epi with or without food

  1. epi with or without food

    I figured i'd come right to the source, i've researched it and every thread ppl say different things....so epi with food or without? i've heard without is better absorbtion but can cause stomach discomfort, i've heard all orals should be taken with food....IBE can you help me out on this one

  2. i guess theres no real answer to this question

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Young Gotti View Post
    ........i've researched it and every thread ppl say different things.....
    You found the answers already, not gonna take a position on this, its not an argument I want to get into, pros and cons for either with or without are going to be point of view, theory, quasi science, etc, you are just going to have to decide whats best for you.
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  4. thats what i figured, just thought maybe what i have read was old and a final answer for better results had been found, thanks for the help

  5. Either way is fine...Tried it both ways and never notice a difference.

  6. the dose i'll be running in the morning will be with a normal breakfast, but i go straight from work to the gym and i want to take it before the gym, might bring some natty pb to eat about 45 minutes before the gym and pop the second pills at that time


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