So who loves RPM? Big Block Edition soon to come!

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    That's what I was referring to in the other post, old formula vs new. It seems like the actual changes are really small, but I'm not getting the intense focus and aggressiveness that I got from the old version, still decent energy just different (always taken on an empty stomach). The price for the large bottle is great and I completely agknowledge this could be an individual thing. Anyone who's tried old formula owes it to themselves to give the new a shot. I'm just trying to be honest about my experience. This is coming from someone who loves Drive, Neovar, and OG RPM so to say I like appnuts products is an understatement. I'll try 6 caps and possibly quit stim use for a while and try again.
    I respect what you have to say. Try shooting it capless though, honestly it may help. Glad to know you enjoy them all though! I myself do as well

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    ah and the caffeine isn't methyl xanthine anymore, its plain caffeine
    What is the difference?
  3. Never enough
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    I think its just a labeling difference
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    What is the difference?
    Regular standardized caffeine is not as potent an extract of caffeine as methyl xanthine anhydrous caffeine. You will get a better thermogenic effect from the latter, as it is the driest and purest form of caffeine.

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  5. have the standard rpm bottles also been changed to the different caffeine? or only the big block?

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    have the standard rpm bottles also been changed to the different caffeine? or only the big block?
    standards as well


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