The One- sale starts tonight (Feb. 24)!!!!

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  1. just bought one round

  2. Will tracking info be sent out?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by SamBoz19 View Post
    DRIVE/IGF-2/6-Bromo = Fun...I've already tried it on two separate occasions . The only issues I ever had would be libido overdrive, being a bit more aggressive (not something I need), and minor acne breakouts. So from my previous experience I can it is safe to assume 2nd Gear along with DRIVE and IGF-2 will rock!

    Dirk Tanis, BA, MSci
    Chief Operating Officer, Applied Nutriceuticals

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Silver3CSRT8 View Post
    Will tracking info be sent out?

    wondering this also..i ordered it right on wednesday and it still just says payment received..

    my guess is they havent been shipped out yet?
  5. Never enough
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    tracking info is being sent out as orders are shipped, or by the next day. we did run dry of stock wed, but more raws were delivered friday. So the AppNut elves are all busy stuffing stuff into caps, and caps into bottles and bottles into boxes this weekend
    Animis Rep

  6. dammit enforce slave labor on the elves i wanted to get this started on monday lol


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