Phenominal Primordial Performance Sale!!!

  1. Exclamation Phenominal Primordial Performance Sale!!!

    True Anabolic Engineering is the cornerstone of Primordial Performance's Advanced Topical Delivery Systems. Primordial Performance is notorious for bringing diverse, unique, and effective products to the table, helping your fitness dreams become reality.

    FOR THREE DAYS ONLY, unleash your Maximum Tesosterone Potential with Primordial Performance, AT 30% OFF THE ENTIRE LINE!!!**

    This sale starts at the stroke of Midnight, this Friday the 6th and will only last through Sunday the 8th. So have your NutraPlanet Geranium caps ready, pitch a tent next to your computer, and be ready to order at 12:01am, FOR STOCK IS ALSO VERY LIMITED!

    Product Line-Up:
    1. 1-T
    2. Toco-8
    3. Sustain Alpha
    4. Dermacrine
    5. EndoAmp
    6. Phyto Testosterone (8 fl. oz.)
    7. DermaTherm (7.5oz)
    8. Tea-3

    Coming soon: VitaBerry

    Upset because you recently placed an order? Well, unfortunately we can’t fully control when sales will hit or which products they will be; but your requests have not fallen upon deaf ears. Through Monday the 9th, we’re running FREE FedEx ground shipping! Right in time to take advantage of this sweet exclusive sale!


    **Unfortunately, VitaBerry will be on sale, but will not be valued at 30% off, due to high cost on raws.

  2. Badass


  3. Now that's a deal!!

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  4. And unlike PP, we don't have an unlimited supply If you are interested in the products, this is the perfect sale to take advantage of. With free shipping, you can just pick up a bottle of the new SA for $35 flat. Or some Toco-8 for $21 shipped. This is THE time to try out some PP products if you haven't before; they are definitely top-notch.

  5. holy poo! i cant wait!!!

  6. Well you guys are buying it up like crazy animals; let's hope everybody can get their order in before Sunday night, or before our stock runs out!

  7. Whats this... It's monday and the sale prices are still in effect! Are the NP sale gods smiling, and extending the sale?.... Full details coming soon!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    Whats this... It's monday and the sale prices are still in effect! Are the NP sale gods smiling, and extending the sale?.... Full details coming soon!
    Just put in an order for some toco-8 while the sale is still going on!! Added some java lather and banish as well.

  9. I will resist the temptation to pick up more: I'm saving (what's left of) myself for the new products/reformulations I believe may be coming soon.

    Unless I can get some protein added to the order I placed on Friday....

  10. Great News: Sale Extended until Friday night

    Quote Originally Posted by NutraPlanet CS View Post
    Upset because you missed out on the Primordial sale? Well, never fear! Due to the overwhelming response, Primordial and NutraPlanet feel that they have no choice, but to EXTEND THE SALE OUT FOR A FEW MORE DAYS! Though, please be advised that STOCK IS LIMITED! So, take advantage of these great SAVINGS today!!!


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