Combat Powder Testers Needed

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  1. Combat Powder Testers Needed

    Combat Powder
    Feeds Muscle Up to 8 Hours
    Fast, Medium & Slow Releasing Protein Sources
    Added Digestive Blend for Maximum Utilization
    Maximum Muscle Growth

    Feeds Muscle Up To 8 hours:
    With a precision-engineered matrix that contains whey protein concentrates, hydrolysates, and isolates, as well as egg albumin and micellar casein, COMBAT is the ultimate timed-released protein super-food! Because each of the distinct protein sources found within COMBAT digest at varying rates, amino acids are not only flooded into the bloodstream within minutes after consumption, but will continuously be “trickle fed” to your muscles for up to 8 hours afterward!

    So here is the deal, we are looking for four people to try out our new protein powder, Combat Powder. Anyone that logs will have to promise to give 2-3 update a week minimum and will have to include their comments on how the product tastes, mixes, digests, etc and will have to copy and paste their log onto the Muscle Pharm forums as well. Each tester will be given one of the four flavors to try out. The four flavors are:
    Chocolate Milk
    Banana Cream
    Triple Berry
    Chocolate Peanut Butter
    If your interested post up an application below and please include your goals, style of training, dietary scheme, what flavor you would prefer, any flavor that you would absolutely not want, and your favorite protein powder to date. The more information you post in the application the better chance you have of being selected. If you are not yet a member of the Muscle Pharm forums you will need to register at - Powered by vBulletin and once your registered vote in the poll for either Pmiller383 or PistonPump :
    The more people that we get to vote for us there the more we can get your guys tester opportunities and other contest. Finally Muscle Pharm is an equal opportunity company so we will be looking for at least female to get a tub of the Combat Powder so spread the word to some of the respected members of the board.
    Disclaimer: This logging opportunity will be completely free for anyone withing the USA, but people from other countries may apply if they want to pay for shipping. Whoever gets the Triple Berry is going to be a very lucky person. Finally if you are wondering why I made this in a small font it is because I was bored at the moment.....
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  2. 1) Age/Sex 37

    2) Goals: Lean gains with fat loss

    3) Style of training: Full Body 3 times per week with cardio from smultiple sports.

    4) Dietary Scheme: Maintenance caloric intake with balanced whole food carbs/pro/fat. Multi, Fish oil, and Whey as food supps.

    5) Prefered flavor: Anything Chocolate

    6) Favorite protein to date: PVL Lemon Lime Isolate

    4) Other logs :

    X-Force Log
    Cordygen VO2 Log
    Designer Supplement's Activate Xtreme Log
    Thermolife E-Bol Log
    Mass-FX Maximum Strength Log
    White Flood Log
    Clout Reformulation Log - DC1
    Green Bulge Review - DC1
    Symmetry/nettle Root 95%/tribuloid Log (~22days) - Mind and Muscle Forums
    BSL's 1-TEST Undeconate "15 Day Mass in May" log - Mind and Muscle Forums
    Kreataine Ultra/Nitrojet Cycle. - Mind and Muscle Forums
    Retain + NHA stack - Anabolic Xtreme Forum

    Thank you

  3. How many grammes of proteins are available per scoop/serving, if I may ask?
    Product Educator | USPowders
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  4. Name: Levi Sharko

    Age: 21

    Sex: Male

    Height: 6,2

    Weight: 210lb

    Bodytype: Mesomorph

    Training experience.

    I have 12 years in total training for sports etc, I have been training for a more aesthetic appearance for 4 years, i have 5 years experience working as a personal trainer, 2 years as a professional fitness model in Russia, I worked as a rep for a bodybuilding company called activita a polish company, And i have a diploma in sports science, physical education, and diet and nutrition. I have recently moved to the uk, where i am looking for work as a fitness model. I have written articles on pro hormones and steroids for my sports exams also.I think you should choose me because i feel i can get a lot out of this protein , my diet and training are just right for me, if you value an honest opinion, and a dedicated log, please look no further..

