The OFFICIAL SX Review Thread!!

  1. Smile The OFFICIAL SX Review Thread!!

    Slim Xtreme (SX) Product Info: Slim Xtreme (SX) - Product Info | Anabolic Xtreme

    Interested in trying SX but not sure what all the buzz is about? Well take a look below and see what others have been saying about the new Slim Xtreme, only from Anabolic Xtreme!!

    Quote Originally Posted by pumpingjoe View Post
    Ummmmm this stuff is simply out of this world. One cap in the AM, and its nearly hard to get to sleep 15-16 hrs later. I have my suspicions, and hope it's not spiked, but I don't see how its possible. If it's truely legit, sign me up for a pallet of it.

    For comparison, 50mg ephedrine, 400mg caffiene and 325mg aspirin is childs play compared to this.
    Quote Originally Posted by RyanGrob View Post
    Slim Xtreme Review

    Received my sample packets today. Came with 3 capsules to play around with.

    I never used the original version so this is a complete noob's perspective. I am pretty stim tolerant; I've taken about almost any pre-workout cocktail/pill/whatever known to man that contains caffeine and other stimulants. I can get through the day without it, but feel I am more productive with it. I was a bit skeptical with the claims of this stuff. I take adderall sometimes for better focus during school work [or just because I'm lazy as some say] so that being said, on to the good stuff.

    I took 1 capsule at around 10 am this morning on an empty stomach. It took about an hour, but I felt the energy and focus slowly creep up. With the increased energy, brought a better sense of 'well being.' It was a very good euphoric feeling that radiated throughout my body. The energy never reached an overwhelmed state of any kind and was very pleasing for me. I was able to be much more productive [finished my assignment for programming in record time] and get **** done. While it helped me focus, it also helped me keep a clear state of mind. While in this, I could focus on the task at hand rather than the other million things in my life I have going on. A lot of times when I read something for school, my mind starts to trail off. I think about anything from the health of my family and money to my next exam in an unrelated class. I often forget what I'm reading, and realize halfway down the page I remember nothing that I read. This wasn't the case. I was able to read faster and in a state where I could remember everything that I read. It's a very similar effect to adderall. The energy was consistent and peaked around 5-6 hours, when it stopped elevating upwards. When coming down, you really couldn't notice. I was still extremely productive, had lots of energy, focus, and just felt good about my life. Usually on adderall I come down and it hits you hard and heavy, a lot of times leaving me annoyed at the simplest things. Not with Slim Xtreme. It was very subtle and when it wore off around 11 pm tonight, I still had a euphoric effect. I was VERY pleased with the effects of 1 capsule. Also, my resting heart rate was increased. Nothing that made me feel uncomfortable but something I did notice.

    The appetite suppression worked very well. I almost had to remind myself that I needed to eat and force food down. Normally I have no problem eating, but my mind was just so focused on the task at hand that I almost forgot all my meals! This definitely excels in appetite suppresion.

    Another good effect from Slim Xtreme was my ability to become more sociable with those around me. I'm usually a pretty shy guy and lately just not in a good mood. When Slim Xtreme started kicking in, I almost felt the NEED to be sociable. It was something very different than what I'm used to. This added to the euphoric effect because I was doing something I normally don't do. It was a great added bonus.

    In my honest opinion, this gave almost MORE focus and energy then my 20mg tabs of adderall and lasted longer. I know this isn't the purpose of Slim Xtreme, but I can't help but stress the fact of it's power. The mental clarity was just astounding. Overall, this product is a HUGE hit and I will definitely be picking some up.

    Quote Originally Posted by RxAJ View Post
    The sample pack came with three pills with a recommended dosage of 1-2 pills first thing in the morning. Like any intelligent individual I completely ignored the recommendation to start with one pill and went right for two (). Ummmm, bad idea....anyway:

    Energy and Focus: Slim Xtreme KILLS it simply takes this category to a whole new level that puts most comparable supplements to shame. Dosed at both 2 caps and 1 the energy seemed to hit me pretty much instantly and it lasted for what seemed to be forever without a single dip in energy levels or a crash at the end. In fact, the day I took the 2 caps I took them upon waking at noon and didn't feel the slightest bit tired until four o'clock in the morning. That's almost a dangerously long window of time, but I didn't have to get up early the next day so I slept well. This isn't a huge rush of energy really, it's quite steady and just makes it feel like you want to keep busy. I did a considerable amount of pacing around the house (cause sitting still didn't seem to be an option), some unexpected cleaning, did some homework before the last minute for once, and was just constantly looking for things to keep me busy before going to work. My thoughts seemed to flow MUCH better, rarely did my mind drift away from what I was doing, and my sales pitches at work came out better as a result. SX put me in a damn good mood all day long and it didn't seem like anything could take me out of it.

