CONTROLLED LABS - Needs *BLUE GENE* Loggers / Testers

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    Please PM me if you choose to log Edge instead, so I can pick another tester .
    i am available to log it

  2. lol sean

  3. Age: 24

    Sex: yes please jk Male

    Height: 5ft5 short

    Weight: 138-140 4.5%bf


    Training experience (as much detail as possible.. TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF ! ! WHY should we choose you ! !): I am currently looking to get big and stay big. I rep companys like its no ones biz. Look at my pictures. I where shirts and people always ask me what I take at the gym. Great for promoting a company. I would need a shirt from controlled labs though.

    Current Training Schedule / Protocol (as much detail as possible): Max-ot program 6-7 days a week.

    Cardio Schedule/Protocol (as much detail as possible): max-0t 2 times a week.

    Current supplements (exact brand/product name): Vitamins and minerals and protein from science and technology.

    Current Diet and macros (as much detail as possible): I eat like a cow every 2 hours I am eating protein carbs fats etc. I get close from 2000-5000 calories a day.

    Current Daily water intake: Close to a gallon

    Current and Long-Term Goals: Bench 45x4+bar and gain more muscle. Curl 120 eventually with out swinging.

    ANY and ALL Prescription / Non-Prescription / Recreational drugs:
    I do not do drugs.
    Supplement history (as much detail as possible):
    I have tried just about every product on the market.
    Other product reviews / logs you have done (with links):
    tight extreme
    New log for the 08 year

    Yellow nEuphoria GEN 2: Euphoric Stimulant log

    incarnate log
    Current / Progress Photos: I will take a picture this week. I have been moving and have been bussy.

    Can you post "before" and "after" photos (yes or no): yes

    Disclaimer: I have read the terms above completely. I agree to them 100%. I do NOT have a medical condition. I do NOT feel that I MAY have a medical condition. I do not have symptoms of ANY medical condition. I will be able to start my log / review the week of the day I get it in 2008 and my log / review will last at least 30 days including a final review of the product.

  4. I can't find my other logs but I have 2 more I believe.

  5. ....this is beyond over

  6. DJ Bomb your entry was great, however we chose testers earlier. Irish is going to run Anabolic Edge first for a month, then run Blue Gene and compare the two. Should be interesting!


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