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    ALLMAX Nutrition signs IFBB Pro Troy Brown as the newest athlete of Team ALLMAX Nutrition

    Toronto, Canada, February 26, 2009 --( ALLMAX Nutrition is pleased to announce the newest member of Team ALLMAX; IFBB Pro Troy Brown. Troy has an extremely impressive competitive history; which includes placing first heavyweight and overall champion for heavyweight in the British Championships in 2006.

    Troy was born and raised in England but now resides in Edmonton, Alberta and received his IFBB Pro card in the British Championships in 2006. When asked how he got into fitness Troy explains that he became involved in the sport by accident. As a soccer player in England Troy was told he needed to put on more size. Pretty soon he gave up soccer and found his new passion in bodybuilding.

    Some accident, Troy appeared on the cover of Flex magazine last February 2008. According to Troy, this has been a dream of his for some time now. Just goes to show when you put your mind to it you can achieve anything. Troy aspires to qualify for Mr. Olympia in 2010.

    Troyís favorite ALLMAX supplements include ALLWHEY protein which he feels tastes great and is extremely easy to mix. He also likes to use Quickmass and finds it helpful for those times he canít get a solid meal in. He recently started using the new pre-workout supplement MUSCLEPRIME and finds it really helps fire up his workouts.

    To Troy, bodybuilding is his life. He literally eats, breathes and sleeps bodybuilding. He has made an impressive career of competing and is just getting started. He would love to be an inspiration and positive role model to all those getting started. As a personal trainer he has the ability to transfer his passion and dedication on to others.

    ALLMAX feels honored to have Troy Brown as part of the ALLMAX team. You can meet Troy at the ALLMAX booth at the upcoming Arnold Sport Classic weekend in Columbus, Ohio March 7, 8 and 9th.

    Find out more about ALLMAX Nutritionís newest athlete Troy Brown at ALLMAX Nutrition's site - under Athletes

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  2. Nice move; good to see Canadians supporting Canadians

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