Formex During a Non-Aromitizing Cycle

  1. Formex During a Non-Aromitizing Cycle

    I'm thinking of experimenting with Formex as I've heard a lot of good feedback about it. What I was wondering, however, is can it be used DURING a non-aromitizing cycle? For example, to keep libido elevated, or as a sort of HCG replacement to allow for faster better recovery during PCT.

    Does this even make sense, as Formex works by inhibiting estrogens negative effects on the hypothalamus, correct? In a non-aromitizing cycle there would presumably be shutdown of endogenous T production, thus no (appreciable) levels of estrogen. Given this low estrogen environment, would Formex be able to stimulate any T production?


  2. I think what's going on here is that even during a very suppressive cycle T levels perhaps never truly reach zero--there's still some (however slight) T left in the system. In the meantime the body has sensed low estrogen levels (due to low T levels), and has responded by upregulating the aromatase enzyme and, or, upregulating estrogen receptors. Thus, what T is left is now aromatized at a MUCH greater rate, and there is a greater concentration of estrogen receptors.

    So, I think I answered my own question: it does look like Formex could be useful during a non-aromatizing cycle IF you're prone to gyno. However, I still wonder if Formex on cycle could help with maintaining the responsiveness of the testes post cycle.


  3. Everything has some conversion...If a substance raises Testosterone then there will be some estrogen/progesterone conversion of some kind...Even it it's minimal. Adding Formex certainly could not hurt and may even elevate Testosterone levels even higher.

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