    Appetite Suppression: Slim Xtreme claims to "eliminate" your appetite, and it definitely didn't fall short of that. This actually wasn't a welcomed aspect of the product for me since I'm lean bulking atm, but I figured I'd try the sample pack anyway. What it does is kind of strange....I felt hungry, my stomach was growling, and I wanted to eat...but for some reason the idea of food almost made me feel sick. There were several times I can recall where I pretty much gagged trying to get food down. I guess if I ever do a serious cut this would be something I'd want from a fat loss product, but even then I didn't enjoy feeling like I had to force down food even when I'm hungry. I'm sure others will react differently to it then me, but this was just honestly annoying. Effects seemed to be the same with 1 cap as they were with 2.

    That's pretty much all I can say based off a sample. I'm hugely impressed by the energy aspect of this stuff but have mixed feelings about the appetite suppression. Definitely worth a good look if you're in the market for this kind of thing! And of course....big thanks to Anabolic Xtreme for the opportunity to sample it!

    Quote Originally Posted by lefty_2glocc View Post
    Okay, I've only been on Slim Xtreme for 5 days now and I wanted to wait till I had a total of 7 days down before I posted a review, but I'll describe what I've noticed so far:

    Crazy Energy. I was taking 2 pills up until a day ago. It wasn't too much for me, but I'm in college and I'm in class all morning and workout in the afternoon. Since I needed to take SX first thing in the morning, the 2 pills were too much for me to handle sitting in a desk for 4+ hours. 1 pill has been working much better for me (because of my schedule). The stuff really kicks in once you start your workout. I've never had such an intense and focused workout from a stim before. In fact, I've never been a big fan, because of the wired feeling most give. What I like about SX is I can still focus on the lifting. I'm not in there on a caffeine high just slamming the weights around and sweating my butt off. I'm focused like the third week of a 3-ad cycle focus. I feel stronger with every rep and once I finish one set, I'm ready to take a breath or two and get back on it. I actually had to bring along my watch so I could make sure I was getting atleast 1-2 minutes of rest between sets. I lift heavy too; 4-7 rep range, since I'm cutting and trying to preserve as much lean muscle as possible after my bulk. Although I've decreased my caloric intake greatly, due to the cut, I'm still lifting exactly what I was lifting when I was bulking.

    As far as the mood enhancer. I haven't really noticed anything major; however, I've only been taking it for 5 days. Here is something I have noticed tho: Until I begin working out, I don't notice a change in mood. I notice an elevated body temperature and increasing energy. BUT, once I start working out, I feel an overall sense of well-being. If someone starts talking to me, I'll want to continue talking in-between my sets. Whereas previously, before SX, I'd slap on the headphones, even if my ipod was dead, to keep the chit-chat to a minimum. The thing is, now, a few conversations doesn't get me out of my rhythm.

    The appetite suppression is there, but I still have hunger, so I have no trouble remembering when to eat. I did, however, just begin my cutting phase about 2 weeks ago, and I'm still getting used to the decrease in calories and the cardio. SX seems to be tricking my brain when it comes to eating though. Every 2-3 hours I feel like I'm ready to eat a horse, but after I finish my sandwich, I'm full. There's been a few times this week where I've made a sandwich and thought, "no way is this gonna be enough" I'll heat up some soup and maybe a sweet potato. But once I eat the sandwich I'm completely full and the other food just sits there! That has to be the SX.

    Someone asked about muscle loss. Well, it's only been a few days, but I haven't noticed any. My size is beginning to tighten up a bit, but I believe that is due to my change in diet and cardio...not a loss in muscle mass. My strength is still there.

    All in all, so far I like it. But, I've never bought an AX product that I didn't like or I wouldn't have spent $60 for this stuff before I even tried the sample. In my own experience, their products have done what they've stated. SX says " Increased Energy & Fat Loss" it doesn't say "lose such-a-such pounds in 10 days" like other supplements. This stuff gives you enough energy to have intense and focused workouts, while controlling your appetite to prevent OVEReating.
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  2. More you say? Ok!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Giode View Post
    First, I want to say that the ORIGINAL Stimulant X is back!

    Like many on this forum, I was totally in love with the original StimX. When it came out in early 2006, a lot of people were looking for the next great fat burner. Ephedra containing supplements were a thing of the past, and most people weren't in love with the energy Ephedrine HCL supplements produced as an alternative to old Ephedra Alkaloids containing products (although HCL is a fantastic thermo). People, including myself, were looking for something new and exciting to try.

    When I started taking StimX, the effects were unlike anything I had ever taken. I have been on and off stims since the mid to late 90's, and am very tolerant to most all stims. So I am very in tune with how my body responds to products like this.

