Deployed Soldier Support

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    Deployed Soldier Support

    Alright, hopefuly being in this forum will get some good hits.

    So I'm deployed to Iraq and a fellow soldier is putting together another Bodybuilding show for our base. The last one we had there was a good turn out but we're hoping for a bigger show. SO of course here goes the begging an what not, we're looking for any company who'd be willing to support in any capacity. Heck if we get a banner, we'd be stoked.

    Im not gunna drag this on, but if anyone is interested just hit me up.

    It's the little things that help

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    no replies... interesting

    hey bro- i dont have a company but would do what I can to help out.

    stay frosty
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    IIRC someone did something just like this not too long ago. Try a search and see what comes up.

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