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    Those are ancient, but still crank. The video was taken in my little workout room where I display my shrine of old BB trophies. It's the only room in the house I was allowed to decorate...
    haha I bet thats tight man, I had that in my apartment before the hurricane hit. My neighbor hated it. running it as a surround sound type deal. Some nice trophies too don.
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    Hey guys...a little love for our forum friends...

    That's right, guys. And anyone who HAS or wants to do an AN video testimonial is still welcome to post in the thread, or PM a link to one of the AN reps, or e-mail it directly to Alyson ([email protected] com).

    Thank you to the 5 who have posted so far. Great stuff

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    Thomas and Scott, your testimonails are up on the AN site:

    And Paul, yours as well:

    Once again, thanks for the great feedback, guys :thumbsp:
    Check out some new testimonials just posted.
  4. Johnny speaks his wisdom on RPM...

    More from Johnny....

    [ame=""]YouTube - Johnny loves his RPM![/ame]


  5. great job guys they look great!


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