FREE White Flood Tablet, Green MAGnitude, Purple Wraath & REDuction Samples

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    Pumped to try these products, cant wait for my samples hope I get to try them all!!!!!! Email sent!

  2. Guile bump

  3. email sent

  4. Tried all the samples and I have to say White Flood did me right! Placed a small order on NP a couple days ago and I have more samples coming and I did not even have to ask! Just wanted to say thanks, maybe it was a new years present.. if not ill let myself think so.. two thumbs up!

  5. Email sent i've yet to try any of your products but i'm most curious about creen magnitude and the white flood tabs.

  6. White flood tablets are freakin awesome! I put it up there with the best! I haven't tried any pre-workout better that's for sure!

  7. Very positive experiences with those samples.

  8. Nice. Email sent. Replied on controled labs forum. I'm excited to try some free samples.

  9. I've sent the request.

  10. e-mail sent

  11. e-mail sent hope to try all

  12. Bro's....ive just taken a look at when this thread was originally sent (10-30-2008, 10:46 PM ) I think we're all dly Very very late.....


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