X-Lean into an Epistane cycle question

  1. X-Lean into an Epistane cycle question

    Hey for my first post ever on here I got a question about X-Lean.

    I was at some point in April I am going to run 4 weeks of Epistane followed by 4 weeks of a PCT with X-Lean.

    What I wanted to know is would X-Lean be ok to run upto the start of my Epistane cycle and then again in the PCT?? Ive had little luck searching around on this topic, the only thing which I can find that is a concern is how long to be blocking cortisol, though there would be a 4 week reprieve between the two.

    In Short:
    4 Weeks of X-Lean <---Mainly for Fat Loss Properties - Mega Dosing the entire 4 weeks
    4 Weeks of Epistane
    4 Weeks of PCT/X-Lean <----Mainly for Anti Cort Properties - 200mg/150mg/100mg/50mg

    Thanks Guys

  2. Yes you can run both at the same time and you can also run X-lean during PCT as well.

  3. Looks good to me
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative


  4. cool...thanks guys

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