USPlabs PRIME Quote Of The Day! Why is USPlabs PRIME Potent?

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    USPlabs PRIME Quote Of The Day! Why is USPlabs PRIME Potent?

    Why are we obsessed with Herbal compounds at USPlabs?

    Herbs to drugs

    A huge reason USPlabs PRIME is extremely potent and one of a kind!

    Many consumers may believe there is always a distinct line between herbs and prescription drugs; some believe drugs represent something of undeniable potency and safety, while herbs or plant supplements represent something weaker or lacking in some way to a comparable drug product. However, many may not be aware that over 50% of all drugs used clinically are either natural products (i.e. obtained from plants, microorganisms and some animal sources) or are derivatives thereof (1,2). In the United States alone, plant-derived compounds account for nearly 25% of all drugs on the market (3).

    Some consumers may question, why then, aren’t more of these natural products used as drugs? In some cases, derivatives of the naturally occurring compounds are necessary to address issues such as toxicity, potency and bioavailability. This is by no means a new process, however. In fact, the first synthetic commercial drug, aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid), was derived or synthesized from salicylic acid, a compound naturally occurring in plants, back in 1897 (3,4); those which have taken undergraduate organic chemistry courses will undoubtedly be familiar with this. The salicylic acid derivative was made to reduce the gastrointestinal irritation and potential toxicity found with ingestion of free salicyclic acid and is but one example of the aforementioned reasons as to why these derivatives of natural products are developed. However, there are also cases where the improvement upon the lead compound is not quite as significant as one would like to think. In these particular cases, it is na´ve to assume anything other than the fact that some derivatives are necessary for patent purposes. Considering the costs involved with drug development and protection afforded by these patents, it is ideal to seek out a compound which can be sold exclusively be a company for a given period of time, often up to 20 years (5). But, to put it simply, naturally occurring compounds can not be patented as an invention itself, as they are merely discoveries; though processes involved with isolation/purification and novel, unobvious uses are patentable, however (5). Consequently, it is often vital for pharmaceutical companies to develop a derivative of these compounds, or at the very least, use them for inspiration in the development of new drugs, which can be patented.

    One other potential solution to the issue involving the patentability of natural products may be seen with the designation of botanical drugs. The FDA has created a new regulatory category which allows for the production of botanical drugs. In essence, these are highly characterized natural products which have been clinically evaluated for safety and efficacy in a similar manner to conventional drugs; though the normal process to approval may be shortened compared to conventional counterparts, if a history of safe human use can be demonstrated (3). The first prescription botanical drug approved by the FDA was Veregen ™, a defined composition of catechins and other isolated components from green tea leaves, used topically for the treatment of external genital and perianal warts (6). Senna and psyllium are two examples of over-the-counter (OTC) botanical drugs (3).

    When reviewing the potential for these natural products to continue to play an important role in finding drug-like molecules, it is necessary to note that much of the potential resources have remained untapped. For example, it has been estimated that between 250,000 and 500,000 plant species exist in nature, yet, less than 5% of known plants have been investigated for one or more biological activities (2,7). This leaves open the possibility of finding many more drug-like compounds. Some naturally derived compounds which weight lifters and bodybuilders will be familiar with include the drugs metformin, exemestane, formestane and fulvestrant (8).

    Remember the next time you ingest a natural product or supplement; these aren’t necessarily any weaker than their drug counterparts, nor may they be completely innocuous as well. Yet, also be cognizant that although a nutraceutical may not have drug status, it does not mean it is worthless or ineffective; in some instances it may only mean it can’t be patented or that the pharmaceutical industry hasn’t yet found an effective derivative to market.


    1. Fabricant DS, Farnsworth NR. The value of plants used in traditional medicine for drug discovery. Environ Health Perspect. 2001 Mar;109 Suppl 1:69-75.
    2. Vuorelaa P, Leinonenb M, Saikkuc P, et al. Natural products in the process of finding new drug candidates. Curr Med Chem. 2004 Jun;11(11):1375-89.
    3. Schmidt B, Ribnicky DM, Poulev A, et al. A natural history of botanical therapeutics. Metabolism. 2008 Jul;57(7 Suppl 1):S3-9.

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    Everyday, We will post the USPlabs PRIME quote of the day.

    Quote Originally Posted by bioman View Post
    Well into my 2nd bottle of Prime and I really have to say hats off to Jacob and USP. My last chest wo was freakin awesome. After a year off from lifting I am now almost back to my former peak strength levels and am looking pretty solid considering I am not going at full tilt because of my jobs and family.

    It's like steroids, baby, only better because my nuts are not shrinking. lol

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    HOw is recovery on USPlabs PRIME?

    Quote Originally Posted by poopypants View Post
    weeeeeeell I have the worst DOMS in my legs I think Ive ever had right now... but I havnt hit them since last april so its expected, LOL.

