PROMO: New SCR Torrent Flavor

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  1. PROMO: New SCR Torrent Flavor

    Torrent the bodybuilder's post-workout (PWO) drink will soon be available in a 3rd great flavor. The formula has solid science behind it (Round 1-2: Torrent vs. Science - the F O R V M) and has been proven in gyms around the world (see reviews below).

    The debate rages on about which is better Cherry Berry Blast (CBB) or Green Apple Avalanche (GAA). I'm in the GAA camp. Well know there is a new kid on the block. We Beta Tested this flavor on the FORVM among other places. Based on your feedback we should have the final product ready to ship around the first of July.

    Torrent FAQ's:

    Torrent Reviews/Feedback:
    Torrent - the F O R V M
    Torrent: The Definitive PWO Shake - the F O R V M

    Torrent & The Science

    What is SCR? Sour Citrus Rush.

    Here is your chance to score some. We are going to give out 5 full tubs of the new Torrent flavor. For your entry please tell us how Torrent has (or will if you've never used Torrent) changed your post workout supplement protocol.

    Rules: U.S. addresses only, must be 18 and over. Promo will end 7/07/09

  2. Since I am first I will throw myself in here. Torrent wazs my first true introduction to WMS, and a very solid balance of different creatine sources. As a typical non-responder, I was pleased with my use of torrent (Green Apple), and would love to give this a go
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  3. FYI Fellas, here's the promo thread for the new Citrus Burst Intra-Aid...

    PROMO: Citrus Burst Intra-Aid

    Between Torrent and Intra-Aid, ya got 2/3 of the AWO Stack...

  4. I have not used Torrent but I would like to try it out. It is everything you need in a couple nice scoops Great ingredient profile. I have heard great things about it. So I think you guys at Universal need to man up and give me some free torrent hahahaha. Just joking. but seriously.
    Way back about 2-3years ago I tried some of my brothers Torrent and didnt really care for the taste/ I want to re evaluate that oppinion
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by fightbackhxc View Post
    Way back about 2-3years ago I tried some of my brothers Torrent and didnt really care for the taste/ I want to re evaluate that oppinion
    SCR > GAA > CBB

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Universal Rep View Post
    SCR > GAA > CBB
    Thats a great inequality you set up there
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  7. anyone that knows me (in real life or on these boards), knows how much i love Torrent.
    and i always have to lead the charge against U Rep in the battle of CBB vs. GAA !!! haha

    to say i'm psyched about this new flavor is an understatement...
    Torrent is my staple post-workout, period.

    i can't even think about recovering from tough workouts without it.

    this new flavor is definitely appealing to me as i love citrus-type flavors. i loved that they did a citrus I-A as that makes perfect sense for something to be refreshing and thirst-quenching during a workout.
    to have some tasty citrus flavor after a hard workout sounds great also.

    and btw, i guessed the new flavor name way back in Feb!!!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by joeyamma View Post
    and btw, i guessed the new flavor name way back in Feb!!!
    True enough. Hit me up with your info, JY... I'll have a tub shipped to ya for your powerful prognostications...

  9. My Application.

    First off im 21 years old been lifting for since i was 15 for sports i was taking golden finish by controlled labs for a while then i bought a tub of Green Apple Torrent and loved it. For some reason i just reacted to it a lot better then golden finish and just plan whey shakes post workout. I went through one of the 3 lbers in no time then bought a 6 lber of the cherry one the flavor wasnt as good as apple i though but i still loved the results. Torrent changed my post workout shake completely normal whey shakes just dont compare.

    I would love to try this product out for you guys as i have never been given the opportunity to test anything on this site and would love too. Im currently taking jack3d PWO with my Mass FX Hyperdrol x2 8 week stack and ive currently been out of torrent for the past 2 weeks because i didnt have enough money left to buy it when i went to restock and get the Mass FX/HX2 cycle. I would be honored to test this product out for you.


  10. Quote Originally Posted by Universal Rep View Post
    True enough. Hit me up with your info, JY... I'll have a tub shipped to ya for your powerful prognostications...
    for real? thanks U Rep! you know i'll put it to good use!
    i'll be buying Citrus Rush Intra-Aid on my next order to go along with this for the citrus 1-2 punch (Animal Pump pre-wo of course)

  11. The only experience I've had with post-workout nutrition would be, the usual protein shake immediately after my workout, 1-2 level scoops of BSN Cell Mass within an hour after my workout, and then a well balanced/portioned meal within 2 hours of my workout.

