Omega Sports T-Force back at the Planet in a BIG way!

  1. Exclamation Omega Sports T-Force back at the Planet in a BIG way!

    Omega Sports T-Force, which features the only Fadogia Agrestis product on the market that has its content certified by Chromadex Labs, is finally back in stock at the Planet.

    And to help celebrate its return, we're blowing the doors off on a buy 1 get 1 free deal! The link should be up later today.

    Remember, T-Force is the only product that contains Fadogia to prove its ingredients are legit. Fadogia only comes from Africa and getting it from less than motivated locals is challenging, to say the least.

    Get more action in the gym and the bedroom with T-Force.


  2. Does this mean the return of the TNT stack?

  3. That is up to Stryder and NP.

  4. freakin amazing deal, where is everyone

  5. Buying T-Force, hopefully.


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