>6 Controlled Labs FREE Samples (Purple Intrain included)<

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  1. Thumbs up >6 Controlled Labs FREE Samples (Purple Intrain included)<

    this is the newest thread, please disregard the other one


    We now have a limited number of samples of all 6 products (PUrple InTrain, GOLDEN GAINS, White Flood Tablets, Green MAGnitude sour apple, Purple Wraath Lemonade, and REDuction!)

    if you would like samples please follow these 2 EASY steps, otherwise samples will not be sent:

    1) you must post a message in this thread (if not registered you must register to post in it)

    2) Fill out ONLY 1 of the 2 of these online forms:

    A) Controlled Labs (for all 6 samples listed above. only choose this option if you have not received samples directly from us in the past 6 months, as you will not get anything by filling out this form if you have gotten samples in this time frame)

    B) Controlled Labs (for Purple InTrain samples ONLY, you should request this if you got the other 5 sample packets directly from us in the past 6 months)

    confirmation emails WILL NOT be sent, so please be patient

    these will start shipping today

    Please leave feedback on the board (review section) once you have gotten the opportunity to try the samples

    Also write in this thread when you have sent your request

  2. Sweet deal.

  3. i want them

  4. You guys gotta try Purple InTrain. That stuff is the bomb!

  5. whats the difference between purple wraath and inTrain? I have purple wraath now and i really like it but ive never seen inTrain before.

  6. I love PW but would love to try the others. I hear only good things about Controlled Labs products.....plus I got a free orange CL shirt from NP once so ya

  7. schweeet!

  8. looking forward to some samples
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  9. That's a great sample pack

  10. can't wait to try the intrain! one question. I notice there is a difference between this and PW is this a one or the other product, or is this a 'I can stack it with PW cause I have like 5 tubs of the stuff type product.' will they work well together or just be redundant?

  11. and just cause I have to ask, will we see a sale on this anytime soon?

  12. yea good deal,i'm in on that!

  13. purple wraath = EAAs / pre workout mix
    Purple intrain = Whey, Leucine, WMS (carbs), Beta Alanine + high dose B12...

    So the two can be stacked together

  14. Thanks man
  15. Smith70592
    Smith70592's Avatar

    I would like to try your products
    Would also leave honest feedback on the board
    Thanks for this offer
    I have filled out the request form

  16. awesome cant wait to try these out

  17. Looking forward to them. Thank you.
    PHF Rep

  18. Request sent!!

  19. Would love to try some samples to see how they are...Very Excited )

  20. me too, I'd like to give em a shot!
  21. UKStrength
    UKStrength's Avatar

    Good lord this stuff can't hit the UK shores quick enough!

  22. sample request sent!! super stoked

  23. got try em!

  24. Sweet


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