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  1. Quote Originally Posted by LAGear View Post
    Can we get links to everyone's log? I'm interested in following the other logs even though I'm logging this myself.
    I just got back from my trip. Scared to step on the scale, but I will be doing it, starting the log and first dose starting tomorrow. I will post the link in this thread as well.

  2. good to here silver. looking forward to seeing your results

  3. Age:22
    Years Training:8
    Estimated Body Fat %:19%
    Your Goal in regards to Bodybuilding/Fitness:Lean and cut
    Current supplements you're using:Whey Protein
    Why you would be a good candidate: I am a former college football play and my extracurricular activities have taken a big hit. I do not want to be like most and gain a lot of weight afterwards. So I am looking for something to help me stay in my football shape.


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