iForce Dymethazine, now at NutraPlanet!

  1. iForce Dymethazine, now at NutraPlanet!

    Dymethazine (60 Capsules) By: iForce Nutrition

    Increase Protein Synthesis And Nitrogen Retention For Unparalleled Muscle Growth!

    With Dymethazine, you can expect gains in both size and strength, that will continue on for the duration of your cycle. This comes from the pro-hypertrophic effects of androgen receptor activation, nitrogen retention, and glycogen supercompensation. The combination of these powerful anabolic processes creates an environment for gains in muscle size and strength that are unlike anything you have ever experienced.

    Greater Anabolic Effects

    Dymethazine is a unique prohormone. Clinical studies suggest that the myotropic (muscle building) effects of Dymethazine's parent hormones were greater than traditional anabolic products.

    Nitrogen Retention is what governs the muscle cells ability to synthesize new contractile proteins to create muscle tissue. This hypertrophic cascade is carried out by DNA and mRNA transcriptions. Without up-regulating these transcriptions factors your body cannot build muscle at an optimal rate like it can while using Dymethazine. In addition to this transcription up-regulation, the second key to unlocking rapid muscle growth is the activation of androgen receptors. By supplementing with Dymethazine, you will will dramatically increase androgen receptor activation. This androgen receptor activation will create a hypertrophic cascade that results in muscle growth.

    Cell swelling effects from Glycogen Supercompensation

    Are you ready for skin tearing pumps and vascularity?

    Dymethazine creates an anabolic environment that allows your muscles to store increased glycogen. This extra glycogen storage will produce a rapid "cell-swelling" effect as glycogen and water are funneled straight into muscle cells causing sudden dramatic gains in size and skin tearing pumps and vascularity in the gym. When the body can store extra glycogen, it can also store more intracellular H2O. We have all seen the bodybuilders onstage with jaw dropping muscle fullness and vascularity, this is because they utilize similar compounds and dietary strategies to induce "glycogen supercompensation." This supercompensation effect creates muscles that are dense, full and swelling from increased glycogen storage and intracellular H2O.

    Zero estrogen conversion

    Dymethazine's molecular structure makes aromatization physically impossible. Aromatization is the chemical conversion of testosterone to estrogen via the aromatase enzyme. Without the ability to aromatize, there is no chance of having estrogen-related side effects such as water retention, gynecomastia, mood swings, and fat gains. That means your gains from Dymethazine will all be dry, lean gains and your mental focus and aggression in the gym will be through the roof!

    Less Pituitary Suppression

    Studies suggest that there is little pituitary suppression from Dymethazine supplementation.

    Supports Low liver toxicity

    Azine bond technology creates a time release effect that dramatically helps reduce liver toxicity. When the body metabolizes Dymethazine, it must go through a process of first splitting the bond that holds the two molecules together. After this conversion the first compound begins exerting its anabolic effects in the body. The second round of conversion involves metabolizing the new compound that has a hydrazone attachment left from the previous conversion.


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    Supplement Facts

    Serving Size: 1 Capsule
    Servings per Container: 60

    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    Dymethazine™ 15 mg **

  2. why is it 10$ cheaper elsewhere?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by joshweights View Post
    why is it 10$ cheaper elsewhere?
    I am actually very surprised by Nutra's price on this.

  4. I wouldn't buy it at any price, after the Max-Out false claims fiasco. After that incident and the way it was handled, I'm done buying from I-Force.

  5. Well I don't do the pricing, but I can pass on the word Perhaps there's a sale coming soon, you know reg. $60, on sale for $50. Don't shoot the messenger

  6. still 44$ elsewhere!


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