AX Presents: The HYPER/FREEZE Promo!!!

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  1. Awesome I cannot wait!!!

  2. Anyone get their stuff yet? hats or supps?

  3. No, not yet. Still waiting, well at least I am. AX will get them out soon enough though im sure.

  4. I just got my hat today, good timing since it snowed

  5. Well thats good news I should probably get my HX2 soon then!!!!

  6. I lied! I just went down to the front office of my apartment to check for packages and guess what I got!!!

    HX2 BABY!!!

  7. Congrats bro. I'm still waiting but that brightens my spirit quite a bit!
    "Complacency is mediocrity"
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  8. Thanks man. Yeah BoSox got his hat and I got my HX2 today, yours is coming in within the next few days I bet. Probably tomorrow or saturday. We will have to compare logs!

  9. Its in and the log is gonna be up shortly!
    "Complacency is mediocrity"
    Follow my Lecheek nutrition log here!:

  10. Awesome!! Mine too! Im starting it tonight how bout you?


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