FREE White Flood (Tabs)-Golden Gains-Green MAGnitude-Purple Wraath-REDuction Samples

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  1. FREE White Flood (Tabs)-Golden Gains-Green MAGnitude-Purple Wraath-REDuction Samples

    this is the newest thread, please disregard the other one


    We now have a limited number of samples of all 5 products (GOLDEN GAINS, White Flood Tablets, Green MAGnitude sour apple, Purple Wraath Lemonade, and REDuction!

    if you would like samples please follow these 3 EASY steps, otherwise samples will not be sent:

    1) you must post a message in this thread (if not registered you must register to post in it)

    2) Fill out the online form: Controlled Labs

    3) Become a member of the Controlled Labs BodySpace Group by clicking here:
    BodySpace: Groups: Group Profile: CONTROLLED LABS

    confirmation emails WILL NOT be sent, so please be patient

    these will start shipping on monday (May 4th 2009)

    Please leave feedback on the board (this section once you have gotten the opportunity to try the samples

    Also write in this thread when you have sent your request

    MOD EDIT: Please keep these in the company promo section and please keep promos' within this board. Thank you.

  2. Golden Gains samples.... take advantage of this... amazing apple pie flavor!!!

  3. COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yeahhh!

  5. Are these week supply samples or what?

  6. I cannot wait to try out these!
    so far from what I've tried, Purple Wraath is the intra WO drink on the market, and WHITE FLOOD is off the chain!

  7. Nice, I was thinking about getting purple wrath. I heard a lot of good things about it.

  8. Sent my request in.

    Thank you for the samples, look forward to trying them out!

  9. request sent in, bodyspace group joined, and thread replied to. cant wait to try these out.

  10. I did all the requirements above and can't wait to run a mini review of the supps.

  11. request sent in, email sent to Tank, joined BB group, joined controlled labs thread...

    would like to try all of your products, never tried them before! can't wait to review them on AM...

  12. awesome, did all 3
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  13. Done.
    MOTIV8 II Challenge
    -=The Big Squirrel Nut Swingers=-

  14. Thank you everybody

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Liquid13 View Post
    Are these week supply samples or what?
    Single servings.

  16. anticipation! I'm looking forward to trying something alongside creatine
    does an email need to be sent to someone?

  17. request sent,,,,i might have to wait till after bootcamp to try Golden Gains lol but it will be all good cuz im gonna lose alot of muscle in boot so ill have that much more to work on gettin back!!!!

  18. I'm in! Looking forward to trying the new stuff.

  19. awsome! Heard so much about this company cant wait

  20. Request sent. all other requirements completed. I would love to try these products. I have been wanting to try a few of these for a while.

  21. Sweeeeet !

  22. BodySpace Request Send, Form filled out, Message Posted, Can't wait to try these supps. out! Thanks!

  23. Cant wait to try purple wrath!

  24. Just received my free samples today. Can't wait to try Golden Gains!

  25. Signing up now for the free samples.Can't wait to try the golden gains.


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