Mdrol to Epistane Bridge Question

  1. Mdrol to Epistane Bridge Question


    Mdrol: 20/20/20/0/0/0
    Epistane: 0/0/30/40/50/60

    Curently in the sixth week of this cycle. Was wondering your opinion on doing a seventh week of epistane at 60. Have been using all support supps throughout and have a real PCT lined up. Have not experienced to many sides and feel good. Diet is very clean and training 5 days a week. I did stop the Mdrol 2 days early do to lethargy. This is my sixth cycle. Thoughts?

  2. Hmmm, Ive run Epi at 60mg, for a few weeks, and I really didnt feel the need to go that high, I know, its the trend now, but I had great results at 30-50. I realize thats not answering your question, but its a tough call to just jump into an answer for this one. Honestly, I dont know if Im comfortable actually giving you an answer. I mean, 7 week cycles imo are fine, alot of people will disagree, to me its pretty much dependent on what compounds you are running, so its not that Im trying to discourage you. Also, you have a some cycle experience, so you know that just because you "feel" ok, doesn't mean you are, really, but if you're not having any of the "nasty" visible sides, and you're having a successful run so far, I guess I cant tell you not to extend it out for another week either. Thats how Im going to leave it, I wont say yes or no, I will simply say use your best judgment based on your past experiences and current condition.
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  3. we were having a discussion about cycel length and bridging that i started a couple days ago, called something like bridge overlap, yea or nea lol check it out. pretty good read...roadblock is right, lol i think youll do it just cause most people do, most people do and dont tell for fear of being yelled at on the forum i think. i would do it, im in a bigger and longer cycle right now. are you a gambler, because you are rolling the dice!!!
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  4. From my experience Epi used to close my cycles have always made PCT a breeze, maybe its due to that fact that is has some connection with a Japanese SERM i believe it was just methylated which does change its whole nature. But i have done plenty of epi cycles to say its not too bad on your boys and if you have all your other parts good liver, heart, cholest., then i think your fine.
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