REDuction PM has shipped !!!

  1. Arrow REDuction PM has shipped !!!

    We always try to listen to our customers whenever we can. This is another testament to that fact. Announcing the launch of REDuction PM bottles. Now you can purchase PM bottles on their own. This is great news for many reasons including:

    1) The ability for those taking the REDuction system (AM/PM) to continue taking PM while cycling off the AM after 60 days

    2) For those who cant tolerate stimulants for various reasons

    3) For those who already have a stimulant product that they cannot seem to part ways with, but want to continue taking something for nighttime fat loss

    This should be roughly $15-$16 on Nutraplanet (and other online vendors) when it arrives in the store late this week or early the following week.

  2. Thanks...I really like the PM...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by dazilla View Post
    Thanks...I really like the PM...
    Me too bro! Enjoy !!!

  4. Excellent. I'm not a fan of stims...they make me jittery and then I crash. I can hardly handle a little coffee.

  5. Good idea, great price. 15 bucks for 30 days.
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