS mentioned much but we make some great products at some kick ass prices so hopefully this gets us on the map!

    First of all, here is a link to all our products, check them out: Products by Serious Nutrition Solutions | Inhibit-E | Phenibut XT | Reduce XT

    We will be offering two stacks to start off with (we will have many more promos in the future, dont worry )

    First Stack:
    Magnesium Creatine Chelate
    Focus XT
    Beta Alanine

    Second Stack:
    Reduce XT
    RK-500 Xtreme

    The Contest
    Tell me why you want to test each stack, explain to me how each product is going to help your goals. I was thinking Stack 1 would be more of a bulk stack and Stack 2 would be more of a cut/recomp stack but if you can explain to me why you would like to run it another way then go for it! I will be picking winners by who seems to want to run it the most and can put the stacks to their best use.

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  2. personally i'd love to try the first stack...i'm just starting my first real bulk and these products look interesting..especially the focus Xt have u ever tried it ?

  3. I would be interested in stack number 2. I have tried the TTA along with inhibit E before but I would love to see how it stacks up with the Reduce XT and Rasp K. I probably wouldnt use it as an all out cut stack, but more of a maintain weight/drop a couple pounds while eating enough to recover from training. I have a PLifting meet coming up at the end of October and I would love to lift at 220 but Im just a few pounds outside of the weight range now but its too hard to recover from training while reducing my calories. Also I would love to see how these products work with the Anabolic Diet, I imagine the results would be great with the Reduce xt and TTA.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by pistolgripump View Post
    personally i'd love to try the first stack...i'm just starting my first real bulk and these products look interesting..especially the focus Xt have u ever tried it ?
    I havnt tried it yet, gonna get some when school starts back up, but ask anybody who has used it and guarantee they have loved it. It has SOLID reviews. Im glad its back because i had been wanting to try it for like 2 years.

    Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    I would be interested in stack number 2. I have tried the TTA along with inhibit E before but I would love to see how it stacks up with the Reduce XT and Rasp K. I probably wouldnt use it as an all out cut stack, but more of a maintain weight/drop a couple pounds while eating enough to recover from training. I have a PLifting meet coming up at the end of October and I would love to lift at 220 but Im just a few pounds outside of the weight range now but its too hard to recover from training while reducing my calories. Also I would love to see how these products work with the Anabolic Diet, I imagine the results would be great with the Reduce xt and TTA.
    You sound like a prime candidate for a recomp cycle
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative
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  5. I would like to use the second stack. I used Designer Supplements tta back in 2007 and had decent results. I would use this stack on a bulk to keep body fat in check and of course build muscle/and the cortisol effects of reduce xt. When a person trains hard and heavy the way I am doing right now they need every advantage they can get and this would be an advantage.
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  6. stack#2 looks good for me. I bulk fairly quick, but cutting/recomp is a little more work. The "usual" ECA/Y stack is just plain murder on the adrenals after a period time. TTA has great reviews from what i've seen. I believe that TTA and a cortisol blocker and RK will work great as a team. This seems like a PROMISING stack. i'm interested

  7. No love for stack 1?

    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative
    X-GELS THE Prohormone alternative!

