Reverse Artwork Confirmed

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by LakeMountD View Post
    Considering Pfizer just bought out a few larger liquid capsuling companies I see that there IS value in it.

    I have personally felt the difference between liquid and solid when taking on an empty stomach.
    There is value in it, only if the formula needs it. Some products require a special carrier for proper delivery. Unless you can post up evidence when you release your products as to why the ingredients require a delivery system (which we all know they do not) I will stand by my statement that it is useless..

    And Pfizer owns Capsugel so of course they would want to invest in capsule filling companies.. but it has nothing to do with them wanting to create delivery systems with liquid capsules for prescription drugs. Unlike the nutrition industry, the pharmaceutical industry requires approval on their products, and no way would they be able to do that using BS "delivery systems" like you guys are about to do.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Ev52 View Post
    looks great, what if you some how reversed the lettering or maybe just flipped the r. Trying to go on the theme of "reverse."

    P.S. I hope that made since
    This I wholeheartedly agree with. This is what I would do.



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