    StimX didn't hit you hard. In fact, it's effects came so gradually that you didn't immediately recognize it. All you knew was that you were happier than normal, A LOT more conversational, and had an unusual amount of focus in whatever you happened to be doing. Eating is something you would never think about, and often felt like I was doing it (eating) to ensure I had my daily intake of protein. As far as weight loss: I lost A LOT of weight while on StimX. In fact, in a one month time span, I lost enough fat weight that my dad thought something was wrong with me (true story).

    Then something happened - the formula changed. StimX was never the same, and I stopped taking it all together. A sad day.

    When I learned that AX was re-releasing the original again, I was skeptical. Not because I didn't trust BigSmith (Few have a handle of their company like he does), but because it seemed to good to be true.

    Yesterday I recieved in the mail my first bottle of Slim Xtreme. I was so excited that this could be the resurrection of the original again, that I took three pills even though it was 3pm (Like I'm going to wait 17 more hours). Thanks to this product, I hardly slept last night!

    The original StimX is back! All the original attributes were back; clean energy, focus, killed appetite, Stim **** (That was a joke), Talkativeness etc... Very slight cotton mouth, but nothing like before. They say it works for 12 hours, but my experience so far is that I am still feeling it 22 hour later, which is unusual for me. Perhaps since it's my first pills taken from the bottle.

    Bottom line: This product is the AMAZING! If you have never tried the original StimX, try this this now. Do it. You will love it, I promise! It will not be like anything you have ever taken.

    Thanks for the great release AX!
    Quote Originally Posted by RippedAnimal View Post
    SX Review

    Day 1: I took 2caps in the morning as your directed. I felt more awake, talkative, just in an overall better mood but it was not that pronounced, more like a low lying just good mood. Appetite was suppressed some but still could eat which is unsual for me on stims. Good feeling lasted about 4 hours but i kept awake and going for about 8.

    Days 2: I took 3caps upon waking and this is my sweet spot. Extremely good mood, flying around work like a nut doing all kinds of work, helping people out, just feeling awesome. Appetite was pretty much completely gone but i didn't even care about eating honestly, that was the last thing on my mind. Overall great feeling lasted about 6hours and i was still awake and going for the rest of the day until later that night.

    Day 3: Was going to take 4 just to see how strong it would be but decided to only take the 3caps. 3caps seems absolutely perfect for me and i am VERY tolerant to stims for my size but thought it was a "just right" dosage.

    I used the rest of the sample up using 3caps a day. This product is absolutely incredible and it brings me back to the days of old stimulant x. You guys did a great job on this and it is definitely a product i will NO DOUBT be using in the future. Thanks again for the chance to test this product before it comes out. I look forward to hopefully helping out again in the future. Thanks again Kevin.
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  3. Keep 'em coming!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by TX MUSCLE View Post
    I was chosen as a tester for Anabolic Xtreme Slim Xtreme last October, and sent my review through email.
    I thought the community might want to read about what i thought of it.

    -I was very stim sensitive, so 1 pill did the trick for me.
    -When i was doing 1 pill on an empty stomach, i got a couple headaches and some stomach discomfort. eating a banana solved this.
    -Energy lasted anywhere fom 8-14 hours for me for 1 pill.
    -When i bumped it up to 2 pills with full meals, energy lasted 8-14 hours without any stomach problems.

    here it is in detail:
    so i just had my 6th day. Most of my days were very simular. i did dose it up to 2 pills. I think it would benefit you more if i didn't break it up into days and just list my experiences.

    Day 1 with 1 pill on empty stomach:
    i had awesome energy, great focus that really helped me study. I wasn't jittery at all. however, i noticed that my appetite went down dramatically. i could go a whole day without eating anything, which is a bad thing for me. it also gave me consistent minor headaches throughout the day. This lasted me for a full 12 hours, but with only 2 small meals that day.

    on the 2nd and 4th day i tried 2 pills after breakfast:
    i had energy, but not as much as day 1. however, all the bad effects were gone. there was no headaches, appitite was still lacking, but i managed to still take in around 2900 cals that day (usual 3500-4000). This dosage only lasted me 8 hours, which was fine with me. The focus was there there, but it seemed to be toned down. no jitter. Really seemed like the food turned it down a couple notches.

    on day 3 and 5, i took 2 pills with some fruit/oats:
    i think this is where it was at. i got about the same energy from day 1 with no headaches. focus was there, energy was there. it was all good. lasted me 12 hours that day.

    on day 6, i took 3 pills with food:
    This was about the same as day 3 and 5 to be honest. i didn't notice much difference. if there was a difference, i would have to say that my mood increased. i was just a happy little camper that day. no headaches, no effects. appetite problem still there (3200 cals force fed)

    workouts: better than ANYTHING i have had. i was VERY skeptical at first. i think it was because i wasn't jittery like most of my other pre workouts. I lifted like a madman that day. I would say the energy is simular if not better than animal pump. the energy was consistant, keeping my focus.

