NEW DIESEL GRAPE JP8 avail. soon!

  1. Exclamation NEW DIESEL GRAPE JP8 avail. soon!

    The new DIESEL GRAPE JP8 should be avail. soon (as in about a week), this will be a "kool-aid" grape (seriously) with a more intense formulation to include cit. malate, Dimethylpentylamine, Methylsynephrine, Panax Ginseng, Green tea.....oh and Benfotiamine (a B-1 Analog)! Shts about to get real intense!

    Im on the fence about selling this to retailers so as of right now it will only be avail., direct from GET DIESEL at


    To-shay *****cat.


  2. Samples?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Diesel View Post
    people will be able to get a 40 serving sample...........

    for about $42.95 next week.

  4. ITd be great if it was available on Nutra !
    i guess next time

  5. Chuck, if you really can get your flavoring down then I can see your line taking off!

  6. I'm in!!! The original JP8 rocked, and the new ingredients look very promising!! Can't wait!!


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