PM me to get discount code for M1D

  1. PM me to get discount code for M1D

    That's right, PM me or another LG rep and ask for the new M1D code to get a HUGE discount off this product!!!

    With every prohormone we've created, we look for those compounds that do an awesome job of building muscles.

    METHYL 1-D™, is our most groundbreaking product yet. METHYL 1-D™ is an anabolic animal by itself AND a stack supercharger, too!

    METHYL 1-D™ may be one of the most potent androgens. METHYL 1-D has an estrogen blocker to discourage bloating along with a 5aR inhibitor, so you can keep your hair. You'll get solid gains in muscle mass without the bloated look.

    Additionally, you may also see yourself become more cut with every week because one pleasant side effect may be the blocking of an enzyme called glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase. Scientists believe this enzyme may block the body's ability to store and produce fat. One study suggested a mean body fat reduction with no change in body weight, which means more muscle and less fat!

    Did we forget to mention the effects on libido? Study after study suggest that the compounds in METHYL 1-D supports libido too.

    Methyl-1D gives results that you can count on time and time again. Studies with the ingredients in METHYL 1-D suggest improvements in strength, mass and body fat ratio. Potential benefits of Methyl 1-D are:

    * Extreme Gains in Strength and Size
    * Increased Muscle Mass
    * Increased Fat Loss
    * No Gyno Or Estrogen Effects - due to the estrogen blocker
    * No Hair Loss - because we block DHT
    * Ramped up Metabolism and Thermogenesis
    * Greater Conversion of Glucose to Energy rather than Fat

    Unlike other supplements out there, you'll get the full benefit of all the ingredients in METHYL 1-D. It's as potent as any methyl on the market today because of a patent pending special delivery mechanism.

    METHYL 1-D Supercharges Our Other Products for the Most Powerful Results

    If you're ready for some radical changes in your body, combine METHYL 1-D™ with our other products. Methyl 1-D synergisticly supercharges the effects of our other products so that you get more of what you buy supplements for - muscle mass, strength, fat burning, etc. Each LG Science product is specifically designed to work with METHYL 1-D™ as part of a cycle for truly astounding results.

  2. Is this regular M1D or M1D Black?


  3. Regular M1D 90 count I believe

  4. is this still available
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over

  5. Quote Originally Posted by p5sky View Post
    is this still available
    Think it was just for Twitter Tuesday. Join us on there and every week there is a INSANE special!



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