    Final notes:
    GREAT for students who pull all-nighters! Jitter free energy FTW

    thanks kev for letting me try SX!

    Quote Originally Posted by KJR246 View Post
    I got it yesterday. Today I took two at about 6:00 in the morning. I gotta say, this ****'s for real. I'm not the heaviest mofo around here in the first place, so 2 caps hit me. I was completely alert all day. It lasts pretty long too. By 10:00 my hands were shaking. I'm glad I took it so early or I wouldn't be sleeping tonight.
    Quote Originally Posted by dozoxjams View Post
    I really loved appetite suppressant effect of this product.

    Appetite suppressant: 15 out of 10 ( that's right! )
    Energy:8 out of 10 Nothing crazy...
    mayby it's because I'm a heavy coffee drinker... However my Chronic Fatigue is gone!

    It's definitely a solid product!

    Anyway I just placed my order from
    Quote Originally Posted by free75 View Post
    Everything I heard about this product is true! Got my sample pack in the mail.. Thanks AX!

    I took 2 and had an amazing day!! That should sum it up I will be purchasing this ASAP!!
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  4. Not satisfied yet??? Yeesh!! What does it take?!? MORE!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by eastcoasterlm View Post
    First I hate stims, they all make me have too much energy, get anxiety ( huge issue) and so on. Took silm x ( one) this mourning, it is by far the best energy I have felt in my life. Smooth, NO ANXIETY, and I feel so happy !! I'm always happy, but this stuff puts me in a great mood. I'm not one to pimp products, and honestly thought this would be another crash and burn supplement at least for me ! I will report back in a few days with the other two pills. AX, congrats on the samples, I for one would have not bought this product without one. Also, this stuff KILLED my appetite, not even sure if its supposed to didn't even read about it ( wanted to see what it could do no placebo). I forgot to eat for 3 hours after I woke up, and I'm on my last week of cutting for the last 3 months aka I should be HUNGRY !

    Update: I usually wake up around 2pm , and go to bed around 5am. The day i took SX, I woke up at 2pm, and was AWAKE, at 5am, was actually being productive, didn't get tired till around 8am ! but could have fell asleep earlyer. This stuff should be called, clean your house, do laundry, do homework, call old freinds you don't like talking to, run a race, shovel snow xtreme, I never had a crash, hell I never even had a burst of engery, truly a one of a kind product. Hats off, no need to up the does to two caps, and at one cap, I can still take a sip or two of my fav RTD engery drinks before a run, with 100mg of caffine per cap, I don't feel like im on crack after my RTD addiction.
    Quote Originally Posted by n_side View Post
    Thanks for this product. I am new to this forum but post alot at I was really upset when AX changed the recipee in StimX but I just got my Slim X yesterday. I have a pretty decent tolerance for stims, but I only took one this morning on an empty stomach, and wow, all the good feelings of orginal stim x are here again.

    I honestly cannot imagine stacking any stim on top of slim x. This is some serious clean energy.

    …its now 12 hrs since I took Slim x, and I am slowly winding down. Nothing harsh, just winding down.
    Quote Originally Posted by HOOPIE View Post
    Took my first dose today about 4 this evening on an empty stomach. What i noticed was about an hour later i could feel a nice smooth energy coming on . I had laid down about 5 before coming into work tonight and i noticed as i was laying there i was getting more and more awake. Its a real smooth energy that i can still feel at 10pm. I have 2 left and i am going to take both of them when i get up tomorrow to see how 2 effects me.

    To this point i am really likeing this stuff......

    …Ok any way i took one the first day and really liked the feeling i got from it. I took two the second day and fell in love with how i felt. 2 rocks and i want more.......
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  5. And just a few more for you...for now!! More as they come in!!

    Quote Originally Posted by redemption79 View Post
    I sampled SX myself, and would recommend anyone who is interested to do the same. There are so many stim/thermo/fatburner products with outrageous claims that it's hard to believe in any, but I believe SX is in a league of it's own.

    Energy, well-being, and incredible appetite suppression.