  8. awesome, it's goin to the top of my gotta try list

  9. Nope, no love for stack one. LOL.

    Just playin. But seriously I would love a shot at stack #2, I think it would be awesome to try. The well known reputation for cortisol control of Reduce XT, combined with the potential fat loss, thermogenic effects and appetite suppression of the raspberry Ketones in Rk-500, along with the TTA to help burn bodyfat looks like it would all work synergistically to really enhance any fatloss or recomp regimen. Im in a transitional phase right now, and Im looking to do a really radical recomp, with the main focus being mostly on overall fatloss, without sacrificing muscle mass. Ive been at my present state for a couple of weeks, and Ive been having a pretty hard time getting dialed back into a satisfactory fatloss routine, without loosing anymore lean body weight, and Ive really been looking for something to help kickstart my whole program. Im finding it difficult to find the balance between loosing fat and not loosing muscle, and Ive been wanting to add something for cortisol control to help with any unwanted muscle wasting. The Rk-500 also looks like it would be the perfect addition to my program since the thermogenic properties, the increased lipolysis and the general preventing of fat storage are also things I am looking for, and it goes without saying that the addition of the the TTA to help burn bodyfat would only act to enhance things even more. Im not really sure what your looking for us to write here, but all I can say is that stack#2 looks like it would yield all the results I, or anyone else interested in a serious recomp or fatloss program could ever ask for. I mean you've got three solid products, with some well known effects, that no one could find undesirable, so its a no brainer for me to want to give this stack a try. Even if I dont win, this stack is definitely high on my list of things to experiment with, and let me just thank SNS for giving away a chance to try it, and wish everyone good luck in this contest.
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  10. I would love the first stack. with bulking season coming up and creatine magnesium chelate being one of my favorite creatines and being free would be even better. focus xt would be great for me because like everything else i can't concentrate on things very long i often jump from exercise to exerecise at the gym with really no structure. and who doesn't want beta alanine that mixed with creatine would help push through agony of returning to a bulking type workout

  11. I'd opt for stack one as well, I'm an ectomorph and have had trouble gaining weight without dirty bulking. Creatine has helped in the weight room and I've only tried beta alanine in NO Shotgun- but I loved its effects. Again, aside from coffee or the NOShotgun I've tried I never used any focus type supplements which is why I'd like to see Focus XT's effects on a stimulant newbie. I am at about 172 up from 135 four years ago when I started lifting hard. It's been a long road to gain the weight I did but my goal has always been 180 with as low BF as possible (obviously). I'd be interested in logging the stack to let everyone know the possible LBM gains I'd be able to get from a stack like that. I'm not a supplement guru and have done a few PH's in the past.. I'm not really trying to do the hormonal thing anymore just looking for a solid product that works to make a staple in my arsenal.

  12. Stack Number 1 please. Why?

    Creatine Mag Chelate is one of the few Creatines on which I actually receive substantial benefits, along with trinitine and neovar, and it is by far the most economical choice of the three.

    Focus XT has been on my list of things to try, but what can I say? Money's tight, I've been sticking with my bare necessities for the time being. Still, I am a huge fan of ALCAR and choline, and Huperzine is a substance that has caught my attention but which I have not as yet used. Additionally, the disclosure of the amount of caffeine in the formula is a pleasant deviation from most company's hallowed "proprietary blends. I am sensitive to caffeine, so I'd mess around with dosing a bit, but a reasonable dose pre-workout usually causes me no problems and can even prove beneficial.

    I'm currently slowly recomping and recovering from a torn oblique. My strength is down and I'm itching to get it back. The reincorporation of Oly lifts after almost 3months of recuperation has been wreaking havoc on my CNS and a good performance stack such as this would be quite beneficial.

  13. I'd love to try stack 1. I have cut down all Spring and Summer and lost quite a bit of muscle and strength along with the fat. It's time to start bulking back up. I really want to do an all natural stack and see what kind of results I have with it. I have never used BA before either and have heard great things about it. I am on a 5 day split and can do a log with pictures if you would like.

  14. Got hurt over in Iraq in 06 put on some weight, But what I have read it sounds good would love to try it.
  15. Thumbs up

    BUMP... get in those entries!

  16. The first stack for sure!!

    I have been bulking for what seems like forever now! Damn you metabolism! But this stack looks solid and the minute the first thread on Magnesium Creatine Chelate was mentioned I have been exxxcited! I don't dirty bulk, so I especially like this: No increased fat storage (which can be seen from the insulin spike with some other creatine products) Boom! I have encounted this problem before with some creatines (we won't mention names) but this product seems A. Easy B. Solid I am not one to care how things taste, smell, look, or are popular. I like things that work! I want to see if this works! Throw in some Focus XT and the workouts would be sick! One thing I seem to lack in the gym is focus. I will take a "pump" product for energy but I will often sit there and my mind wanders off into thinking about my ****ty boss at work or school or this and that. I need focus! I would like to see how a product that improved this actually improved my work outs, as I VERY much in the mental aspect of body building. The beta alinine makes this complete because it is necessary!! I think this is a sickkk stack and I hope the winner keeps us updated on how it works as I know I would!

