Introducing ULTIMA - Formulated by Shawn Wells and Dr. Dana Houser

  1. Thumbs up Introducing ULTIMA - Formulated by Shawn Wells and Dr. Dana Houser

    Yes, this is a marketing-based write up. A fully referenced, scientific masterpiece will be posted soon.

    ULTIMA is the one. The ultimate. The most advanced, most powerful product ever released in the sports supplement industry. It is complete in every conceivable way: synergistically, scientifically, symbiotically with your biochemistry. And it is now yours.

    What started out years ago as Thunder V2 has evolved light years since the initial conceptual formula. So much so the Omega Sports chose to change the product name to ULTIMA; the only title fitting for the creator and king of a completely new category of products: Sports Performance Nutrition?.

    ULTIMA delivers unprecedented performance with never seen before, completely unique, patented ingredients. ULTIMA is completely based upon real science, not marketing hype. There are no herbal extracts, no mystery proprietary blends, no sacrifices, no tricks, no lies.

    Simply stated, Omega Sports, partnered with Zone Halo Research has invented and patented superior ingredients for a vastly superior product. Also fully patented are our exclusive Performance Blends including Trinitine, TripHasic, CogniFive, Methyl-8-R, Tri-Lateral Bio Buffers as well as our never seen before flavoring system, Citrus Dew.**

    Omega Sports ULTIMA. Try it once and you will see that nothing else compares. Expect Results!

    Pharmaceutical Grade Ultima. Codename: Thunder V.2 featuring Trinitine by Omega Sports

    ULTIMA Codename: Thunder V.2 is a product that almost didn't see the light of day. Research, testing, supplies, quality control standards, regulations, and sheer costs almost forced this “labor of love” out of reality and in to an imaginary bin for great concepts that never came to fruition.

    ALMOST. For the Owner of Omega Sports, Matt Palada and the design team at Zone Halo Research and Medical Muscle, the more adversity they came upon, the more driven they became. THIS IS THE ESSENCE OF ULTIMA. The SPORTS NUTRITON WORLD WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. ULTIMA IS THE BEST PRE-WORKOUT SUPPLEMENT EVER CREATED.

    In the lab and in the gym. We took biochemistry pathways, blew them apart and exploited the substrates/enzymes to push a pathway resulting in TRUE SYNERGY...Not Marketing Babble. Passion kept this product a reality.

    That passion was driven by these questions:

    What if a team of accomplished certified clinicians that were also licensed sports nutritionists sat down and designed something so novel and so groundbreaking that those that used it would never buy supplements the same way again?

    What if the users would never believe the marketing or advertisements the same way again and their expectations would be so high that other companies would scramble to catch up?

    What if we did not just cash in on a “me too” product and did an “I ALONE” product?

    What if the results EXCEEDED the marketing for once?

    What if it truly was the single best pre-workout product ever conceived?

    The ULTIMATE product is ULTIMA (the only name that seemed worthy)...

    How else is it different from other pre-workout products?


    • NO PROPRIETARY BLENDS: No “fairy dust” amounts of effective ingredients in shotgun, kitchen sink blend of whatever is cheapest that month to change from batch to batch.

    • NO DECEPTION FOR PROFIT: Full-disclosure. Every ingredient. All the doses.

    • NO AVERAGE FORMULATORS: Shawn Wells, MPH, RD, CISSN of Zone Halo Research, LLC is a Registered Dietitian with a Master's degree in Nutritional Biochemistry. Dana Houser, MD, MHSA, CISSN is a Medical Doctor who specializes in Endocrinology. Play time is over.

    • NO GUESSWORK: Researched ingredients in their researched forms in the researched doses.

    • NO HERBAL EXTRACTS: Only pure, pharmaceutical-grade, GMP certified, fully tested ingredients. The results are consistent every time. The quality is there all the time.

    • NO INFERIOR FORMS OF INGREDIENTS: The MOST active form of every ingredient we could legally attain. Period. No cyanocobalamin like everyone else. Instead we opted for the superior form of B12, Methylcobalamin.

    • NO INFERIOR DOSING: Sure we could have a great ingredient like methylcobalamin and dose it at 15 micrograms for profit, but not in ULTIMA. Instead 15,000 micrograms of Methylcobalamin was used for a massive and truly groundbreaking dose. Every ingredient was dosed for maximal effect.

    • NO CUTTING CORNERS: Every ingredient has to be there in this formulation or it doesn't exploit the metabolic pathway. This product isn't just novel because of ingredients and is much, much than that. EVERY INGREDIENT AND EVERY DOSE IS ESSENTIAL.

    • NO BASIC DELIVERY: This isn't a product that is just some powder full of great ingredients. The novelty even stretches to the delivery system. Effervescence buffers increase the amount of key ingredients reaching you system and also improve performance in their own right by reducing metabolic waste and working synergistically with creatine.