    I took mine during a fast and went from counting the seconds and thinking about food constantly, to feeling perfectly fine about not eating. When my fast was over, I had to tell myself it's time to eat. I only got 3 days out of the sample, but all three were like this. I never really cared for any Fat loss types of products until now.
    Quote Originally Posted by maennj View Post
    Today I tried Slim Xtreme sample and all I can say WOW. I felt full for the whole day and I couldn't finish a sandwich for lunch.
    Quote Originally Posted by ljustman View Post
    Got my sample pack in the mail the other day and took all three this morning (Misread the package, should start off with one cap a day). I had a short night's sleep last night and was hoping these would give me a boost... I wasnt disapointed. I took them at 9:00 this mourning and within an hour I was feeling an increase in energy and alertness. By 11:00 the energy increase was pretty intense and almost excessive. My energy levels peaked around 1:00 or so and slowly tappered off until about 8:00-9:00 this evening. Around then I had a sudden and very intense increase in appetite. I think the jitters that I had and the sudden increase in appetite could easily be avoided by starting with a lower dose. Throughout the day I fealt more alert, could concentrate easily, and had tons of energy even after my intense workout this afternoon.

    Bottom Line: Great product, delivers what it says it will. I'm going to incorperate this into my upcoming cutting cycle.
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  6. Thanks for compiling all that

  7. That's a lot of great feedback.
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  8. Gotta love SX

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bigrobbierob View Post
    I'm about 9 days in right now. I bought it after seeing the reviews from others.

    I was planning a massive cut (about 20 lbs) and needed something to suppress my appetite as I am typically a food vacuum! Even though I eat clean, I eat big portions quite often.

    I've been in the bodybuilding lifestyle for about 12 years. Over that time, I have tried quite a few fat burning/energy products....the original Hydroxycut, Ripped Fuel, Animal Cuts, Lipo-6, VPX ClenbuterX, Leviathan, and the original Xenadrine. I've also done ECA, ECY, and numerous other I can't recall atm. I think I have plenty of experience in this type of product.

    I took one cap when I woke up Saturday the 13th of June. I wasn't dieting yet but interested in the product...about 1/2 hour after I took it I felt it kick in...I wasn't to able to notice the other effects because I was busy most of the day and didn't think about it much.

    Sunday, I did the same thing...took one upon waking up...felt it about 1/2 hour later...that day I noticed I didn't seem to eat as much as usual.

    Monday was starting the big test. Monday I was starting the most extreme of diets...Velocity. I woke up, took TWO...felt it kick in. At this point all I have to say is, my plan was a casein shake and fishoil caps every 2-3 hours....I had to FORCE myself to make one and drink it. Even though I was hungry, I didn't feel like consuming anything.

    Tuesday was the same as Monday. My wife was commenting on how much leaner I was looking already (she knew I was dieting, that's it).

    Wednesday started the same, but Velocity allows one healthy meal and my wife made one of my favorites, Tikka Masala, so I made today the day. I made a big bowl of my usual portion and....ate it really slowly. You would think after 2 1/2 days of shakes and no carbs I'd scarf it. Uh-uh. It was all I could do to eat it. That bowl took forever to eat.

    Thursday I developed a problem, somewhere between squats and lunges I tweeked my left knee and quit possibly tore a miniscus all I know is it's bruised, swollen, hurts, and if I bend it too much when I straighten it it will lock up and pop. As a result, workouts are done, but I will continue to diet, just change it. I figure I may need calories and nutrients to heal so I switched up from Velocity to the Anabolic Diet so I could eat more solid foods.

    Slim X is making this sooooooo easy. I decided yesterday (because of fathers day) I would allow cheating and have carbs. I has 3 tablespoons honey with the morning shake and that was it.

    I have no idea how much I've actually lost because I don't even own a scale, but everyone notices already and says my face looks thinner. And as far as the mood improving qualities...I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression a few months ago. I feel so much better now!!!! Despite all the problems, my outlook is much more positive. Plus being a stim junkie makes my anxiety worse, Stim X hasn't effect me in that aspect whatsoever!


    My wife was complaining about her body. She has the dreaded desk job and puts in 60+ hours a week. Saturday she was VERY upset even though she only needs to lose 10-15 lbs...I told her wait until the next day. Keep in mind when you read the following she had no idea what Slim X was or reported to do.

    Yesterday morning I woke up and she was already awake. I asked her if she ate and she said no but she was really hungry. I gave her a Slim X and told her to wait about an hour to eat. When it kicked in for her she broke out in a sweat, she said she felt like she just finished a workout...I told her it may take a few days for her to get used to the metabolic boost. Later I told her she could eat and she thought for a moment then said she didn't want anything...I asked what was wrong and she said even though she was hungry she didn't feel like anything! An hour or so later I made her a protein shake just to get something in her belly. Later in the day she made a sandwich and only ate 1/2...and forced herself to eat it!

    We went out that evening and she was in a silly jokey mood, she said she just felt light and care free...a complete 180* difference from the previous day where she was stressed so bad I thought she would have a breakdown. When we got home she wanted to eat and grabbed a veggie tray from the fridge. She ate 4-5 cheese cubes and was finished...she was satisfied with that.

