USPlabs JACKED "Eye of the Tiger" Contest!

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    USPlabs JACKED "Eye of the Tiger" Contest!

    CONTEST IS ONLY OPEN TO CURRENT JACKED USERS..The contest will last long enough so new Jacked consumers that purchase from NutraPlanet can etner.

    The Overall and overwhelming consensus is USPlabs JACKED brings a brand new intensity into the weight room. I'm calling it the "Eye of the Tiger."

    You walk in the gym with a new purpose and Leave accomplished, full-filled and most importantly looking forward to the next workout with Christmas like anticipation!

    Read about USPlabs Jacked here:

    Bodybuilding Supplements – Sports Supplements by USPLabs Direct

    Post your USPlabs Jacked Review, and you will be entered in our lottery to win the USPlabs JACKED, PRIME, and AP stack!

    1st Prize-3 stacks
    2nd Prize-2 stacks
    3rd Prize-1 stack

    USPlabs Jacked will be available this week at the Planet for the super Low price of 19.99.

    How is such a great product so cheap? Easy, we cut out the filler and large fancy packaging so you pay for purity and not the cost of shipping a large container...

  2. So far I feel like I am on fire. I am yelling and screaming at the gym. I feel like I am in the zone. The thing that got me last night though was a cash after my work out but during my work out I think I worked out so hard my body wanted to go to bed.

  3. So do we enter and post here?

  4. In. Havn't got mine yet but as soon as I get it I will post first days review. Do we post in a new thread or post here?

  5. I just got back from my Chest workout tonight - my first time using JACKED (2 scoops). I took the dose on an empty stomach with 2 fish caps and 1 sesamin cap. I'll just throw down a few bullets here.

    • Taste - True to form... Taste's like a Sprite. That said, you're not going to completely mistake it for a soda - as you still have a bit of an aftertaste - but not an overwhelming overtaste that doesn't go away like a few other products I can think of.
    • Pump - From reading others' reactions, my expectations of a pump were pretty low. Fortunately, the product blew my low expectations out of the water. I had a retarded pump going after my first 2 exercises, and my chest felt extremely hard and full. I'd have to say this thumps the pumps I had from SuperPump250.
    • Unfortunate Side - Both RPM (3 caps) and JACKED gave me some uncomfortable throbbing pains at the left rear base of my skull during moments of extreme exertion (even with nice smooth deep breaths)... Its NOT caffiene, but it must be something else that the two have in common. The pains are usually only present for the first 2 to 3 exercises, then the pain tapers off with subsequent exercises. These are the only 2 PreWO supplements I have experienced this with.
    • Energy - Awesome. Blew through my chest workout with some nice smooth energy. Solid 2 7 minute miles after the lifting session, and about 10 minutes of incline walking.
    • Therm - Solid therm effect as well. More sweat than normal during both the lift - and the follow up cardio.

    I loved the product... though the headaches are a pain in the ass... Perhaps waiting longer after the dose before hitting the weights would help - or perhaps a lower dose is warranted for me at first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoshi5674 View Post
    So do we enter and post here?

  7. got JACKED today, and I dont know if a word exists to describe how good this stuff is.

    Energy-10/10- I took one scoop before Muay thai and I was a wild man< focused and ready to go, I felt like I could jump rope for 14hrs straight.

    Pump- dont really know didnt lift will uptate tomorrow. I will try and take pictures

    Taste- magnificent 10/10 it tastes like a crystal light or something, I will never touch another preworkout. It tastes like fresh water with a hint of lemon lime it is perfect.

    Endurance- 20/10- this is not fair to other companies, it blows them out of the water I have used almost all of the well known preworkout formulas none come close ( i dont want to list because people get sensitive around here sometimes)

    I am in now way affiliated dwith these guys or any supp company, I will be a usp labs customer for as long as I can Prime, powerfull and jacked are godsends to the supplement world. I know this review sounds over the top but I have never enjoyed a preworkout product in such a way, and the Facking price for ic members was amazing thank baby jesus I got 3! Hats off to all you guys at usp labs all the haters can stfu!