    • NO AWFUL TASTE: This is not a “pain in the gut”, “gag it down” product. The effervescence and patented “Citrus Dew” taste make for a delicious and enjoyable experience. Leave the pain for the workout.

    • NO SAFETY QUESTIONS: With GMP certification and a Registered Dietitian and Medical Doctor behind this label with EVERYTHING LISTED. BELIEVE.

    • NO CHEAP, COUNTERPRODUCTIVE INGREDIENTS: ULTIMA is just as much about what is NOT in it, as what IS. No arginine. No Glycerol. No Caffeine. No Taurine. No Stimulants. Nothing to mask performance of the true product. Nothing to counteract these incredible ingredients. No ETHYL ESTER anything. No trash. NOW you're wondering why all the other products might have these things? We are too.

    • NO EQUAL: With Novelty comes patents. Not patent pending or partial patents done for marketing reasons. Real, FULL-Patents. SERIOUSLY, ULTIMA FEATURING TRINITINE IS THE END GAME.

    TRINITINE. A SPORTS NUTRITION FIRST. The novelty of the design. The sheer beauty of the concept. Trinitine is a fully patented blend with a specific ratio of electrolyte-bound creatine chelates. There has never, ever been a single creatine or blend that matches what Trinitine accomplishes. It's delivery, bioavailability, “bloat-free”, fully-synergistic method of execution is brilliant. Trinitine is covered by multiple patents for its ingredients and tested ratios. It is also being worked out for future scientific study by a peer-reviewed journal and discussed for multiple licensing deals. The industry is taking notice. The best sports nutrition ingredient just got better with this industry first. It's not an empty promise. TRINITINE IS THE CORNERSTONE OF ULTIMA. TRINITINE IS THE TRUTH.

    HOW ABOUT ANOTHER SPORTS NUTRITION FIRST? AGAIN. The TripHasic Blend's method of execution is genius. N-alpha-acetyl-carnosine (AACA) has never been used in a nutrition product for oral delivery. It was way too expensive and too hard to attain, besides that, no formulators have even heard of it. Well, ULTIMA is about using the BEST ingredients and being we did it anyway.

    Carnosine is an incredible buffer in the muscle that has been shown to significantly enhance performance and strength. Most product just use beta-alanine, if any carnosine booster at all. It is relatively cheap and effective, but needs to be dosed four times a day, according to research. A select few have, therefore, been working on a timed release beta-alanine to make more muscle carnosine with less doses. We took beta-alanine and went far beyond that. We added a high-dose carnosine dipeptide, and the N-Alpha acetylcarnosine (AACA) peptide to make a more effective, premium timed release carnosine booster. AACA is so unique that in that it is resistant to carnosinase, the enzyme that quickly breaks down low-doses of carnosine rendering it ineffective. This resistance gives it a long-lasting effect in the body. ALL DAY PERFORMANCE.

    Beta-alanine for a quick hit. High dosed carnosine dipeptide for mid workout surge. And lastly, AACA for a powerful TRUE carnosine boost all-day long. AACA is, of course, in an EFFECTIVE DOSE. Add this blend to the most unique creatine blend ever devised and you have the BEST PERFORMANCE OF YOUR LIFE. More Reps. Quicker muscle gains. Faster Fat loss. Faster recovery. More endurance. IT IS ALL HERE.

    KEEP GOING? NOT ENOUGH YET? How about a Nootropic blend called COGNI-Five that will push your Mind-muscle connection to the limit. Faster firing. Quicker thinking. Strength to burn. Lightning reaction time. Stronger. Faster. Better. And no one else can come close to replicating Cogni-Five; the dose of methylcobalamin alone would be more expensive than the cost of this product if attempted by other companies. WE DID NOT SET OUT TO REACH THE BAR...WE OBLITERATED IT.

    STILL WANT MORE? THE METHYL-8-R COMPLEX pulls it all together. ALL OF IT. Remember how this is about biochemistry? YOUR BIOCHEMISTRY. It is not just some hodge-podge of kitchen-sink ingredients. It is about specific pathways. Specific substrates. Specific enzymes that act on those substrates. The most active forms. The best doses. These eight ingredients are the fuse to the “powder keg” known as ULTIMA. Coenzymated forms of awesome B-vitamins that turn this crank, such as R5P and P5P. The single best form of zinc for bioavailability of synergy to its salt: Zinc Orotate. TriMethylGlycine is great, but you need a whopping amount for it to be effective. Well, you know our answer to that problem? Four grams of TMG alone. Why we would we settle now?


  2. if you are looking for testers let me know i would test it and log it

  3. Extremely solid. Top ingredients and it's not even a proprietary blend. That's why I jumped on the logging chance.

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