    I currently use LG's Anadraulic State before my workout, was using Intra-Aid during my workout (before I recently ran out), and Cell Mass after my workout. Animal Pak is a staple for me and I enjoy the Liver Tabs as well. Animal Pak was the first Universal product I had ever tried and I was very pleased. Intra-Aid was outstanding; the ingredient profile is well worth the price. I recently ran out and am pretty bummed, however, I did enter myself into the promo to be chosen to test the new citrus burst. So, I have a 50/50 chance of possibly winning one or the other. Or maybe both? Has that even ever happened? Anyways, I've been pleased with Universal's products so far and have been wanting to try Shock Therapy and Torrent for some time now. I do not plan on working out without Intra-Aid and would like to cover all my AWO bases with the Universal line.

    I've been focusing on building lean mass, however, I have cut body fat in the process and am happy with the way I'm beginning to look. I'm seeking an even bigger pump than what I've been experiencing, and also would like to look more vascular, solid, and full. I've heard WMS products, amongst some others, are great for doing this.
  12. tws1
    tws1's Avatar

    I have not yet used torrent but would love to get the chance to start. I have become hooked by most of the Universal supplements I have tried (Pak and Pump oh and the shaker bottle which is phenomenal). But Ive been trying to decide on a post-workout for about a month now because a shake and meal are no longer cutting it and this introduction to Torrent would be a great way to get started on a new post wkout system for the next couple years to come. Thanks
  13. Thumbs up

    Oh baby. So the flavor is no longer a secret. get in on this one fellas. I promise you, this is the best flavor yet! Well, at least I think so


  14. Quote Originally Posted by Hoomgar View Post
    Oh baby. So the flavor is no longer a secret. get in on this one fellas. I promise you, this is the best flavor yet! Well, at least I think so

    I'll vouch for ya... Best yet.
  15. Thumbs up

    Definitely a great opportunity!!! Good luck to all that enter!!!

  16. I throw my chips in here. Animal was the first supplement grouping that I started taking, and probably the best. Hell I still continuously take "my four pillars daily": PAK, OMEGA, FLEX & UNI-LIVER.

    I only had one opportunity to try torrent previously (in fact it was several samples given to me from another Animalholic who told me to try the stuff). I was seriously impressed with this PWO and the taste was amazing. I usually make my own PWO drink but am considering purchasing a pre-made one, to save on time; working, lifting and family are a hard and sometimes crazy balance:-)

    Anyway would love to try the new torrent flavor and see how an actual tub holds up and how it positively affects my workouts and gains.....


  17. BW's Application:

    For a while a post workout shake with CHOs were a big part of my lifting regime, but I decided to give them a break. Recently I have been feeling VERY under recovered after my heavy lifting routines, and so I added carbs back into my shake. I'm attempting to recomp and I'm currently using Dextrose and Malto post workout with a scoop or two of protein powder. I've never considered Torrent, but this promo has really brought it to my attention.

    Using Torrent would totally bump my post workout nutrition up to a higher level. Considering that it has amino acids and creatine in addition to carbs and protein powder makes it so much better than the plain old shake I chug now! This refreshing citrus flavor would give me something to look forward to drinking after I lift- it'd be like a reward for working out so hard!

    I believe that PWO nutrition is very important. Torrent has a great ingredient profile and I think it would really help me with my goals. I would be happy to give a review of my experience with Torrent including how I like it, how my recovery is improved, my strength increases, fat loss progress, etc.

    Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

  18. I'd like to try it - Intra-Aid has become so frequently used in my regimen, that's post-workout peer has become of great interest. Torrent just hasn't fit into my diet (too many carbs), but should fit perfectly in the clean bulk I'm planning - I could even include it in the log I am hoping to do.

  19. I have a couple of mantras that i live by. Below is how Torrent is part of that.

    One of them is declutter. When i had to make my own postworkout, it meant buying 8-10 different items, It created chaos. I had to move stuff around, make space to store them, arrange them, taking up valuable cupboard space, not to mention they can be unsightly.

    Another one is, go green when you can. How does Torrent help? Well, all those extra bottles, paper boxes, styrofoam peanuts etc, from all the supps required to 'make' my own formula, are no longer required. Less trash, less landfill.

    Another is conserve time. I think i'm saving money making my own formula but in the end, it takes up so much of my time just messing with it, its just ridiculous.

    Finally, get good eats. Put tasty stuff in your mouth. Torrent tastes great. Your homebrew tastes like ash. Another part of good eats also means nutrition. Torrent? ...for sure, yours?...highly suspect.