  8. in a supplement world full of empty promises usp delivered in a big way!! no stomach discomfort an a nice smooth shot of energy without the jitters!!!having took every pre workout supp u could think of Ill stand behind Jacked....jus cus it works!!!nuff said...

  9. Granted this may be a placebo affect but this product blew away my expectations. I got out of class took 3 scoops and hit the gym unsure of how it would go. As i started my upper body work out i felt more focused and in the zone per say, but nothing special. As my workout progressed i started to feel more and more focused. During the second half of my workout i felt like a god damn animal, i just wanted to move some fukin weights, i just can't explian it. Maybe this was a placebo effect but well see what happenes within the next few works outs. So for my first use thus far it was insane.

  10. Today was my first workout using Jacked. The only other supplements I am taking is PowerFull and protein. I have used N.O. Explode, RPM, and Supercharge Xtreme N.O. in the past. Neither of these products gave me everything that I wanted in a pre-workout product. Today was arm day. Took my 3 PoweFULL capsules 45 minutes before workout and then 3 scoops of Jacked 30 minutes prior.

    The taste is like Sierra Mist or Spite as noted before but it was also like taking an Alka-seltzer. It bubbled and hissed and that was different. I liked the fact that it wasn't sour like all the other pre-workout stuff. It went down easy with no bitter beer face. It took about 15 minutes to feel tingling. I didn't notice an overwhelming wave of energy come over me at once like snorting a line. It was just there as soon as I grabbed the curl bar for my warmup.

    The pump was amazing from the start. I usually do a couple of light warmup sets before any exercise just to get a pump started. Didn't need too with Jacked. My rep range was 12-15 and my arms felt like the skin was stretching. I have never felt anything like that. And, I was able to keep going through the burn. No cramping but the pump actually hurt, and I loved every second of it!

    No undesirable side effects for me. No nervous stomach and no jitters. I did have to poop but I always do with any pre-workout supp.. I also wanted to drink water after every set. I had kind of a dry mouth but I hadn't had alot of water today.

    My energy level was constant. I felt like doing more with each set. I was able to increase the weight with each set and maintain my desired reps. I did not tire or feel the need to give up or skip an exercise because of fatigue. I made myself quit for the first time in a long time.

    I really didn't feel a therm effect like I have had before. But, i was sweating. Usually, my head will feel hot but not tonight. I had a good sweat going, but I wasn't pouring.

    I think this is the pre-workout supplement that I have been looking for. I had energy, concentration and focus, stamina, and most important to me, I had an incredible pump. No other product has been able to hit all of those areas. I will keep posting my updates. This product has me excited to go to the gym. Good Job and great product!

  11. I recieved my shipment of jacked yesterday. I woke up this morning and had my morning shake (1 scoop whey isolate, 100g oats and 1.5 cup egg whites) and took 2 scoops of jacked an hour later... WOW

    The Taste was good (better than most other preworkout formulas on the market) and it mixed surprisingly well. I dont ever get the BA tingles that everyone reports and I didnt with this one either, but that is OK. Within about ten minutes the energy was kicking in and I was in the gym about 30 minutes after dosing, with Jacked in full effect for a killer back work out (I killed it on deadlifts). The stimulatory effects were profound but not overwhelming. It was a slight euphoric and focused energy. I did not feel any more pump than usual but the ability to work the muscle and focus on the peak contraction was way, way, way better than usual. I always get a good pump while training so the pump was not my motivation for getting Jacked. The strength and endurance aspect and the ability to work through the burn were superb. I flew through an intense workout and did 30 minutes of intense cardio folloing my workout and was energized for hours after leaving the gym.

    What I really enjoyed were the respiratory effects. It's hard to explain but I never felt winded and my lungs were clear. With other pre-workout formulas, I find myself gasping for air at times and panting like a dog after rough sets of deadlifts or rows and especially cardio. I know that methylhexamine is a bronchodialator which probably aided in the respiratory benefits but so is ephedrine but ephedrine doesnt give me the same clear lung feeling so there must be some synergism with multiple ingredients in Jacked that promoted this kind of endurance.

