Epistane, Gyno questions

  1. Epistane, Gyno questions

    Hello guys before i start im 21 years old, I know some of you may think this a little to young but oh well i guess. I have also ran an h-drol cycle last year (first cycle). Ive been looking into running an epistane cycle. Heres my problem, I got really bad delayed gyno from running the h-drol cycle last year. I took letro and nolva and it greatly reduced the gyno, but its not entirely gone. Im trying to figure out how i would run an epistane cycle and not make my gyno worse, but i have heard of people running a cycle of this and their gyno gets better? Im wondering if i should take the epistane, im thinking 20/30/40/40. Should i take some arimidex at .25mg every day on cycle and pct? will this make my gyno completely unaffected by the epistane? Of course before you guys ask, I have a pct which is going to be clomid plus i have all the support supplements for on cycle. Please help me out with this gyno problem, I really do not want to get gyno again.

  2. Hmmm, theres no easy way to put this, if you have gyno already, messing with any hormonals could make it worse, I think you know that, but I want to make it clear, since in your case, you said you had "really bad delayed gyno" Im not going to come on here and say run 30/day epi with .25 arim, and six months later you comeback and say you have boobs. If its truly really bad, you might want to consider a change of strategy, maybe this isnt something you want to get into. If on the other hand you had some minor gyno symptoms, and you figured that epistane would be your best bet, since there have been quite a number of people claiming a reduction in gyno aggravation, then probably 30/day would be a decent place to start. If it was me, I would have all the other stuff on hand, just in case, and see what happened after a few weeks of just epistane, if there was a bad gyno flare up, or if it got to where you call it "really bad" again or the gyno became truly pronounced, I would stop immediately, run pct and go see a doctor.
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  3. thanks for the reply.

    Would this be a good cycle?

    epi-30/30/30/30 (is there enough epi in the bottle to run this?)
    take arimidex .25mg every day on cycle
    cycle support + milk thistle + taurine through cycle and pct
    then nolva at 40/30/20/20

    i have a question though, Should i take the arimidex throughout the entire pct as well or is that not needed because of the nolva?

  4. bump, any advice anyone? i think im going to do with the cycle i posted and take it without arimidex at first, but if i start to have symptoms again ill start taking the arimidex

  5. gyno is a tricky situation. from my experience strong DHT based compounds help while AIs do too. also cutting down in bodyfat helps too. however i am not comfotable reccomending a cycle for fear that it might not go the way you want it too since there really is no telling what could happen. with that if you want at your own risk run some epi bridged with d-plex both of these which are strong androgens and provide some anti estrogenic effect in a sense might do it, or it could make it worse 6 weeks from now, but all i can say is androgens are good for gyno.

    PS when using arimadex taper down or when using any AI taper down
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  6. Its been a year since running my first epi cycle. I've always been concered about developing gyno during a cycle. Fear not, Epi will actually harden and shape your pecs. Just be weary of PHs like Tren because they are progesterones.

  7. I still have not ran my cycle yet as I am still researching. I think I am going to just stay simple as possible because i just want to be safe and may eventually bridge an oral cycle in the future. What i want to ask you though is I will most likely not get gyno if i run this epi cycle while on arimidex throughout the cycle and pct. correct? My gyno is a little apparent but i mainly want to run the cycle to get bigger and abs as i will be recomping.

  8. There are no guarantees on anything, but if you run adex threw the whole cycle and do a proper pct, that would be, essentially the best you could do to try to guarantee positive result (ie no gyno)
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