  20. When I go to the gym, it is an absolute onslaught! Me vs. the weights. vs. the guy doing curls in the squat rack!!!!

    I push myself to the brink where most people would absolutely crumble and cry like a little mary. I am striving to achieve something much greater than mere mortals we come across every day...... that's right..... DIAMOND CUT 18s!!!

    Heavy lifting + clean diet + drive from beyond = ____________?

    I have been using Torrent for about 2 years now. IT HAS SAVED ME!!! This is not an understatement! I used to workout, and make frequent stops on the way home from the gym. By the time I got home, the anabolic window was closed. When I discovered a lot of post-workout nutrition products, some were good, some were bad; however, none had everything that Torrent had. Torrent has saved me from cluttering my kitchen and closets with all different containers and the time used mixing everything together.

    We all know that reaching your goals that the simple equation needs to be satisfied:

    intensity + strong diet + rest/recuperation + proper supplementation + timing = RESULTS.

    I have used Torrent when bulking and it was great. I will tell you there has been nothing to compare in taste to having a cold Green Apple Avalanche or Dark Cherry after a grueling workout. Torrent was something I always looked forward to and made me push those extra reps out in the gym.

    Since I have started using torrent I have put on the size where people stop me and say WOW (very serious). It has allowed me to satisfy the immediate protein requirements, glycogen replenishment, mTOR activation, and volumization. I am very happy with the results I have achieved.

    Right now I am preparing for my very first Bodybuilding contest. For this, I will be dieting strictly but that one special delicious treat I will indulge in after the workouts is Torrent.

    I will need something that can perfectly satisfy my bodies macronutrient needs following my workout, there is no product I trust more than Torrent for the results it has given me, the ingredients, the Brand, and the taste.

    Whats the solution here? Very Simple..... IT IS TORRENT!

  21. Hi, have never used Torrent before but after reading the science on it would like to try it. I have been trying to drop fat and gain muscle after many years of just eating whatever has caught up to me. I have dropped 25lbs of fat and now I am having a more difficult time gain muscle back. I believe this is from the low carb diet I have been on and though I have increased my carb intake, I am still leary of the quanity and scheptical that I will add fat back in.
    With that said, I believe Torrent will provide me with the right balance for post workout recovery and growth and get beyond my plateau and past my thoughts that I will just be getting fat. I look foreward to trying this product.

  22. Hi, Ive been a dedicated Animal/Universal user for the past 2 years...With the Pak/Uniliver being my staples year round. Although Ive used WMS in the past Ive never tried Torrent before and would love to give it a try. The hydrosylates/leucine/creatine will be a solid addition to my post workout nutrition. I keep hearing that Torrent is the best PWO supp on the market and I would love to try it!
  23. Tub of Torrent for Comparison

    I would really like to try this new flavor of Torrent as a comparison to other PWO shakes I've tried. I've been comparing profiles, but nothing is quite like experiencing first hand and giving a detailed and unbiased review, point by point.

    I've been lifting for ~15 years, college sports, personal trainer, and enginerd. Currently 29 yrs, 195lbs and ~9%bf. I keep my supplements natural. I'm currently using a Competitor Lab's new PWO product and have enjoyed the unique taste and profile. I'm not gonna trash other products if they are good, but no need to mention them here. However, I'm more intrigued by results, and it looks like Torrent could deliver in that department, as well as a solid reputation for taste. The WMS, hydro protein, leucine and simple carb complex with creatine looks like a winner.

    As most all the married dudes on here can sympathize (at least the ones married to Irish women), my wife thinks I spend too much on these sites and threatens to seek counseling if I keep spending the way I have. It would be great to get to try Torrent's new flavor (big fan of sour), give a solid review, and perhaps find a new staple PWO shake. It's the kind of justification that just might work for the next big order. Yeah, I'll whore myself for a tub of Torrent!

    So how would Torrent change my protocol? I think it would give me the post workout spike to take the leucine and creatine wrap them up with the simple carbs and WMS, and funnel that muscle-building goodness into my tired-a$$ muscles with the right amount of hydrolyzed whey protein peptides to get extreme anabolism naturally. That means quick recovery and big strength & muscle gains, all while enjoying a refreshingly tangy drink after a gruelling 90 minutes in the gym.

    So, how about a tub?

  24. mmmm... Torrrrrrentttt... *Drool...*

  25. Update... New Torrent will start shipping on or before 7/1/09...


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