    Another benefit was no bloating (unlike the scores of other products of its ilk on the market)

    Overall, I give this product a 10/10. It did exactly what I wanted it to do and I definately will be using it in the future (after my 3 jugs run out!!!) I am using it on a cut and it will be interesting to see how Jacked helps with my progress

    Way to go USP!!!

  12. I have not used it at the gym yet as I am taking a small break but I cannot wait to use it at the gym.I have though have used the past three days in the morning to replace my morning coffee.Well so far the focus on this stuff is nuts.I have to drive 45 minutes to work and I am very alert to everything around me and at times to focused.I seem to focus way too much on the car in front of me to the point that I did not know that I was going about 90 as I am driving by a Highway Patrolman.Luckily he was helping a stranded driver.At work I seem to be dealing with my customers more efficiently as I focused on what they are asking me and not allowing my mind to wonder.Energy is just as nuts as the focus.I take my 2 sccops at about 7am in the morning and I get to work at about 9.As soon as I get in and get the registers up I start to clean and re-arrainge my product, non stop.A very constant energy,no let down at all.Then I drive back home just as focused as in the morning.The tast is interesting.It is easy to swallow.I actually just dump it into my mouth and down it with water.Seems to foam up a bit doing it that way.Today was probably the first day that I noticed that my body was a bit warmer and that i was sweating a little.I know I was suppost to write a post on how this product works for me at the gym and I cannot wait to do so,which should be very soon but this is just another side of what JACKED did for me that wasn't gym related.I cannot wait to tear up the gym on this!

  13. i'm very interested in this product, i have yet to try/order it, at the top of the thread it says it'll be $19.99 on the planet this week but i can't seem to find it on the site...can anyone help me out
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    Quote Originally Posted by Young Gotti View Post
    i'm very interested in this product, i have yet to try/order it, at the top of the thread it says it'll be $19.99 on the planet this week but i can't seem to find it on the site...can anyone help me out

    should be listed by weeks end.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Young Gotti View Post
    i'm very interested in this product, i have yet to try/order it, at the top of the thread it says it'll be $19.99 on the planet this week but i can't seem to find it on the site...can anyone help me out
    It will be available at NP very soon.

    EDIT: Didnt see Jacobs post... Opps.
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  16. I think some bstard is swimming my order over to Australia

  17. I have received Jacked this week.

    I will compare it to White Flood, because WF was my favorite pre-workout drink thus far.

    3 scoops of Jacked:
    I've noticed an intense focus and energy within the first 30 minutes of ingestion. I didn't feel any "tingling" sensation from beta-alanine though.

    During the whole workout, I didn't feel any "pump" close to White flood. I did feel my muscle more thicker, but not a blood gorging pump like White Flood.

    What I did feel, was INCREDIBLE amount of sustained energy. I didn't feel tired at all, and everything felt "easier". I pulled out reps more easily and lasted longer. I lifted for 1 hour and a half. I felt guilty for working out more than 1 hour (stereotype of cortisol increase), but I had so much energy, I thought I would keep going and included a Trap workout. Then I still had more energy, and went on elliptical for 15 minutes. I had a sense of "Euphoria" throughout the whole workout and post-workout.

    Even until now, I am in a Happy mood, but no pump/vascularity whatsoever.

    These are supplements that I currently use:
    - Activate Xtreme
    - Lean Xtreme
    - Post Cycle Support
    - Life Support
    - ZMA

  18. Oh and another good thing I noticed that someone else mentioned in some other post regarding the small scoops.Now I think this other person was complaining about it being small but I am glad that we are getting all these great ingredients in such a small serving because you don't have to worry about taking huge scoops of it and getting that tight discomfort feeling in the gut that makes you feel sick.You know that feeling when you do squats and it feels as though its about to come back up.
  19. Wow!

