Tripdog is now part of Team GET DIESEL!

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  1. Surely a badazz union of minds up in here! Congrats to my brother trip, and to get diesel nutrition!!

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  2. great choice. he seems like he will fit in well with get diesel.

  3. Congratulations to both parties

  4. Congrats Trip and Chuck both....................BTW Tripp you ready to do some insider trading.

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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Diesel View Post
    This is a Public Service Announcement brought to you by the good fellas at GET DIESEL NUTRITION. Allow me to re-introduce name is Chuck.....and I am happy to announce the first of its kind:

    TripDog is now with Team GET DIESEL.
    He will be GET DIESEL "admin support."

    What this is sorta like a rep, but his job isnít to run around pointing people to GET DIESEL and all that other BS, his job is to provide admin. support, I.E. update you guys on stuff I dont have time 2, answer "Level 1" tech. support questions on GET DIESEL products I dont have time to ask like "whatís the difference between Ready4War and NCP" and to direct me to threads on GET DIESEL products I dont see because I dont have time to be on here all day.

    All you guys know Tripdog keeps it real and I dont expect that to change. I dont expect Trip to only log GET DIESEL products. Trip is his own man, he can use and log whatever he wants.

    Please note, like I Trip can say whatever he wants. If he rubs you the wrong way, thats coming from Trip, not nec. GET DIESEL as with me, some people think I am an a-hole sometimes, but thats me, not GET DIESEL. Im just warning you guys if you thing because Trip is a rep (admin support) now its time for him to kiss ass and all that other stuff.

  6. Good pick, I've always been a fan of Diesel products. Congrats Trip!

  7. i don't know trip from adam, but judging from his avatar, he's got to be one of the most "diesel" guys on this board.

  8. Awesome move, Chuck!
    Trip is a great add, and will be a huge benefit to the Get Diesel team.
    Congrats, Dan!

  9. Well I will say this, with his trainer certification and his knowledge of supps and cycles he has the background to excell. He is more than just another pretty body

  10. Congrats TripDiesel! I figured this was in the works.

    Cheers to ya bud!
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