    Other then that its been great. No real soreness to speak of, almost always a nice tight feeling the day after and the day after that its more of a pump in the same muscle group but never sore and always gtg the next time comes around (most everything gets hit directly or indirectly 2 times/week). Crazy thing is Ive increased workout volumes in both set numbers and rep numbers as well as hittin PR's practically every workout and still no DOMS. Im baffled to say the least.

    Interset recovery is a whole nother beast, like rest time beyond 10 seconds is completely unnecessary... still do it anyhow, but Ive been throwing in supersets and dropsets where I would never have done so before.
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    Does USPlabs make you strong?

    Quote Originally Posted by smn1 View Post
    The last time I handled weights like this was almost 20 years ago when I was in my 20's and I weighted in at 200+lbs. I started lifting again around March of this year. I started out slow and added weights a little at a time. So I had a good handle on how much of an increase I had over the last 6 months. For example over the last 6 months my bench went up 40lbs over 6 months time. While taking Prime my bench went up 20lbs in 30 days. My squat went up 90lbs in 6 months and while on Prime it went up +75lbs in 30 days. Vertical leg press increase of 60lbs in 6 months and +60lbs in 30 days on Prime.

    Since my last leg workout I have added another +10lbs on my vertical leg press so now it is at +70lbs.

    WEIGHT in the morning is 158LBS and evening is 162LBS
    Up +8lbs
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    Can you overtrain and still gain on USPlabs PRIME?

    Quote Originally Posted by grocker View Post
    True. I was aware of the possibility of overtraining, but I felt so damn good on Prime that I didn't think I would. Things I did notice while on Prime and loved where increase in appetite, increased strength, intense pumps, gained 5lbs and slight recomp with a not so good diet the last 2 weeks.

  6. wow, i gotta run out and try this. surely it'll beat the pants off superdrol. yeah.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Manimalia View Post
    wow, i gotta run out and try this. surely it'll beat the pants off superdrol. yeah.

    PRIME is just placebo? I know that not because I used the product just because I hear things.

    Quote Originally Posted by poopypants View Post
    Alright guys,

    I want to touch on a bit of a sad subject real quick.....

    Ive seen people bashing prime here and there without ever trying it, its even come to the point where people were THEN bashing us guys running our OWN unsponsored, unrequired logs saying we were full of it or even bought off.

    I then have retaliated in MANY threads about what people are saying basically cause I feel like they are indirectly or directly calling me a LIAR and that Im either A) experiencing nothing more then a placebo and muscle memory or B) straight up must be talkin ish this whole way and I say EVERYTHING I take is the best ever....

    I dont see how either can be purported as being true considering the public evidence to the contrary. I have run multiple sponsored and unsponsored logs, funny thing is the ones that are the MOST negative have been the sponsored logs, where as the other products that I raved over were not only provided for by myself but have since been proven over and over again in other peoples own experience showing my log and reviews were very well founded and became or are the general consensus now regarding that supplement with few exceptions.

    On top of this all of my Prime results have been most detailed in their recordings, including multiple pictures from the start and even a few since. The same can be found in many of my logs as well as my lifts stating the working weight.

    A direct comparison would show that I have been making multiple PR's with this supplement that I have NEVER attained before.... So if muscle memory even plays into strength(which I feel its mostly a tissue/mass thing) it would go to show that these gains ARE NOT due to muscle memory. Although I may have been the same weight in the past, we all know life happens and Ive had times were I can straight not afford a gym membership and hardly able to afford food... these are inevitable setbacks that I wish I never had to face as well as would never wish on anyone else who dedicates themselves this much to improving themselves only to have it taken away against their will.

    Bottom line is I have now people asking and starting rumors that I am/going to be/or want to be somehow associated with USPL and that this is the reason for my review and vested interest in the product, so much so that I have my own company asking me whats up and if Im leaving.

    When I say; my only vested interest is my own results being ignorantly challenged by those who have never even tried the product and cant even bother to use the search function on these boards to confirm if what I say is true regarding my progress.

    Its pretty sad a guy cant defend himself or have an opinion without people thinking hes somehow gonna be associated with that thing now or bought off, that just makes me mad and not want to even run a public log if they just think there's an ulterior motive to it.

    Im 100% an IBE rep, but this in no way excludes me from ever trying another product and having an opinion on it. Id like to be selfish and from now on just keep that opinion to myself, but the tons of PM's I get constantly telling me they loved my log or review of XYZ and are going to try it themselves then come back to tell me it was everything I said and thanks for the log and all the help in explaining and setting things up, that keep from doing so..... BUT I just wanted to put this out here for all to see. This is getting quite ridiculous and upsetting, Im sure that it wont change many minds about their previous assumptions given the complete ignorance that has been shown regarding this compound and now my own validity but for those on the fence or just wondering.....

    NO, Im in no way associated with USPL's company or products any more then any other consumer.

    IBE REP, poopypants, and fellow board member..... /end rant


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