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  1. CNP motivated training and diet log

    Since this seems to be the only CNP forum out there, I was thinking I might stick my training and diet log in here. Anybody got any problems with that, tell me, and its gone.

    Me- 42 years old, 178cm (5'10"), 92kg (202lbs), bodyfat according to my wife's scales is 23%. (I know this is not going to be accurate, but its a number, and I aim to make it go down). I discovered the CNP blog about 4 weeks ago through a link to the stew posts, and decided to get into reading it. So I skimmed through the whole thing, reading the training stuff intensely, the diet info pretty intensely and also the stuff on attitude. Music and porn, meh.

    Then I sat back and looked at myself. I've been training off and off and off and on for 26 years! And I have to admit that I am still really a beginner.

    So, my version of the CNP beginner program as posted in the programs thread will be roughly as follows. Adapting as I go of course.

    Day 1
    OH Press 5x3
    Push press 1-2 reps adding weight each set til failure.
    Squat 5x3
    Deadlift 5x3

    Day 2
    Dips (weighted) 5x3
    Chins (weighted one day) 5x3
    Shrugs 5x3

    Day 3
    Squats 5x3
    Partial squats 1-2 reps adding weight each set til failure
    Deadlifts 5x3
    OH Press 5x3

    Day 4
    Chins 5x3
    Shrugs 5x3
    Dips 5x3

    Day 5
    Deadlifts 5x3
    Rackpulls 1-2 reps add weight each set til failure
    OH Press 5x3
    Squat 5x3

    Day 6
    Shrugs 5x3
    Dips 5x3
    Chins 5x3

    So each day the first movement will be heavy plus partials/forced reps, the second will be fairly heavy, the third will be moderately heavy.

    Diet will be basically about 90% paleo, and eat a lot more of it.

    I will be buying CNP Da Vinci as soon as it is back in stock, and then will look at trying a few other of their products in due course.

    I also found my PRs from about 3 months ago, which was when I was still training what I then considered hard.
    Squat 120x1
    Deadlift 170x1
    Bench 100x1
    OH Press 70x1
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  2. Tuesday 5th August

    OH Press 3x50, 3x50, 3x52.5, 3x55, 3x55
    Push Press 3x65, 2x67.5, 1x70, 1x75, 1x80
    Squat 3x100, 3x100, 3x100, 3x105, 3x110
    Deads 3x130, 3x130, 3x130, 3x135, 3x140

    Food. Eat a lot more of it.
    For example today.
    150g kangaroo steak, 2 eggs, tomato, 6 olives, chilli sauce
    Pre-workout (C4)
    Post workout protein shake
    1/4 chicken
    185g tin tuna, 150g rice mixed with beans, broccoli, carrots, cauli (150g total)
    Handful of mixed nuts
    Stew (Welsh cawl from the Stewroids posts)
    Protein shake late evening.

    The workout felt pretty good. Damn tired by the time I hit the deadlifts. With both the squats and deads at the end of the third set I was knackered, so I added weight and turned the volume up. And it worked.

  3. Wednesday 6th August

    Dips (bodyweight plus) 3x +8, 3x +12, 3x +12, 3x +12, 3x +16
    Chins 3xbw, 3xbw, 3xbw, 3xbw, 3x +5
    Shrugs 3x80, 3x90, 3x120, 3x120, 3x130

    Went back to the gym in the evening (supporting my wife). Walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Stretched for a while.

    100g bacon, 2 eggs, tomato, 6 olives, chilli sauce
    Post workout shake
    3 chicken wings
    185g tuna, 150g rice/veggies
    3 chicken wings
    Beef stew
    Protein shake and a small handful nuts

  4. Thursday 7th August

    Squat 3x100, 3x105, 3x110, 3x112.5, 3x120 (rep PR) I have to say I hit this today due to attitude alone, way to early to put it down to training or diet.
    Partials 3x130, 2x140, 2x150, 1x160, 1x170. All reps were between 1/2 and 1/4ish. Last rep I couldn't lift, so stepped back, turned the music up, counted to 10, then dropped under it and slammed it back up.
    Deadlift 3x130, 3x130, 3x130, 3x130, 3x130 Felt tired on these, so kept the weight steady to maintain form.
    OH Press 3x50, 3x50, 3x50, 3x55, 4x57.5 Did a slow 10 count negative on the last rep for sh*ts and giggles.

