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    Hey Guys,
    Just wanted to let everyone know that our site is up and running. You will be able to find training footage from some MMA, NFL, and various other athletes there. Also we encourage people to upload their own videos and become part of the community. Sign up so because we may just have some special deals for people who participate......

    Also if you are not yet a member of the Musclepharm forums please join up at - Powered by vBulletin . We will be offering free training and diet advice along with having some guest on the forums that are big names in their respective sports. If you sign up over their please give me a little love in or referral thread for the month, which can be found here:
    MusclePharm: Hardcore Supplements
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  2. Thanks Rugger, I got to much going on in my mind right now lol.
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  3. Our you tube type upload feature for our members will be up next week some time.
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