Out of Stocks

  1. Out of Stocks

    why are all your products out of stock @ Nutraplanet?

    I am particularly interested in the X-Force and X-Dream. Any ETA?


  2. Let me see what I can find out, you also might want to ask somebody from np or a try asking an np rep, and see if they have an order pending or shipment pending.
    PHF Rep


  3. I checked to be sure IBE had stock available, and since there is plenty of X-Force and X-Dream ready to ship out, Im going to suggest again you contact Nutraplanet or one of the cs online reps, Im sure they will be able to help you out.

    As far as any other products you might be interested in, all I can say at this time is keep your eyes open for updates to follow in the not so distant future.

    If you have any other questions, please dont hesitate to shout 'em out.
    PHF Rep

  4. Thanks RoadblocK.

  5. Is it available already? I haven't seen any.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by TipTopShape View Post
    Is it available already? I haven't seen any.

    These products are available at various online retailers, but if you're looking to grab them at our favorite store Nutraplanet, I suggest you contact them, send a pm to a rep or post over in one of these threads:

    The Official Product Request Thread

    X-Lean at Nutraplanet?
    PHF Rep



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