    30 minutes walk on the treadmill in the evening, stretching (gym with wife)

    Bacon, egg, mushroom, hash brown, cheese, tomato wrap (breakfast with my wife)
    3 Chicken wings
    Post workout shake
    125 kangaroo mince, 1 egg, 2 slices of bread, chilli sauce (basically a home made burger)
    Small handful nuts
    Chowder (white fish, prawns, bacon etc etc, lots of brocolli and cauliflower)

    I know its still stupidly early, but I feel a heck of a lot better than I thought I would. And the last two nights I have slept better than I have for years. Looking forward to tonight's sleep and tomorrow's workout.

  5. Great progress so far! Are you tracking your macros? Welcome to AM.
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  6. Thanks for the welcome. Not tracking macros at the moment. Just going to train hard, eat better and more, and sleep more. Figure thats a good basis for a beginner.

  7. Friday 8th August

    Chins 3x +5, 3x +5, 3x +5, 3x +5, 3x +8
    Shrugs 3x110, 3x120, 3x135, 3x142.5, 3x150 (then three hip/thigh forced shrugs at 150 for the fun of it)
    Dips 3x +12, 3x +12, 3x +12, 3x +16, 3x +16
    Ab roller 5 5 5 5 6

    Forgot my preworkout this morning. So had a double shot black coffee and smashed it anyway. Attitude all the way!

    100g kangaroo mince, 1 egg, 200g baked beans
    Post workout shake
    3 chicken wings
    185g tuna, 150g rice/veg
    1/2 meat feast pizza, 150g doritos, 2 beers, 1 rum and ginger beer.
    Protein shake

    And if this should be in the training section in the main part of the board, someone let me know. I came into via chaosandpain, so have only just started looking around the board. And only now realise there is a big section for training programs.

  8. Biggest thing I can tell anybody to change if they are not getting anywhere, is attitude. I CAN train harder, I WILL eat more, I WILL sleep more.
    And if things don't quite come together, go train hard anyway. Got a slight cold last night, overslept this morning so I didn't have breakfast an hour before training like I normally do if I train in the AM.

    So I trained anyway, sniffly head cold, empty stomach and all.

    And it felt great!

    Deadlift 3x130, 3x145, 3x147.5, 3x150, 3x152.5
    Partials 3x160, 2x170, 2x180, 1x200, 1x210 (these were from just at the top of my knee cap)
    Was just winding these up when my wife came up (went to gym together) and reminded me we only had an hour to train today. And it was bang on 50 minutes already. So I set my timer for 10 minutes and smashed the final 10 sets in 10 minutes.
    OH Press 3x50, 3x52.5, 3x55, 3x57.5, 3x60
    Squat 3x100, 3x105, 3x107.5, 3x110, 2x112.5

    Post workout shake
    3 eggs scrambled, bacon wrap (breakfast with wife out)
    200g prawns (shrimp), lettuce, onion, cucumber, home made cocktail sauce (prawn cocktail basically)
    3 chicken wings
    150g turkey mince made into kofta, tomato, cucumber, capsicum (red pepper), cheese, chilli sauce wrap
    Protein shake

    My cold has made me really not that hungry, so I made the food a bit more interesting to ensure I ate more of it.

  9. Still sick. Today was going to be a light/mobility day, instead its a full rest day.

    3 egg omelette with bacon, onion and cheese
    3 chicken wings
    1/4 chicken with roast potato, sweet potato, sprouts, carrot, onion, broccolli and cauliflower
    Protein shake
    1/4 chicken with roast veg as above

  10. Still sick. Cut the food back a bit, but not too much. Planning on going back to the gym tomorrow.

    100g beef mince, 2 eggs, tomato, half avocado
    3 chicken wings
    1 large chicken breast, sliced, fried and tossed in sweet chilli sauce.
    Protein shake
    150g turkey mince made into fresh koftas, tossed salad - lettuce, cucumber, tomato, pickled red peppers

  11. Subbed brother!
    Online community manager/lead rep of Chaos and Pain,LLC and Fundamental Nutrition.Check us out! Follow me on instagram:@pyrobatt

  12. Finally not quite as sick! Been coughing up green stuff for about 6 days, sick for 10. Been doing a very little walking, went for a swim yesterday. Hope to get back today or tomorrow to training. Diet has been pretty good, eating 3 times or so a day, mostly meat and veggies.

