Cannibal Swole

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  1. Good to hear. Love that you guys continue to refine your product based on feedback/new information.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by aendi View Post
    Good to hear. Love that you guys continue to refine your product based on feedback/new information.
    In all reality right now it is an impressive "pump" product for what is on the market but we are going to make it better and that is the same with all of our products. We are not concerned with huge profits but with delivering the best products we possibly can is our goal!

  3. I'll be doing some timed squats tomorrow which usually gives me debilitating quad pumps with no supplementation, so I'm preparing myself for actually needing help walking afterwards.

  4. looks like a great product. I cant do lots of stims pre workout as I tend to train in the evening.

    Jamie, for your method of training assumingly this would be ideal for your light morning 'flushing' workouts?

    at the mo ive been putting:
    10g Lucien
    3g taurine
    10g creatine
    3-5g beta alanine
    3g grape seed extract
    splash of glycerol

    into a bottle of Gatorade for pre-workout, swole looks perfect and less of pain in the arse for pre-pump/hypertrophy workouts.

    I used a pre-workout pump product before strongman events once, worst idea ever.

  5. Added my sample packet to 20gr Karbolyn pre workout yesterday. Had a great pump, I was really surprised actually bc some doses are smaller but the ALA and AS compliment each other great with the quick carbs.
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