Nimbus Nutrition Looking For Testers for ReHab!

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  1. Name: Shane

    Age: (Must be 21 or older) 21

    Weight: 220

    How often do you drink: Weekends

    What do you usually drink when you do go out: mixed drinks ( love my long island and pearl harbors) and beer

    Usually get hangovers: terrible

    Are you currently being treated for any known medical conditions? (please be specific) : N/A

    Prescription / Non-Prescription / Recreational drugs : None

    Why should you be selected as a tester: I get terrible hangovers that nothing can help with, nothing! I will provide a detailed honest response that will hopefully show others the effectiveness of this product.

    When do you think you will test by if chosen: Whenever I get it..My birthday is in 3 weeks so this could get a phenominal test

  2. I still have not recieved anything....just to update you.
  3. My review

  4. Received my sample today. Thanks Nimbus! Should be able to give this product a go on Friday.

  5. Arnold Classic: 2009 - 2015
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  6. glad that it is going well. Seems to be a solid product for the "drinking" crowd
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  7. Got my sample and gave it the try I had promised. Drank about 7 about two hours. Let's just say I didn't have a lot of time. This combination of time and quantity would no doubt have hurt the next day. Finished drinking around 8:30 too the PM pack and hit the rack. Woke up @ 4:30 for my morning WO. Killed the AM pack. I noticed just getting out of bed I felt no pain at all. After the AM pack kicked in I felt alert and pretty damn good. I will however bitch about the Niacin flush I got. I hate Niacin. Wasn't a ridiculous flush but enough to piss me off @ 4:30 in the morning. Overall I can say that ReHab definetly took the pain out of some moderate drinking. Be interested in trying it on a Celebration night with a greater amount of alcohol. Thanks for this Op Nimbus. I will purchase in the future.

  8. just got my packs in, can't wait for the weekend! Will post a detailed review saturday/sunday morning, depending what goes down.

  9. Haven't received mine yet....hopefully it shows up soon. I need to let loose this weekend

  10. Hey tim I sent you a PM wondering if any samples are still available and/or testing opportunities. This product has really intrigued my interest and I'm hoping I can give it a try sometime soon.

  11. N/m - I got him today. I'll test it out this weekend. It's the first weekend I don't have to work in like a month

  12. Looking forward to your review on this.

  13. I'll be using this TONIGHT!

    Where should I put the review?

  14. What we want:
    Name: Benjamin J.

    Age: 23

    Weight: 290

    How often do you drink: once a week, maybe if this stuff worked more.

    What do you usually drink when you do go out: yes

    Usually get hangovers: they are the worst

    Are you currently being treated for any known medical conditions? (please be specific) : nope not zero

    Prescription / Non-Prescription / Recreational drugs : almost the whole USPlabs product line, they are the BEST!!!

    Why should you be selected as a tester:It would give me a great chance to drink heavily and not have to pay for it the next day in the gym! who wouldn't want that?!?

    When do you think you will test by if chosen:Um the day I get them... it'd be a difficult test...all that drinking...but I think I could handle it lol.

  15. Hey, been looking for my tester pack to come in, still no signs of it.. Did it go out??

  16. Okay, finally got to test this out, here is my review!

    The setup: Starting drinking beer around 7:00 on Saturday... had people over to my place, so we pre-drank until about 10:30... mostley beer with a couple of shots thrown in. Was fairly sauced by the time we headed out, so can't comment on the exact quantity.

    Took us forever to get into the bar, but once we were there, I had a couple of more shots in quick succession, then just a steady drinking of beer. Did some dancing, but not enough to sweat off the booze.

    Ended up going for late night chinese, then heading home (still quite hammered)

    I was quite happy that I actually remembered to take it, i remember the taste being fairly bland, but that doesn't bother me at all.

    Did not notice any niacin flush, but I'm thinking thats cuase I was kind of full with chinese.

    The Morning: woke up with not much nausia, but felt very tired (still drunk?) and had a headache. Pounded back the AM portion and got a pretty wicked niacin flush.

    I'll admit, initially i wasn't very impressed, but I feel like as the day went on my hangover went away a bit quicker.


    Taste: 6/10, really bland, easy enough to get down (both portions)

    Heache: 7/10 got rid of my headache just as good as advil.

    Stomache: didn't have the usual upset stomach, not sure if I could contribute some of that to eating late at night as well?

    Mental Clarity: 7/10 felt more clearer than if I didn't

    Overall: 7/10

    I was moderatley impressed with this product. I would definatley need to try it a few times to really judge how well it works. Would consider picking it up once it comes out (depending on price)

    What I think it REALLY needs is a "pre-drinking" portion (pills - time released?) that you take and would help mitigate some of the effects WHILE you drink. I feel like waiting until you are done drinking there is a lot of damage already done.

    Thanks for letting me test it out, curious to see what its like at retail release.


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