Epistane - expiration

  1. Epistane - expiration

    Stored at room temp in a dresser / closet in the dark.

    LOT# I10625
    EXP: 11/2010

    Was curious on use after expiration date and how will further age effect said product?

    Thank you.

  2. OK, I guess the "legal" answer would obviously be that if its expired the "company" cant/wont recommend that you use it.

    Aging the product in hopes that it might slowly break down into "something else" is silly, since even PA said there is no way to tell how long it would take, could be 5 years, 10years or 50years.

    My own personal feelings(not those of the company) on the worthlessness of expiration dates echo those of the military, in that a study was conducted where 90% of drugs tested maintained potency/stability/safety for 15 years past the printed expiration dates. I take expired stuff all the time, and it works just fine, this I suppose is a matter of personal choice when it comes down to it.


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  3. I concur with roadblock
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