    Finally before bed she asked what I gave her. I had gave her ECA before and that made her bounce off walls, I think she expected the same thing. I told her what it was and what it was supposed to do at that time.

    So, for the record, my wife being TOTALLY unaware what I gave her, experienced the metabolic increase, appetite suppression, and better mood that Anabolic Xtreme says Slim X does.

    This stuff is the REAL DEAL. Great job AX!!!!!!
    !!! BUMP!!!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by JennieP View Post
    Thanks for the feedback! I used to work out in the mornings, but now I have an hour drive to work (start @ 8am)... I already have sleepless nights b/c of teething, so my only option really is to wkout at night

    Sooooo............ I took (1 cap) for my first dose yesterday - AMAZING - I was very skeptical that this would be just like the other stims, I was dead wrong!! I was zipping around the house doing chores & tending to my toddler ~ it kinda wore off after 1:30pm - yes, I made the big mistake of taking another one (i really should have waited)... and I was up until 4am!!! I had to be up at 6am, I was surprised that I wasn't dragging like I thought I would be...

    So, this morning @ 6am I took 2 cap's and I think it was a bit much... mind was a little racey/edgey this morning, but right now I'm not feeling any "energy", but the urge to eat is soooo gone!! I had to force some oatmeal this morning, and haven't had the desire to eat lunch... LOL... I LOVE the appetite suppression... I have been drinking a lot of water since starting SX, and am racing to the bathroom often ~ is this normal? I still want to have a good workout tonight, but I KNOW I CANT take another SX... I did order the boosters today online (wish there was a store you can just walk in and buy em, like GNC)...

    I heard you should cycle this?? What is that all about? Any info would be appreciated!!!

    Oh, btw - is SX supposed to get you aroused? LOL!! It did for me!!
    Quote Originally Posted by jlh154 View Post
    Got my sample the other day. I took 2 yesterday about 10:00 am. Energy was good throughout the day. I stayed up later than usual(about midnight) looking around on the net, not ever really feeling tired. Then I tried to go to bed.

    I slept probably 3 of the 6 hours I laid in bed until I finally got up around 6 am. I popped the last Slim X cap and still feel good. Not tired at all for only getting 3 hours of sleep.

    When the reps say start with 1, start with 1 and evaluate. I actually did start with 1 and took another about an hour later because I thought I didn't feel enough. Mistake.

    Appetite was dramatically reduced all day yesterday. Didn't eat much and didn't care.

    Mood was good, but I did have some slight anxiety issues last night and then again this morning. I just took about 1.5g of GABA and that seemed to alleviate some of it. It's weird. I get this tight feeling right in the center of my face around my nose and it becomes difficult to relax.

    Overall I'd give Slim Xtreme a 4.5 out of 5, only marking it down because of the anxiety(which may be a personal issue). This isn't the only stim to ever cause issues with me. The length of time the energy lasts is the best I've ever felt from a one-time dose. This is definitely a quality product.

    Couple questions for the AX reps:
    1)Would the cortisol-reducing action of Lean FX help counter the anxiety?

    2)I've read on another forum that the government is cracking down on the
    -racitems, including aniracitem. How long before you run dry of this ingredient?

  11. I find these reviews hard to believe.Way to over the top.

    Just finished my box of SX..I did alot of cardio..Twice/day on 3-4 days out of 7..Reduced calories,meaning carbs.

    No appetite suppression..No focus of that great stim energy.

    I cannot wait for Stimulant X to arrive.Now thats a real product..Would never buy SX again.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Necromancer View Post
    I find these reviews hard to believe.Way to over the top.

    Just finished my box of SX..I did alot of cardio..Twice/day on 3-4 days out of 7..Reduced calories,meaning carbs.

    No appetite suppression..No focus of that great stim energy.

    I cannot wait for Stimulant X to arrive.Now thats a real product..Would never buy SX again.
    Very surprising, and I have to say your review is in the minority, but everyone is different and can have different reactions. Are you sure it was Slim Xtreme you had?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by stevche View Post
    almost finished my first tub.....