  17. Either stack for me would be nice!
    doing my own thang!

  18. Just joined the site and already loving it! The word free caught my eye so please hook me up lol. Id liket to try stack 1. Ive been using nothing but BSN products for the last few years. It use to work but for some reason i longer feel it like before. The magnesium creatine promises no bloat and stomach pains. That alone is a great reason for why i would like to try it plus magnesium and creatine all in one pill is helpful and would save money. Cells mass alone can cost over 40 and ZMA's can cost close to 20. The Magnesium Creatine Chelate is ONLY 16 bucks wow.
    Ive ran the NO xplode for focus during my workouts and also for school durning boring ass Bio and Chem classes to keep me alert. But its been causing crazy stomach pains lately. The focus XT has good reviews so it also sound promising. Never tried a Beta Alanine supp before but my bestfriend cant live without it. Told him id try it one day so now with the help of your free product now would be the perfect time to give it ago. Hope im a winner of your free promo, if not ill probably order and give it a go anyhow. Great prices
  19. Thumbs up

    I'm 30 years old male, training and competing in amateur strongman. My weight is 290 lbs and heigh 6''3. Unfortunately not all my mass is muscle. The extra fat is in the way in competition. Now then the competition season is over I would like to lose fat and get in better shape until new year. Therefore I would like to try stack 2.
    TTA-500 could help me to recomposition body, get lean muscle mass and lose fat,Reduce XT would increase the strength and help with the fat loss while RK-500 Xtreme additional boost the fat loss.

    Hoppe you will be kind and give me the opportunity to try this stack.
  20. Smith70592
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    38 male

    First Stack:
    Magnesium Creatine Chelate
    Focus XT
    Beta Alanine

    I have been lifting since I was 14 years old. Over that time I have been on and off bulking cycles, and would have the experience to fall back on to compare against SNS products.

    Magnesium Creatine Chelate: Creatine is perhaps one of the most widely used sports supplements taken to enhance body composition and performance. Magnesium is essential in the conversion of creatine to ATP. Allowing for maximize lean muscle and strength gains.

    Focus XT: Would both improve motivation and increase energy during workouts which will allow you to train harder for longer periods in the weight room.

    Beta Alanine: increase physical performance by promoting higher energy levels, delaying muscular failure and supporting maximum muscular output. Beta Alanine allows you to train harder, longer and more often, which over time will definitely translate into lean, hard muscle growth. That is the bottom line — it helps you train harder

    meal 1: protein/carbs
    meal 2: protein/carbs
    meal 3 (pre workout): protein/carbs
    meal 4: (post workout): protein/carbs
    meal 5: protein/carbs
    meal 6: protein/fats
    meal 7: (bed time): protein/fats

    non training day:

    meal 1: protein/carbs
    meal 2: protein/fats
    meal 3: protein/fats
    meal 4: protein/fats
    meal 5: protein/fats
    meal 6: protein/fats

  21. First stack!!

    Im not gonna feed you a bunch of crap! First point im 5ft 10 and about 190lbs with 9.5% bf just got done cutting down (a little). I would love to get back up to a previous weight of 215lbs. Ive tried alot of supps out there and spent alot of cash!! I would love to try something that would work if your product works for me then youll have allot of lifetime customers judging by your prices esspecially!! Thanks, Tim
  22. Smith70592
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    Quote Originally Posted by twooten1985 View Post
    First stack!!

    Im not gonna feed you a bunch of crap!
    Do not be chicken **** . Come out and say what that crap is !
  23. Thumbs up

    A lot of good applicants. A big thank you to everyone who submitted an entry thus far!

