REPS NEEDED: Molecular Nutrition!!

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  1. Minnesota Kicks ass

  2. vikings used to be my fav team....till a player died, they changed coaches, and finally traded off my fav 2 players moss and culpepper.

  3. culpepper sucks. He failed to tip me on a $480 tab. He also had a 360 spider and a denali in matching ugly ass burnt orange. He also has tiny, girly hands. Vikes will win their division this year.

    Adrian Peterson. Enough said.

  4. hah. i will so get back to you on that when i get back. wisdom teeth. say goodbye.

  5. Any Update?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    Any Update?

    This is hard decisions boys it might take quite a few days. And its still oopened.

  7. i nomintae me.

  8. This search for reps signals MN's expansion plans!

    Decent opportunity guys (and gals)! Good luck to all applicants!

  9. good luck applicants, its a hell of an opportunity
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  10. Quote Originally Posted by strategicmove View Post
    This search for reps signals MN's expansion plans!

    Decent opportunity guys (and gals)! Good luck to all applicants!
    You saw we're releasing 2 new products?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by jjohn;
    You saw we're releasing 2 new products?

  12. good luck fellas!!

  13. Glad to hear MN is coming out with a couple more products. X-factor is solid, I really enjoyed it, but it will be nice to see a more diverse portfolio of products.

  14. I am greatly interested in such an opportunity, though I have not used X Factor yet, it is part of a future bulk I am planning.

    Name on Body of Science is Zero

    Basics.... I am 21, soon to be 22. Part of my life is dedicated to working out period, in the good times or bad. Supplementation has become a way for me to not only improve my performance, but protect my body as well. I believe proper supplementation can lead to a much healthier life. I have been deep into working out and developing my understanding of my body, supplements, and general physiology that would apply to sports(mostly injury). I am on the end of recovering from Achilles Tendinitis, I have learned to work through pain and around an injury.

    I have been wondering about being a rep for awhile, and have spent quite a bit of time on AM as well as doing personal research about supplements. I am working towards being a personal trainer while I continue my education to be a teacher and to work in the ministry. I like to think I have a decent amount of understanding, but my goal is to have my own personal mini database about the supplements out there, but more so about the ingredients and what makes them tick, what the difference in concentrates or purity of the ingredients do to its effectiveness.

    Quite often conversations that involved working out or health or while is my knees doing this or my elbow that tend to end with people asking my why it is so and how to fix it. I can only offer opinions for a natural approach and I tell them if its something that a change in diet or increase in proper vitamins and nutrients cant fix that a doc should take a look.

    I have had a variety of experiences with supplements for personal use. One of which is a log I just completed, which is still in my sig ATM. I enjoy reading logs on this board and learning more. I like to think I have a decent reputation on the board, and that no one hates me(too much ) lol. I would love to study the products for a company and be ready to assist people who are in need of answers. not only the product itself, but its interactions with other products, what it works well with and what would hinder it. To have general knowledge about things that could possibly apply to its uses. I would love a chance to represent a company, and I am on AM daily. Save for the last week which I spent doing missions in Mexico(I think I fell in love with 80 little kids, didn't want to come home).

    I would really do my best and put forth my best effort. I already try to help out as many people who ask questions on the board as I can, its what makes me feel like I am giving back for all the help I have received.

    I have done nothing fancy shmancy, I am just me, But I would do my best to represent accurately, honestly, and to be as helpful as possible. Its me simply put.... I haven't applied to the other rep offers that were out because I didn't feel them. This one I really am interested in. I would love it, and would perform it as a passion. Good day sir

    Well that's me, I hope you choose me If you want to know anything else, lemme know.
    Last edited by Zero V; 08-21-2008 at 02:47 PM.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Royd The Noyd View Post
    Dr. Hauser (Dinoiii)....I must say in 5 years the biggest thing I have learned is to keep an OPEN mind.
    If you like studying people with open minds, I would advise to steer clear

  16. Quote Originally Posted by bLacKjAck. View Post
    If you like studying people with open minds, I would advise to steer clear
    Hehe, I never said I agree with everything.

  17. haha i get it; cuz an open mind isn't clouded with bias. its open muahahahaha. i made a connection!!! woot.

    idea on picking date?

  18. Bumpity :bb3:

    I am waiting to see whats going to happen.

  19. Name: John Smeton
    Age: 27
    Height: 6'2''( I shrunk an inch since high school)
    Weight: 225 lbs
    BF%: approx 15%

    I started lifting in an elective class in high school at 17. i did this two semester's and basically only did chest. in this time I gained 10-15 lean lbs with no knowledge of diet, and I skateboarded three hours per day, every day, even in the winter month's. Fast forward to twenty one, I was boxing and took up weight training to improve strength. At Twenty one I started to hit all my body parts and haven;t stopped since than. April 02 I was 168 when i started and got up too 216 in seven month's. I did things right. Than, I started reading flex about all the shock routines and wasted years of progress. When I was 23 I started Max-ot training and did that int ill I was 26 and made good strength gains and some size, mainly strength. At 26 I started Dc training and have done three blasts. About nine months ago I started having elbow problems and ignored them in till I was forced to stop any upper body exercise because the pain was just unbearable.I haven't done upper body in three months and recently quit dead lifting. Now all I do is legs, abs and cardio in till my elbow is fully healed.
    Today was a training day so i took in 4k , 360 P, 415 c, and 100 f.Currently, I'm not taking in as much protein as I would because I cannot do any upper body or anything in which I hold a bar in my hands. i balance the squat bar on my back, while gently holding it with my arms(which doesn't cause pain) I have been doing this a while and know how to get big though nutrition and heavy weights(and sleeping)

    A Multi
    L-glut when i feel the need for cortisol control
    Vit D
    whey protein
    protein bars
    L-theanine sometimes
    L-typtophan(almost run out)
    I take Nac, beta alanine, and creatine when I am training every body part.Hopefully I can train all body parts soon.

    What I do know about AA- Ive heard about it and was skeptical at first. Jjohn hooked me up with a log to do and I'll do it once my elbow is fully healed. I know aa promotes progesterone(is it pga2) and fish oil works the opposite of blocking it. AA is released when you weight train , that is why it's beneficial in weight trainee's whereas the average person, it could cause excess inflammation, if they didn't train. AA is found in red meat and eggs.It looks like a great supplement for one to add some muscle with out any hormonal side effects or pct.

    Why am I the best candidate: First off I have nutrition and slightly heavy training experience. I have built my foundation and I have got to 230 lbs without the use of any Ph's/Ps , when i was 23 with a squat of 405 lbs. I know how to get big with food and heavy slag(and sleep) My dead about two months ago was 415

    Some logs I've done

    My Quest for a sixpack

    Getting cut with Hypertrop-X

    I registered on body of science. I can assure you I'm dedicated to bodybuilding and not going to quit , even if I have to work legs forever in till my elbow heals. I'm learning about injury prevention, which is very useful.
    Last edited by John Smeton; 08-23-2008 at 02:50 AM. APR50 50 % off
    Mind and Muscle Code AM10
    Great Physique fitness, facebook, online coaching

  20. Is it too late, did you pick your two reps yet? Im gettin real interested in MN especially lately.
    PHF Rep

  21. actually I don't think I shunk an inch. that was with shoes on. APR50 50 % off
    Mind and Muscle Code AM10
    Great Physique fitness, facebook, online coaching

  22. la la lalala. wheres the newsfeed on the decision? a.k.a. BUMP

  23. still wondering.. lol maybe they pulled a fast one on us....

  24. patience APR50 50 % off
    Mind and Muscle Code AM10
    Great Physique fitness, facebook, online coaching


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