    ... no signs of stim d*ck, lol

    i've stuck with 1 cap throughout, and find its more than enough.. and im very tolerant towards stims!

    first day of dosage wasnt feeling much, so i had a black coffee in the afternoon (as i normally do).... ended up being wired all night.. didnt get to sleep till 10oclock in the morning (serious).. one of the worst nights of my life lol... ive since continued with 1 cap and just made sure i avoid my coffees or any other stimulants.... no insomnia issues since!

    try at 1 cap for at least a few days and see how you go... remember you wont get a straight up energy ping from this stuff... you may not 'feel it' so to speak, but its there, and its more noticeable during a cardio or workout session, especially in terms of endurance and focus if your not noticing any difference during your workouts/cardio after a few days, then id bump it up to 2 caps...... but still, SX is not to be underestimated

  14. Quote Originally Posted by jpcf View Post
    Hi just want to say whoooa. Great produt have been using it for 5 days now, the first 2 days i felt a ton of energy no jitters but in the late afternoon felt a little anxious, still took it the next day but the effects were a little different: tons of energy again great focus on the gym (killer workout) after that still tons of energy left, great mood and great control over hunger, but no anxiety.
    On the forth day i had a great problem at work (some ******* stole a design and sold the design to other company) now i am in midst of all the trouble and decided to start again with the deisgn. so all i can say that Slim Xtreme also changes your mood great you feel very optimistic and confident. With this kind of problem i'd be crawling on the roof but i am very calm and focused right now.No hunger i only eat when i really need to. My gf is using it too she is having the same results. She just bought 3 more boxes and i bought 2 more.
    Great product overall great work Anabolic Xtreme.
    Another one!

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Persian1012 View Post
    I just took my first dose today... The energy it gave me was not what i expected, this energy was incredibly smooth... I'm planning at staying at one pill a day because I don't want to over do it. The one dose was perfect for me. But its only the first day so maybe a little down the road ill need to up the dosage... It really does the job when it comes to controlling my appetite. But the beauty of it is that its not like i couldn't eat; its just that i don't feel like eating and my body is not telling me its hungry. This is perfect for me because i still want to try and get at least 1500 cals a day in order to maintain some muscle. And with most other appetite suppressants i cant even eat food or ill feel sick to my stomach. But it seems like with SX you get the best of both worlds... Its like if i don't want to eat i just don't and it doesn't phase me; but if I do want to eat for maintaining my cals then i can... Very impressive stuff! Not like anything Ive tried before. Now lets just see if i can get to sleep though haha.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by joeflex73 View Post
    Very surprising, and I have to say your review is in the minority, but everyone is different and can have different reactions. Are you sure it was Slim Xtreme you had?
    Well I have been off work the whole time during testing this product..Results should have been awesome.As cardio was the only thing keeping me sane.

    Also the whole getting to sleep problem.Never abated.My friend who is using the product also can not get over this issue.Not good when u have to use meds to knock yourself out.

    Like I said..Stimulant X is the number one for me.Shreds me every time I have used..The stimulant effect is so amazing. SX did not come close to the 6 hour high's u get often on stimulant X

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Necromancer View Post
    Well I have been off work the whole time during testing this product..Results should have been awesome.As cardio was the only thing keeping me sane.

    Also the whole getting to sleep problem.Never abated.My friend who is using the product also can not get over this issue.Not good when u have to use meds to knock yourself out.

    Like I said..Stimulant X is the number one for me.Shreds me every time I have used..The stimulant effect is so amazing. SX did not come close to the 6 hour high's u get often on stimulant X
    Yeah, SX is smoother on that front and doesn't take you as high. We'll have an SX Max coming out soon, so it may be something you may want to try.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mixelflick View Post
    Good to know. I especially like the time-released anti-oxidants/ginseng. I'll share my initial experience (I do NOT recommend this).

    Got the sample pack. Since I've used copious amounts of E/C daily for the past 15 years I downed all 3 at about 3-3:30AM (early riser). 90 minutes later... not much. So I reverted to my two usual rounds of ephedrine + caffeine in amounts I'm not even going to post. Even added a dash of YHCL and my usual nicotine gum throughout the day.

    Now, normal E/C/Y surge/comedown happens right on schedule. What amazed me was the SX was still going strong around 9PM. Didn't fall asleep until 3AM. Only got about 4 hours of sleep, popped a single SX the next morning and I swear... didn't feel the sleep deficit.

    Please note I do NOT recommend this and fully acknowledge I have a tolerance level that's absurd. Be careful with SX. Start with ONE and be aware it sneaks up on you, gives a nice focused energy and smooth comedown.

    Absolutely fantastic product.

    I'm just real curious about the ginseng as I hadn't seen an extraction level that high prior for ginsenosides.
    Another review here.

  18. SX is 4 real! I love it. I got the supp store next to my gym to carry it and they love it too!

  19. STIM X messed me up at it though..i can sleep 3-4 hrs and be fine the next day. my wife thinks im on something

  20. So I received my samples of SX, thanks so much guys for getting that to me. A little about me and stims before I get into this... typically I am tolerant of coffee, caffeine in general, geranium etc... in moderate doses but cannot have them after 6 PM or no sleep for me. Also, I have a somewhat sensitive stomach from years of abuse in college and the years after so I tend to not tolerate stimulants in pills for well at all after about 2-3 days. All that being said, here is my 3 day mini-review of Slim Xtreme at 1 pill per day taken at 6:30 AM on an empty stomach.

