Blue Gene In Stock @ Nutraplanet!

  1. Blue Gene In Stock @ Nutraplanet!

  2. You guys should've designed the box in Denim

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    You guys should've designed the box in Denim

    Great idea!!! v2: Clean Gene?

  4. got a write up on the product to post here?

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    got a write up on the product to post here?
    (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What is Blue GENE™ ?

    Serving Size: 5 Tabs (5950mg)
    Servings Per Container: 30

    - Controlled Release Formula
    - Stimulant Free Endurance and Stamina
    - Natural / Legal Power and Performance
    - Optimize Natural Hormone Levels and Recovery

    Designed to help the serious athlete optimize mitochondrial biogenesis, hormone level ratios, and support oxygen rich blood cells during athletic performance and recovery, this stimulant-free formula means more endurance, power, and better recovery without pro-hormones or grey area compounds. No hormones means no post-cycle therapy, depression, or other risks associated with exogenous hormonal ingestion.

    Cissus is a natural, cutting-edge anti-cortisol / anti-catabolic compound that has taken the supplement industry by storm. While more research is needed on the exact mechanism of it's anti-catabolic activity, we do know that the phytoconstituents are active and effective, improving the healing rate of tendons and ligaments (tendons and ligament function is essential for weightlifting strength and form). Acting as a natural glucocorticoid antagonist, Cissus may also have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

    Carnitine was added to the formula for it's numerous benefits, including recovery from intense training and reduced DOMS. When part of a CONTROLLED LABS stack / combo you have the ability to train harder AND more often. Users have reported enhanced energy, alertness, cholesterol levels, and fat utilization leading to a recomp effect. Another mechanism of action may be that carnitine enhances our 100% natural hormone levels during training including insulin-like growth factor.

    Carao and Catuaba extracts work in synergy with other ingredients to help the target muscle group receive more oxygen, improving performance and strength. As a bonus, many users report a noticeable increase in libido.

    Quercetin and Ginkgo Biloba (used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine) provide a stimulant-free performance boost by increasing oxygen and circulation, giving the serious athlete a unique alternative to stimulant-based products. As a bonus, over time the formula may help support a healthy immune / respiratory system with potent anti-oxidant, anti-viral, and anti-allergen properties. Sodium Bicarbonate acting as a hydrogen buffer, helps reduce fatigue during training and enhance recovery between sets.... experience jitter-free endurance and stamina like never before.

    lcariin, Grape Seed Extract, Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract, Apigenin, Luteolin and Niacin work in synergy to help increase bloodflow, natural growth hormone levels, and circulating levels of testosterone while keeping estrogen under control. The formula may even help with cholesterol ratio (cholesterol is the building block for testosterone).

    Train harder than ever, push past a plateau, and recover fast.... with Blue GENE™

    Where can I purchase Blue GENE™ and how much does it cost ?

    Internet retailers will have the best prices (around $40 - $50):

    How many servings per bottle ?


    How many servings per day ?

    1 serving [5 tabs]

    How big are the tabs ?

    About the same size as Orange TRIad tablets (slightly larger than a 00 size capsule)

    Should I take it every day (workout days and off days ?)

    For best results, yes.

    So... how many days will each bottle last ?


    Since it's all natural and legal, why should I be at least 21 to use this product ?

    With hormone levels already optimal for lean mass, those under 21-25 years old may not get the best results from Blue GENE™ and we want you to get the best results !

    Does Blue GENE™ replace proper nutrition, training, and cardio ?


    Is Blue GENE™ more of a staple / basic product or more of a optional / "icing on the cake" addition to my CONTROLLED LABS stack ?

    Icing on the cake

    Does Blue GENE™ replace creatine products like Green BULGE™ / Green MAGnitude™ ?

    No, it should be used along with your creatine product

    What other "basic" supplements do you recommend while taking Blue GENE™ ?

    Orange TRIAD™
    Fishoil / EFA
    Whey Protein
    Green BULGE™ / Green MAGnitude™
    Plenty of water

    Besides the "basic" supplements listed above, what other supplements do you recommend to maximize my results while on Blue GENE™ ?

    Purple WRAATH™ (pre / during training)
    Golden FinisH™ post-workout

    Can I stack Blue GENE™ with Blue UP™ ?


    Is increased estrogen a concern with Blue GENE™ ?

    At the recommended dosage, no. It may actually help to control estrogen and when used as recommended rebound shouldn't be an issue.

    Should I take Blue GENE™ if I'm using pro-hormones / pro-steroids or steroids ?


    Does it matter what time of day I take the tabs ?

    1+ hours pre-workout if possible

    I'm on medication or may have a health condition, should I take Blue GENE™ ?

    Ask your doctor before taking Blue GENE™ ?

    Is it necessary to cycle Blue GENE™ ?

    We generally recommend that you cycle off Blue GENE™ every 8 weeks, for an “OFF” period of 2 to 4 weeks.

    Should I "taper" the Blue GENE™ dosage up and down ?

    Optional, but not a bad idea.

    Should I ever exceed the recommended Blue GENE™ dosage ?

    Absolutely not.

    I'm a tested athlete, is there any chance I could get in trouble for taking Blue GENE™ ?

    If YOUR specific organization bans ANY / ALL blood oxygen enhancers or volumizers, it is theoretically possible.

    What are some good indications that I'm losing fat or gaining lean mass while on Blue GENE™ ?

    Mirror / Appearance
    Measurements / Bodyfat caliper
    Bodyweight / Strength

    I've read this FAQ completely, and I still have a question or concern.. what should I do ?

    Please E-Mail us:
    [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible



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