WELCOME 2 [New] LG Science Reps!!

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    The Story:

    Lg Sciences required 2 more reps, to provide help and knowlege on the boards both here and else where. With Lg rapidly expanding its line of products, active reps were needed.

    The Men for the Job:

    It is my pleasure to welcome two new reps to the Lg Science team. I feel these two reps will not only provide excellent service to LG but also to AM, and also to you guys, the readers.

    These two individuals have been contributing members for a while now, and are certainly held in high regard, for their honesty, knowledge and willingness to help others. They also ran some top top logs.

    So without further adieu, please welcome Irish Cannon and Liftergym33 to the team.

    Current Lg Science Team:

    The Boss man:

    The Scientist:

    The Reps:
    1)3clipseGT (Head Rep)
    6)Irish Cannon
    Awesome guys glad you were selected. You deserve it.....

  2. Congrats guys!

  3. congrats fellas!
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  4. Congrats folks

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