    Current Training Schedule / Protocol (as much detail as possible):

    Well at the moment i am in between my DC style training period wich will last 8 weeks, and my last training protocol, wich was a cycle of 3 weeks of 5 sets of an increasing weight, for example, Bench press, 280lb x 10, 310lb x 8, 340 lb x 6 370lb x 4, 400 lb x 2, And roughly 3 exercises for each muscle group ,and 1 week of 10 second reps 5 sets on each exercise and roughly 2 exercises for each muscle group, However i will be starting DC style training in a 7 days.

    Cardio Schedule/Protocol (as much detail as possible):

    I start 3 days of the week with fasted cardio lasting 10-20 mins, could be a jog, or some sprint training, every friday night i try to play soccer for about 90 minutes, and 3 nights a week i do 10 minutes of cardio before i go to sleep, This is my current schedule and it works great for me.

    I am taking 7 grams of fish oils per day, an extra 5 grams of super cissus, and 5 grams of vitamin c everyday, aswell as a multi vit, and bcaa's, i have only ever used optimum nutrition whey.

    Current Daily water intake:

    2 gallons

    Short Term Goal:

    Break all my PR's, and increase my lbm by about 5 lbs, while having no increase in fat.

    Long Term Goal:

    I want to eventualy enter the european fitness championships, and then the world, but i have things to work on aestheticaly first, also i would like to bench press 200 kilograms, and deadlift 300.

    ANY and ALL Prescription / Non-Prescription / Recreational drugs:

    Supplement history (as much detail as possible):

    Purple wrath
    Creatine mono, kre alkalyn, CEE
    Ecdysterone injectable
    Deca durabolin
    Trione Transdermal
    11-OXO and Ashwaghanda transdermal
    Super cissus
    Anabolic pump
    Lg sciences Slin
    Beta alanine
    Anabolic edge
    Leviathin r
    Norateen heavyweight
    And loads and loads of others.

    Other product reviews / logs you have done (with links):



    Russians ecdysterone Injectable log

    Russians LG Sciences Psarm review. Unbiased, and unadulterated.

    Russian growth explosion DECA poppin log.

    Russians EPIC EPIDROL LOG!!!!!!!!!

    russians ochin massivni log

    Can you post “before” and “after” photos (yes or no): yes

    This looks exactly like the kind of protein i want to add to my training and diet, a time released protein, as for the flavour, the only one im not keen on is triple berry.
    Hope to hear from you soon Russian

  5. Quote Originally Posted by strategicmove View Post
    How many grammes of proteins are available per scoop/serving, if I may ask?
    60 servings of 25g of protien

  6. Thank you, Pistonpump!
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by strategicmove View Post
    Thank you, Pistonpump!
    No problem! How does it look?

  8. It looks awesome buddy, i like the enzyme blend added, and the time release blend of proteins looks sweet, should be a good one to take before bed.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump View Post
    No problem! How does it look?
    Looks awesome! In particular, I especially like the combination of fast (Whey) and slow (Casein/Egg) proteins. Beyond that, dietary fibers are a great addition, not to mention the inclusion of digestive enzymes. Good job!
    Product Educator | USPowders
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  10. I have been waiting to see Combat Powder for a long time. The quality, efficacy and enjoyability of Muscle Pharm's other products has kept me in good anticipation for this one!

    Stats: 24y/o Male, 242lbs with 2years of serious lifting experience.

    Goals: Until the end of the year my goals are Hypertrophy and Strength Gain while minimizing adiposity (i.e. a clean bulk). Following the new year this will be replaced by a solid Recomp Regimen with the goal of 6-8% BF. This, however, will be done with the utmost caution as I am unwilling to lose any of the strength or mass I've worked so hard to gain. Long-term goals remain to reach 250+lbs at <10% BF, Squat 400lb (Which I am very close to achieving!), and continue to improve my calves and arms as they are lagging in size.

