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  1. Quote Originally Posted by OutOfShape View Post
    Is it too late to submit an application/resume??
    Go ahead!! I started the interviews, but we'll need a pool of guys since this program will probably expand pretty quickly

  2. excellent

  3. I live in Newport Beach California (Orange County). I'm not sure if you're familiar with the area but there is always a lot going on down here and plenty of opportunities. I also have many connections and ties with the athletic communities at the college I attend, the colleges in the surrounding areas as well to a degree, a few local gyms and boxing gyms, and Huntington Beach always has big events and shows going on. US surf open, volleyball open, Main St., ect. tattoo expo. There is also the Orange County fair grounds right by my house where they have a swap meet every weekend. They got the OC fair in the summer, tattoo expo, adult entertainment expo, all kinds of car events, just had the youth expo, and coming up i think they got some kind of modeling thing. Let me know if I should put in a resume or if you guys got enough.

    Also, I work part-time for a weight loss company called Life Turn. We are 95% physician referral, and our company is growing very rapidly. is the web address of my company.


  4. Allright!

    I'll close this thread for now. I have some interviews to do and a few resumes I haven't read yet

    Best of luck to all!

  5. i submitted a cover letter/ resume about week or so ago, i just wanted to make sure it went through ok. my name is jamil karim

  6. Yep. All went in. I still have a few to read
  7. UKStrength
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjohn View Post
    Yep. All went in. I still have a few to read
    Getting exciting now! Good luck to everyone who applied!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jjohn View Post
    Allright, remember I told you guys that I was working on a special project? Well, here it is.

    Founded in 2001, Molecular Nutrition is a sport supplement company focused on producing premium quality supplements. Led by William Llewellyn, one of the brightest minds in the field, Molecular Nutrition is a leader in innovative research and development. We are looking to build a solid independent sales team to establish and expand the market share and presence of our premium line of supplements in local areas.

    We are offering you the opportunity to work with Molecular Nutrition as an independent sales rep!!!! You will be compensated via commission depending on the sales you are making and will receive products and bonuses depending on your success. Attached it the product description for this position. We are looking at having about 6-10 members to fill these.

    We first want to know who is interested, then there will be an interview via Skype or another conference tool so make sure you are equipped with the necessary equipment for the interview.

    Please send your resume to:

    Best of luck to all who apply!!!
    can a 16 year old join molecular nutrition?
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  9. Reminds me of direct selling. Great idea. Hope it all works out.

  10. Yes, 16 yrs old can apply.

    dj, is that you in the avi? :P

  11. Why would it be me? Its a girl duh.

  12. i thought this was over with


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