    Today I fly out for 6 weeks to a remote community for work. Little place called Laverton, Western Australia. I'm a nurse, so I'm off there to fill in for a while. Population 350ish. Luckily it has a shop that is subsidised so I can get the food I need (6 hour drive to nearest population centre, and I won't have a car). AND there is a gym of sorts. Seen some photos, it appears to have a multi purpose rack (one of those high racks that most people just use for bench), an olympic bar, and lots of weights at least. So that will do. I figure with the rack I can do my OH press, maybe squats, if its not sturdy enough for squats, I will probably change to Zerchers. Deadlift obviously wont be a problem.

    Anyway, I see it as a chance to live the warrior monk lifestyle away from the wife. Work, eat, workout, sleep for 6 weeks. Taking protein and pre-workout with me. Will be able to update every few days as I won't have regularly available internet.

  13. Close enough to better that I got back into it yesterday. Last week all I could do was go for a 30 minute walk each day to keep myself moving. Yesterday and today just smashed it. I've had plenty of rest so I figured I'd just jump in hard.

    Monday 25th August
    OH Press 3x50, 3x52.5, 3x55, 3x57.5, 3x60
    Push Press 1x70, 1x75, 1x80, 1x82.5, 1x85, fail 87.5
    Squat 3x100, 3x100, 3x105, 3x110, 3x112.5
    Deads 5 sets 3x120 (I've been going over some technique videos and info on heavy deads, and realised I round my back a lot. So I'm dropping the weight back to 120 for a couple of weeks and focusing on speed and technique)

    Tuesday 26th August
    Dips 3x+10, 3x+12.5, 3x+15, 3x+20, 3x+22.5
    Chins 5 sets 3x+2.5
    Shrugs 3x120, 3x125, 3x130, 3x140, 3x150
    Ab roller 5 sets 10

    The little gym out here in this tiny desert town is just right. The rack is fine for squats, shrugs and rack pulls. I'll do my squat partials as Zerchers so if I can't re rack on the tiny pins it's a short drop. The roof is about 2cm over my OH Press reach so that works. I found a rough built dip stand in a pile of junk outside so I've dragged that in, and there's a low chin up bar. Found an old skipping rope to hang the plates off and I'm in business.

    There's only 180kg in Olympic plates so when I get close to that I'll buy and donate another 40kg.

    Diet will be pretty much guesstimated but along the lines of (dependent on morning or afternoon shift):
    2 eggs, beef mince, tomatoes
    Chicken pieces
    Pre workout
    Post workout shake
    Tuna, rice and veggies
    Stew - meat and veggies

    Luckily fresh meat and veg are available in town and subsidized. I'm here for at least 6 months so will be a good time to focus on training, eating and sleeping around work.

    I'll be buying my first CNP products this week - Genius and Inferno. I've got a full tub of C4 preworkout so I'll finish that, then get Ferrox and compare.

  14. Another good day. (Took Wednesday off and apart from my 8 hour evening shift just ate and slept. Woke up today feeling almost better)

    Thursday 28th August
    For my partial squats I tried Zerchers but still didn't feel good with the rack and it's short pins. So I then tried 1/2 squats from the bottom up, straight up and back down on the pins. Sorted!

    Squats 3x102.5, 3x107.5, 3x112.5, 3x117.5, 3x122.5
    Bottom up partials 1x127.5, 1x135, 1x145, 1x155, 1x165
    Deads 5 sets 3x120 focusing on technique and speed
    OH Press 3x52.5, 3x55, 3x57.5, 3x60, 3x62.5

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Graeman View Post
    Another good day. (Took Wednesday off and apart from my 8 hour evening shift just ate and slept. Woke up today feeling almost better)

    Thursday 28th August
    For my partial squats I tried Zerchers but still didn't feel good with the rack and it's short pins. So I then tried 1/2 squats from the bottom up, straight up and back down on the pins. Sorted!