    Energy - 10/10
    Focus - 7/10 first day, 8.5/10 next two days
    Feeling - Always felt cracked out, especially the first 4-6 hours but this lessoned somewhat the third day. Unquenching thirst for the first 2 days, I seriously drink over a gallon of water before 5 pm every day like clock work and at least a half gallon before I go to bed; SX had me drinking so much that I had to have a 1 liter Nalgene bottle in hand ALL THE TIME. I am all about water intake but this was seriously annoying at work and in meetings, don't even start with me on that. Also, the whole time I had a weird tingly feeling in my head like I sometimes get from a hangover that never would go away though did start to diminish on day 3.
    Thermo Effect - 10/10 first two days, 7/10 on day 3
    Appetite Suppression - 9/10 and this is by far its best attribute. I could eat but it allowed me to feel full and energized on about 80% of my normal portion size.
    Unforeseen negative sides - Stomach irritation on days 2-3, hence why I did not take the other 3 pills yet, going to try again tomorrow and see how I feel then update. ALSO, major thumbs down for SX... I hope I am not the only one who has noticed this but since I took this the GF and I fooled around twice and both times it was damn near impossible to finish... WTF!!!!! This never happens and really has turned me off to SX because I am not going to sacrifice that for weight loss, my chica was not pleased to say the least.
    Sleeplessness - 10/10 Barely could sleep with melatonin and bulk 1-carboxy on board. This to me is another big problem and maybe would subside if I could stick it out for another few days but damn it killed my strength performance in the gym; again, something I don't see as a positive side effect.

    All in all, going to run this one more time starting tomorrow for 3 days unless I run into major stomach pains or the dreaded sexual side effect I mentioned above and will let you all know my final thoughts. It could be that I need the new SX lite you are all talking about releasing in the future or I can stick with Recreate since I seem to have no negative issues with that and can sleep fine on it as well.

    Really appreciate you giving me the chance to try the product and for all of you out there who have success with it that is awesome, those that want to try it, definitely worth it but I suggest you start on a weekend day like I did or you may not get any sleep and be dead to the world at work until the next dose kicks in.

    Question to the AX guys, what since the caffeine is quite low in the product, provides so much stimulant to this? Is it that B1 derivative?

  21. Thanks for the review. It's time released Aneurin DBE, although it also helps with mood. The sleeplessness is pretty typical of the first 3-5 days of use until the body gets used to the product. The later in the day you take it, the more risk you have of not being able to crash out.

    Stomach irritation and dry mouth are somewhat common too and are usually signs of not enough hydration (yeah, I saw what you said, but you need more than normal on SX) and stomach irritation is usually from not eating or having a radical change in your eating habits, which happens a lot on a diet combined with a powerful appetite suppressant.

    As to not being able to seal the deal, that's a complete new one to me. I've heard of overstimulation not letting you get it up, but not to not be able to finish.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by joeflex73 View Post
    Thanks for the review. It's time released Aneurin DBE, although it also helps with mood. The sleeplessness is pretty typical of the first 3-5 days of use until the body gets used to the product. The later in the day you take it, the more risk you have of not being able to crash out.

    Stomach irritation and dry mouth are somewhat common too and are usually signs of not enough hydration (yeah, I saw what you said, but you need more than normal on SX) and stomach irritation is usually from not eating or having a radical change in your eating habits, which happens a lot on a diet combined with a powerful appetite suppressant.

    As to not being able to seal the deal, that's a complete new one to me. I've heard of overstimulation not letting you get it up, but not to not be able to finish.
    Joe - I appreciate your comments but for the sake of completeness and information to everyone else I am going to respond to them so people know I was doing things properly and there were no major changes in my diet for the last two months.

    Water intake - I already drink more than a gallon a day, and even MORE now that I use GMS in my pre-workout for pumps instead of AAKG (I respond better to that than AAKG and it is cheaper, win win in my book). I don't mind drinking more but it gets annoying when you are downing a liter at 10:30-11 PM and knowing you are going to have to get up once or twice during the short sleep you get to pee.

    Stomach discomfort - I know my stomach is lined with some vag tissue now that I wrecked it after years of too much boozing but other products I have taken never bothered me at all less CLA on occasion.

    Sexual side effect - I may be a fluke on this one but one thing I will add, I had crazy energy and my girl got about a 3 nights of orgasms in last night so I know she is secretly not that upset about it. Me on the other hand, wanted to seal the deal and chill after 90 minutes.

    Still feeling some of the effects today for some reason, even after just three days of dosing it. Will report back on how things go tomorrow, tonight I am looking forward to getting some sleep!


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