    Training: Total Body Routines of primarily compound movements, performed TWICE A DAY, 4 days per week. I have built up my recovery capacity to be able to handle this frequency and am seeing gains and progress unlike anything I have seen in recent months for myself.

    Diet: My diet is fixed; following the same meal plan day in and day out has been an aspect of my life for years. I change it up according to my goals, but it always follows the basic premise of 7meals per day, 2-3hrs apart. Currently, I am using an altered Carb-cycling diet, incorporating carbs at breakfast, intra-workout and post-workout (for both AM and PM sessions), along with 1.75g/lb of Protein and ~150g Fat. This totals ~5000kcals, on which I have gained a net of 2lbs in as many weeks, indicating that I am, hopefully, gaining minimal fat and steadily increassing lean mass.

    Supplement Experience: I'm not going to post everything I've ever tried - I've used a lot; some real winners and a lot of losers. Pertinent Supplements that I have used would be other Protein Powders; some of those that I have used are:

    From All the Whey: Isolate, Concentrate, Blend, Milk Protein Isolate, Micellar Casein, Hydrolysate in practically every flavor they have (except for the new holiday flavors, as I don't like either eggnog or candy canes )

    From TrueProtein: Isolate, Blend, Milk Protein Isolate, Gemma Isolate, Flavored Peptopro in a variety of their standard an premium flavors. Their Premium Orange Creamsicle is one my all-time favorites.

    I've am also using LG's new Lipotropic Protein in both flavors (the chocolate is another favorite), and have used Whey Blends in chocolate and vanilla by a wide spectrum of other companies; EAS, Body Fortress, SixStar, etc.

    If given the choice, I would prefer to receive the Triple Berry, and would prefer not to receive the Banana Cream, but I wouldn't mind too much if that's what I ended up with. It would just be my last choice of the four.

    I run detailed, in-depth logs, updating frequently and reporting well on the effects of, and my experiences with, a product. Currently, I am running a great stack by LG in a log very demonstrative of the detail I provide:
    A Legal Gear Christmas: T-911, BC+EAA, Lipotropic Protein (Sponsored)

    As for Combat Powder's formula, the inclusion of the Amino Acid Complex is a terrific idea, and one of the reasons I have been so desirous to use it. Between that, the hydrolysate, isolate, albumin and casein, this is THE MOST COMPLETE time-release formula I have ever seen. It would be my privelege and pleasure to log Combat Powder if MP decides I fit what they are looking for!
    Bulk Performance Solutions
    --No Proprietary Blends, All Performance--

    ***NOW @ NP***

  11. Resolve!!! Get BW to apply!

  12. I asked about the supplement facts over on LB, because there is somehow 6g of Fiber in 5g of Carbs? It is either some weird math, or something needs fixing. With that aside, how can you go wrong with protein powder?

    As for flavour preferences, I've been searching for the perfect Choc PB. I think UP2.0 had it, but it recently got knocked off by Isomax. 2nd pref is Wild Berry (Would love to compare this to ATW's Wild Berry, Dymatize's Berry Blast) > Chocolate Milk > Banana... ugh who likes banana

    Age: 20, University Student
    Sex: Male
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 173, 12.5% bf
    Ectomorph at heart

    Current Training Schedule: German Volume Training
    DAY 1-
    1a) Leg Press 10x10
    1b) Abs (10x10)
    2a) Calf Presses
    2b) Lunges

    DAY 2-
    1a) Decline DB Press (10x10)
    1b) Pull-Ups (10x10)
    2a) DB Rows (3x10)
    2b) Chest Fly (3x10)

    Day 3- 1)Deadlifts (10x10)

    Day 4-
    1a)Dips (10x10)
    1b) Bicep Curls (10x10)
    2a) Shoulder Press (3x10)
    2b) DB Lat Raise (3x10)

    Day 5- Rest

    Cardio- I do HIIT sprints in days 2,3 and 4, and on days 1 & 5 I do low-intensity cardio. My body responds very well to cardio being a longtime runner, and I feel it improves my recovery through the increased bloodflow immediately after my workout.

