New LG Super Stack - 50% off (CODE: AM50)

  1. New LG Super Stack - 50% off (CODE: AM50)

    50% off LG Sciences super stack plus free gift for Anabolic Minds Members!

    LG Sciences manufactures high quality anabolic prohormone bodybuilding supplements

    This kit includes:

    NEW! Get this awesome new LG Sciences Gymbag chock full of LG Sciences gear!

    Inside you'll find:
    1 Methyl 1-D XL (new formula)
    1 Methyl Masterdrol
    1 Formadrol
    1 tub Lipotropic Protein (chocolate) - Gemma protein
    1 jar Cold Fusion EX - Nitric Oxide releaser
    1 jar BC+EAA - Branched Chain plus Essential Amino Acids
    1 bottle Slin - Insulin potentiator
    1 New LG Sciences Black T-Shirt (specifiy size in the notes)
    1 Supplements for Genetic Growth - LG Sciences book
    1 Diet guide & supplement plan

    Plus exclusive for Anabolic Minds Members using the code:
    1 Free IGH-1
    1 Free LG Sciences T-Shirt
    Free Shipping

    The new code will be coming in the next few days, but for now use the AM50 code

  2. Wowzers! That's a bag full of some nice goodies! That I-gh-1 for free is great stuff!

  3. Is there any more details on the gym bag? I'm just curious what it looks like. I've used mine as a man-purse ("Murse" from Seinfeld) for years and I'm wondering what sort of gym bag LG Sciences is selling. That is quite the treasure trove

  4. The bag is pretty big, it fits all of the supps, so that is certainly decent sized (including the 5lb)

  5. geez if I had $200 right now, that would be well worthwhile

  6. shipping to aus an option?

  7. Damn hookin it up!!!!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  8. shipping to Belgium, any option? I tried to enter my country on LG's website without succes, any tips?

  9. Either call or get on the chat on our site and ask them how much for international shipping. WE CAN NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THINGS THAT GET SEIZED!


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