Epi dosing and what to stack with

  1. Epi dosing and what to stack with

    what up guys, lookin to do a epi cycle before summer hits to help lose some bf and put on some lean mass, i weigh 215, what you guys dosing this at? and what have you guys been stacking with it? thanks

  2. most will say around 40mg is the sweet spot

    pretty much heard of it stacked with just about everything, just be careful
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  3. careful about what? torem for pct

  4. Quote Originally Posted by schroedes View Post
    careful about what? torem for pct
    Careful about what products you stack

    There is a whole pct section, see what people recommend:

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  5. ya, ill prob stack it alone, stacking 3 diff things right now, first ph run, prob wasnt the best idea



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