    Jacked is incredible! Only JP8 is equal to this.

  20. I had already posted this in the original shipment thread, but I wanted the opportunity to brag about this product some more!

    I am sitting here drinking my PWO shake. I had a pretty amazing workout after consuming 2 scoops of Jacked. I have been hitting the weights for over 7 years now, I have a gym in my garage and try to stay on a 5 day routine, followed by 20 minutes of recumbent bike riding. I am a bit of a stim junky so I decided to take 2 scoops on the first round. Here is my review:
    • Mixability:
    I only used a spoon, no shaker. There was little to no sediment in the bottom of the glass after only a short time stirring.
    • Taste:
    Lemon flavor was awesome, not too sweet not too sour and only 6 ounces of water for 2 scoops.
    • First impression, feelings:
    After approximately 10 minutes I was starting to feel the buzz, but also felt a state of euphoria. I was extremely focused and intent on getting my workout going. I also experienced some disturbing news this morning pertaining to financial issues, but was still able to pull my mind back on track and hit the weights. In the past I would have not been able to focus so much and probably would have skipped my workout for a shower and some coffee. Throughout my workout I kept commenting to my wife (who is also my workout partner) about how focused I was.
    • Muscle Pump:
    I really did not expect to get a pump out of this product. I have literally tried every pre- workout product on the market and most have been a disappointment to say the least. Not Jacked. I started with flat dumbbell presses and was able to climb right up in the weight actually rep’ed out 1 extra set at 10 lbs heavier than usual. It might have been the mental stimulation, but it felt good nonetheless. My chest was full and pumped after the first warm up set, and continued to be pumped through my workout. I moved onto biceps and they were no different, pumped and hard and even made it a little difficult to get the barbell all the way up. I typically lose most of any pump I achieve while doing cardio. Today while on Jacked I kept my pump and even my legs got a little Jacked!! Now that’s badass!
    • Conclusion:
    I do not work or even know anyone at USP Labs, however I have used Anabolic pump and PowerFull and really like there products. Does that make me bias? Maybe, but I believe in solid products and I think USP really does there homework. I look forward to many more workouts with Jacked and I can only hope it will hit production rates prior to me running out of it. Thanks guys you have made a winner in my book.

  21. The taste is MUCH better than JP8, though JP8 will becoming out with a grape flavour out this week or next. I will compare the two when it comes out. Also I believe they will make it stronger than before.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by jakellpet View Post
    I think some bstard is swimming my order over to Australia
    Your comments are some of the most original ever! I hope, at least, Michael Phelps takes over soon. Looking forward to your review, N.
    Product Educator | USPowders
    Statements made by this online persona are the sole property of the owner, and do not necessarily reflect USPowders’ opinion as a whole.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by USPLabs View Post

    USPlabs Jacked will be available this week at the Planet for the super Low price of 19.99.....
    Thats a jaw-dropping price. Practically a give-away. Now, everyone that ever wanted to try JACKED should be able to. Someone said it is called the no-excuse price!
    Product Educator | USPowders
    Statements made by this online persona are the sole property of the owner, and do not necessarily reflect USPowders’ opinion as a whole.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by strategicmove View Post
    Your comments are some of the most original ever! I hope, at least, Michael Phelps takes over soon. Looking forward to your review, N.
    Mr Phelps can have my frequent flier points if it would expedite the process

    I will certainly review. I'm keen to compare and contrast my home-made Jacked with the Real Deal.

    now where's that bulk Androgen coming out from USPowders???

  25. Jacked is a great pre-workout formula. It gives me great energy and focus without being jittery. I have been dosing it at 1-1.5 scoops in the morning and the energy seems to last all day. The taste is good so it is easy to drink. The price is one the best values I have seen. I do not feel a big pump of this product but I do feel the beta-alanine. I makes me tingle. the only negatives I feel about this product is I feel like I need more BA and creatine if I only take 1-2 scoops a day to get the full benefits of them. This product also kills my appetite so I think I would be great for cutting.


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