How old is everyone here?

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  1. 24, been training for 7 years (including 4 years of 2 college sports). I've been reading CnP for the last 2-3.

  2. 28, training for 6 years consistently

  3. Just turned 20. Started weight training really seriously my junior year of highschool. Wrestled and played soccer in highschool, was a 2 time state qualifier in wrestling.

    Been lifting seriously about 3-4 years

    Wrestled 160. Weigh 210 now lol

  4. 32. Strength training for around 3-4 years now (wow time flies) after previously ****ing around doing stupid **** (focus at the time was martial arts). Powerlifting now and competing locally. Only discovered CnP about 3 months ago but loving the influence it's had on my training attitude and the supplements and blog are rad.

  5. 31, and I am the MAN.

    Seriously though.....

    I am the MAN

  6. Quote Originally Posted by drewsicle3210 View Post
    31, and I am the MAN. Seriously though..... I am the MAN

  7. I'm 7. Iv been training sense I was 3 but only consistently sense I was 4.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  8. 32 - started on a Bowflex in high school, weights since college, recently got into triathlons, so I stay fairly lean

    Just got my CnP samples and can't wait to try them.

  9. 24. Started taking true lifting seriously a year and a half, maybe two years ago
    "if there's one thing women love, it's a vascular man" - stewie griffin

  10. 48. Training since I was 18. Lots of detours into martial arts and boxing. Had several 600k plus raw ipf totals at 90k.
    My current quest is to compete p/l when I turn 50, masters 2.

  11. 19 - been training kickboxing/bjj/karate all my life and got into weightlifting last year. Hoping to keep improving and become the strongest possible version of myself.

  12. 23 years old and been strength training for 6 or so years (four which was a case of ****arounditis, two focused).


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