    Current Supplementation: This could be VERY long, but I'll try and be brief. Vitamins (Multi, B,C,D), Green Tea, ZMA, BA, Creatine, Fish Flax and Sesame Oils, Glucose Partitioners

    Current Diet: Not too much physical activity right now, so I'm eating around 2900 to lean bulk. My maintenance is 2500 right now. My carbs are packed around my morning workout (Oats before, pasta/WW something afterwards) . I generally skip the PWO shake and just go straight into high GI carb/pro meal, but it's variable. I always have Glutamine/Lecuine & BCAA's during my workout which greatly improves my recovery. Also some might say the 30% fats is too high, however my body doesn't respond well if I drop that % lower, and I start running into energy problems.

    40% Carbs 30% Protein 30% Fats

    Typical meal plan looks like
    Pre-WO Meal 1: 7h00 100g Steelcut Oats, Scoop Whey, Berries
    Workout 8h15-9h15: Glutamine/BCAA/BA + others
    Meal 2: 9h20 Scoop WPI,Ground Oats,100g Frozen Banana OR
    PWO (Meal 3)10h20 70g Complex Carbs (Usually sweetpotato + Biscotti) 100g Chicken Breast
    Meal 4 13h30 Beef Chili with Extra Frozen Veggies (Staple frozen in tupperwares), Tsp Fish Oil
    Meal 5 16h30 Grilled Wholewheat Salmon Wrap, Broccoli
    Meal 6 19h302 Egg 0.5cup Eggwhite Omelette + Lowfat Cheese,Tsp Fish Oil,
    Meal 7 : Casein Shake + 1-2 Tbsp coconut Oil

    I maintain a highly daily water intake of 4-5 L through tea and water (Drink crystals... I know it's probably killing me but they taste too good!).

  13. Quote Originally Posted by mrchristian View Post
    Resolve!!! Get BW to apply!
    Those two have gotten more Muscle Pharm stuff than any of the reps!!!! Good thing they do good logs.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  14. Nice looking blend guys. Some strong aps too!!
    Always open light. It’s not what you open with, it’s what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  15. Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    Those two have gotten more Muscle Pharm stuff than any of the reps!!!!
    If only that were true!
    Bulk Performance Solutions
    --No Proprietary Blends, All Performance--

    ***NOW @ NP***

  16. So this looks like it would be a great before bed blend? Exactly what I'm looking to find!

  17. Oh, and wasn't combat supposed to be an epi/havoc type deal?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Orangepeel View Post
    Oh, and wasn't combat supposed to be an epi/havoc type deal?
    that was wreckage... RIP

  19. Looks nice guys, I might have to apply

  20. Age: 29

    Name: Rob

    Goals: Lean Bulk before my spring cut

    training: Weights M/W/F + sports on Thursdays and weekends

    currently using ATW Cinn Bunn

    Other logs : see signature - please check out my progress log...I have stayed dedicated to fitness and progress for 4 years and have made extreme progress.

    Note: currently running a M-Drol Log and planning a log for Assault, Bullet Proof, and Battle Fuel for late January...I think this would be the Perfect addition to my MP stack!
    Iron Legion Rep

  21. man i need to get back to america so i can test new stuff. best of luck to ya'll

  22. Its gonna be tough, I should check with Trueathlete to see if we can pick more than 4......alot of good apps, keep them coming! Still looking for a female tester, if BW is the only one to apply it would be her second time winning by default haha.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by pistonpump View Post
    Its gonna be tough, I should check with Trueathlete to see if we can pick more than 4......alot of good apps, keep them coming! Still looking for a female tester, if BW is the only one to apply it would be her second time winning by default haha.
    I can wear a dress for a month while I test this?

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Craigmatthew View Post
    I can wear a dress for a month while I test this?
    i dunno man, i dont think i trust you to wear it at all times. Not to mention you might enjoy that too much haha.


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