Protomax with OTC PCT

  1. Protomax with OTC PCT

    I wanted to know what your thoughts are on an Protomax cycle with these different options for a OTC PCT. I picked Protomax because of the mild side effects and want to use a OTC PCT because of legal reasons.

    Protomax will be dosed like so:

    Week 1 1am 1pm
    Week 2 1am 1pm
    Week 3 1am 1pm
    Week 4 2am 1pm
    Week 5 2am 1pm

    PCT ideas:

    PES Erase
    Athletix Titanium

    6 bromo
    Athletix Timanium

    CEL PCT Assist
    Inhibit E

    They all look about the same idea but just different brands.

  2. Many people are gonna tell you that you need a serm on hand just in case.

    As far as those otc products, I dont really see all your stacks as "the same", daa, titanium, erase, inhibit e, and 6 bromo are all fine, but do work different, if I was forced to choose, it would be a good dose of titanium and erase.
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  3. Well I thank you for you input.

  4. Look, its not like you will die without a serm, and protomax is supposed to be pretty mild, but the whole thing with having a serm for pct or at the least having it on hand, is in case you do need it. Will you be fine, probably; will you keep all gains, maybe; will you recover and get back to normal as fast, probably not; will you still recover, most likely.
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    As an aside, I have heard Endosurge from BPS is very effective to helping to re-establish natural test production. Plan on using it for my next PCT. ( No, I don't rep for anyone)


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