    Squats 3x102.5, 3x107.5, 3x112.5, 3x117.5, 3x122.5
    Bottom up partials 1x127.5, 1x135, 1x145, 1x155, 1x165
    Deads 5 sets 3x120 focusing on technique and speed
    OH Press 3x52.5, 3x55, 3x57.5, 3x60, 3x62.5
    Adjust to your body. Be comfortable. I'm one of those guys who can basically sit on my calves when squatting heavy. Comfortably. My friend can squat like 600 paralel though. Makes me a little scared of him haha!
    Online community manager/lead rep of Chaos and Pain,LLC and Fundamental Nutrition.Check us out! Follow me on instagram:@pyrobatt

  16. Still been sick, one of the joys of remote nursing is that a lot of the locals have poor health and hygiene, so flus tend to hang around, and when you have to nurse them, its hard to avoid being sick. So I started antibiotics for a chest infection on Saturday, and spent two days pretty much sleeping. Short shift today, finished at 1, slept for 2 hours, then back in the gym. Finally feeling better and looking forward to a complete week of training. Probably work on 4-5 days this week, and ramp up to 6 next week to ensure I recover properly.

    Also I've ordered my stack from CNP. Genius, Ferox and Inferno, so when it finally arrives I will be able to write up how they work for a beginner. (will definitely start Ferox on 1/3 dose.

    Monday 1st September
    Chins 5 sets 3x+5kg
    Shrugs 3x125, 3x130, 3x135, 3x140, 3x150
    Dips 4 sets 3x+15, 1 set 2x+20
    AB roller 5x10
    Standing leg curl on a leg extension machine (feel like I need to work on the hamstrings to aid my deadlifts)
    5 sets 5x6 plates (whatever that is, its a crappy multigym thing with no numbers on the plates)
    Finished with 30 minutes walking on the treadmill.

    Felt good today, finally breathing well.

  17. Tuesday was a planned day off. Wednesday I was working an early and when I got in I was asked if I could do a patient transfer to Perth return Thursday. Since this meant I'd be able to spend a night at home with my wife I jumped at it. Leaving 8am Wed and returning at 8 pm Thu those two days became sort of rest days too. Back with a vengeance today though.

    Friday 5th September
    Deadlift 3x120, 3x120, 3x130, 3x140, 3x150
    Rack pull 1x180, 1x200, 1x210, 1x215, 1x220
    (From just above the knee, prefer below knee but don't have the rack for it)
    OHP 3x50, 3x55, 3x57.5, 3x60, 3x62.5 (3 rep PR)
    Squat 3x100, 3x105, 3x107.5, 3x110, 3x112.5

    Still not happy with the way my deadlift feels. Thinking when I get back to civilisation going to a heavy duty gym and paying someone to critique me and improve my technique. I figure if I want to move beyond beginner then professional help would be good. (To clarify I have no intention if competing in anything. Only against myself. I lift because I enjoy it, but I want to get better and stronger, safely)

  18. Another good workout today. Afternoon shift at work, so got a good feed in early, waited an hour or so and hit the gym.

    Saturday 6th September
    Shrugs 3x130, 3x135, 3x140, 3x147.5, 3x152.5
    Dips 3 sets 3x+15, 2 sets 3x+20
    Chins 5 sets 3x+5
    Ab roller 5 sets of 10
    Standing leg curl 5x6, 5x7, 5x7, 5x7, 5x8 (good thing about these I can see how much stronger my right leg is compared to the left)

    All done, I packed up and was about to walk out of the gym when I decided to do some tricep rope press downs for fun and games.
    3 sets 10x8 plates

  19. Same schedule as yesterday. 2pm start so I had a good long sleep, big feed, waited an hour or so and back to the gym.

    Sunday 7th September

    OHP 3x52.5, 3x55, 3x57.5, 3x60, 3x62.5
    Push press 1x70, 1x72.5, 1x77.5, 1x82.5, 1x85, fail at 87.5
    Squat 3x100, 3x100, 3x105, 3x110, 3x115
    Deadlift 5 sets 3x120 focusing on technique. I set a timer and started each set on the minute, set up well, and tried to move more precisely. Felt much better today.
    EZ bar curl 8x30, 8x32.5, 8x35 (for the hell of it)

  20. Feeling good today. Had to work on being adaptable with diet today. One of the joys of living 12 hours from the state capital is that my protein order that should have arrived Friday, is lost and won't arrive til Thursday. And I ran out yesterday. So after workout tonight I drank 1 litre of low fat milk. I hate milk. But its got the 30ish grams of protein I wanted. Sure its got extra carbs than I usually have, but I figure a day or two of 30grams extra milk sugars is worth it to get the protein in. Still hate milk though!

