>6 Controlled Labs FREE Samples (Purple Intrain included)<

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  1. Awesome. Looking forward to trying them!

  2. free stuff is always good

  3. Looks good! Am I too late?

  4. I've tried all six samples. The taste of the powdered supplements was awful. I won't comment on the other products because my comment wouldn't be fair; draw your own conclusion.

  5. Still need to try the golden gains and white flood

  6. thanks CL! just sent in the form for the InTrain... i cant wait to try it.

  7. Def want to try them

  8. By all means give the samples a go and let me know what you think.
  9. cfrench
    cfrench's Avatar

    Request sent, can't wait to get em.

  10. Free samples....cant wait to try!

  11. i would like to try all six products

  12. requesting all six! cant wait to try them!

  13. Huge Fan of Prurple Wrath!

  14. cant wait to try this stuff out,had my eye on these products for a while..

  15. the purple wraath lemonade flavor is fantastic!! I bought the grape flavor and think its ok but this flavor tastes like real lemonade.. still have to try the other samples though

  16. Received all 6 samples today in the mail. Can't wait to try them. I'll post appropriate feedback as I give them a go.

  17. I'm in as well, I love free samples. I've heard great things about PW, but have yet to actually try it yet. Posted on the Controlled Labs forum as well.....


  18. Great Promo!

  19. I just wanted to thank you guys for the sample package I just received it today
    after I try the samples I will post back with my review of each sample. I just started
    using Blue Gene today so when I finish the jar in 30 days I will post back with my review
    of this supplement. Again thanks fo the quick responce to the sample request.

  20. okay im so confused on which thread is the "real" one lol. either way, i'll just update the progress of the samples here! I received my shipment of all 6 free samples from controlled labs today!!! extremely pleased i felt like a giant baby D

    Today was leg day ... so i decided to use one of the sample!

    White Flood
    I ingested ALL 8 pills, 45 minutes after I ate, and 30 minutes before I worked out. I felt a good warm energy and concentration on my first set of squats. DEEP and LOW i went. Few sets later, my quads was so pumped, my knees were shaky. It was a weird symptom, indeed. My heart was racing really fast, I had to take longer breaks. Maybe i overdid it on my first dose LOL. All in all, while I was exiting the gym, I looked like I had a #$^@ shoved up my @$$!!!

    What a great workout =)

  21. Get with it!

  22. I'll be waiting thanks for the great deal.

  23. Received my samples yesterday, Thank you!! took reduction pm last night and slept like a rock for 12hrs. Also had a lot of crazy dreams.

  24. sweet i did it

  25. For some reason I cant get the free samples page to come up. The purple in train works though. Are you done with the other free samples?

  26. Awsome promo! Cant wait to try em' all!!

  27. I can't wait to try ur samples.

  28. Hmm.. I want to try Purple Intrain, Purple Wrath Lemonade, and GoldenGains but the link to the 6 samples isn't working. Already a huge fan of White Flood.. Ordered a new tub of the new white rasberry today.


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