  24. My name is Kris and I think that i would be a perfect canidate for Stack 1. I just hired a nutrtionist/trainer two weeks ago to help with putting on some size to me and increasing my caloric intake. I am on a serious eating/training regime trying to add about 20 lbs to my frame (180 now) to get me ready for next april's Ronnie Coleman Classic for the novice heavy weight division. I think I could help give your company excellent representation on how your supplements helped me get to my weight/physique I was after to compete.

  25. oh man!!!

    Reduce XT
    RK-500 Xtreme

    that stack is right up my alley! i'm really trying to get lean and mean.. i've built muscle and and happy with my strength levels, but i'm still self conscious about the dreaded spare tire i'm carrying around... i'd like to get lean and work towards that v-taper!... the ladies do not like the muffin-top look

    i've been looking for something like this stack, and i think since i have alot to lose (weight, that is) i'd be a great candidate for this!

    30 yrs old
    230 lbs
    approx 24% bf *cries*

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  26. stack number 2 seems awesome. I'm getting ready to go on a blunking cycle and i feel like this stack mixed with inhibit e would be perfect to get real lean and build ridiculous vascularity

  27. Quote Originally Posted by warbird01 View Post
    No love for stack 1?

    Some love has arrived!!

    I read this and followed the links to view stack one, blimey! the surprise i got at the prices!!

    The first things that sprung to my mind was "you never win anything dont even bother" and - BLOOMING GLAD I DID FELLA!!!! WHY??-read on!

    Followed up with: "NIIIICCEE!! I could actually afford to buy this!!"

    So whether your a winner or not, at those prices they are worth ago!

    I am reletively new to this scene, so to speak, and at 6ft 6 and the frame of spaghetti i have a long hard journey ahead, but this stuff could be a real kick up the backside!
    If it can improve the levels-as i am running around here with six kids! then i would love to give it a go, more energy and bulking is the game!-and in the knowledge that if it kicks butt-i can buy more!! RESULT!!

    I have never heard of SNS (me bad!) but as a newbie, i am glad i have now!
    Great of you to pst up the offer, opened my eyes, hopefully me muscle fibres to! bulk me up big boy!!

  28. First Stack:
    Magnesium Creatine Chelate
    Focus XT
    Beta Alanine

    Of course

    Im Ryan, 5 foot 10 inches. Around 5 percent bodyfat. Im a classic ectomorph, yay lol! Have the build of a swimmer. Got big into lifting last November after getting constantly bashed on how skinny I was (130lbs) and couldnt take that any more. I vowed to get bigger/stronger than all the mofos who were cutting me down. Once I started lifting, it became an addiction and still is .. Now that its August, I am now 165lbs and all those fools swear im on roids haha... I am on a constant bulk, and am always willing to try new products/workouts to achieve my goals of hitting 185lbs around December! I lift heavy and hard about 5 days out of the week and eat like a mad man (protein/carbs), no alcohol, soda or fast food for me! I have experience with many proteins, creatine mono, kre alk, multi vits, pre workouts etc...

    The MCC will be a more efficient method to get through the muscle rather than regular creatine because it is transported via the ligand-gated cation channel. It should give me a slight strength/weight boost to help me lift more and longer. And water weight doesnt bother me any.

    Focus XT will help me get into the game! Even though when I enter the gym I am already focused on the task at hand (lifting) a little more help wouldnt hurt. With more mental focus and energy I should be able to last longer, beat any plateaus I have and make my gains!

    Beta Alanine, witch I have never taken before would increase my muscular endurance and improve my energy levels. I would be able to get out that extra rep that could break my bicep plateau!

    I have never tried any of your products before and this first stack could be the start. Would love to see how my gains would look on this stack and how I would respond to the the MCC and BA!

    Thanks for the Opp,

    Ryan K.


  29. I would like to do stack number 2. I have been training for a couple years now and have always had good luck on bulking stacks and making progress with size. But when it comes to coming off of a cycle and wanting to cut down i have trouble shedding those few extra pounds and leaning out. I think the combination of TTA-500, Reduce XT, RK-500 Xtreme might be what i need to get over that hump. thank you.

  30. WOW, decent amount applicants thus far.
    doing my own thang!


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