    Tuesday 9th September
    Dips 3x+15, 3x+15, 3x+20, 3x+20, 3x+22.5
    Chins 5 sets 3x+5 Struggle with these, weight has been stuck since day one, but I'll keep at it.
    Shrugs 3x100, 3x105, 3x110, 3x115, 3x120 (lowered the weight and went for slower reps with a hold at the top, just for variety)
    Standing leg curl 8x6 plates, 8x7, 8x7, 8x8, 8x8 (superset with 30 seconds rest after ab roller)
    Ab roller 5x10
    EZ bar extensions 8x25, 8x30, 8x35

  21. Feeling good today. Day off work so nice restful day and trained late afternoon.

    Wednesday 10th September
    Squat 3x105, 3x110, 3x115, 3x125 (about 3 months ago 1RM was 120. Pretty happy with today!)
    1/2 squats (bottom up) 1x 140, 150, 155, 160, 165
    Deads 5x3x120 still focusing on technique
    OHP 3x55, 3x57.5, 3x60, 3x62.5, 3x65
    I then decided to put 75kg on the bar, 5 over my old 1RM, do my arms and pack my gear while the loaded bar sat in the corner and I eyeballed it.
    EZ curl 8x30, 8x35, 8x40
    Then after I'd packed my bag I walked over to the rack and smashed my 1RM OHP by 5kg. It went halfway up easily and the rest was slow and stubborn but it went.
    Who says you can't do an RM at the end of an hours workout eh? Definitely in the zone today!

  22. No time today. Double shift, luckily out here the gym is 5 minutes away, so I ran down in my lunch hour and smashed out a half hour workout, ran back and got changed in time to get back to work. (ate on the go today too) And thank everything my protein turned up.

    Chins 3x+5, 3x+5, 3x+6.25, 3x+6.25, 3x+7.5
    Shrugs 3x130, 3x135, 3x140, 3x145, 3x150
    Dips 5 sets 3x+15

  23. Friday had a rest day. Back to it today.

    Saturday 13th September

    Deadlift 3x130, 3x135, 3x140, 2x145, 1x150
    Couldn't get in the groove today. Next time.
    Rack pull 1 rep each 170 177.5 185 192.5 200
    OHP 3x55, 3x57.5, 3x60, 3x62.5, 3x65
    Squat 3x105, 3x107.5, 3x110, 3x115, 3x115

    Getting plenty of sleep and eating well. Next week I'll take Monday off and try 5 days straight with Sunday off. Then week after that aim for 6 days. See what life has to say to that.

  24. Sunday ended up with a 14 hour shift. Guess that counts as a rest day then.

    Monday 15th September
    Still a little tired this morning from work yesterday but still gave it everything.
    OHP 3x55, 3x57.5, 3x60, 3x62.5, 3x65
    Push press 1x 75, 77.5, 80, 82.5, 85 fail at 87.5
    Squat 3x110, 3x110, 3x115, 3x117.5, 3x120
    Deads 3x120, 3x122.5, 3x125, 3x127.5, 3x130
    Feel like I'm getting back in the groove with deads so now looking forward to progressing the weights again.

  25. Tuesday 16th September
    Shrugs 3x132.5, 3x137.5, 3x142.5, 3x147.5, 3x152.5
    Dips 3x+12.5, 3x+15, 3x+15, 3x+17.5, 3x+17.5
    Chins 5 sets 3x+5

    Worked pretty hard but didn't really feel right today so I made up a second workout and did it immediately after.

    Super sets 30 sec rest each set. 3 sets each pair. Did these fast and hard, almost became cardio.

    Upright row
    Bent over shrugs

    Incline DB press (lowest incline above flat)
    Incline flys

    Bent over bar rows
    Lat pull down (slight lean back)

    Suitcase carry 20kg one arm alternating 100 steps each side.
    Overhead carry 20kg one arm alternating 50 steps each side.


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