Using Epi for a cut

  1. Using Epi for a cut

    Im not going to do this yet, but i recently picked up a bottle only one. a

    And when i use it i will be using it to remain anabolic on a with that in mind which of these may be the most effective use of the product?

    1. standard dosing for a month 20, 20, 30, 30 or something to that effect

    2. a longer timeframe but lower dosage, say 20 ED for 45 days

    3. do a pulse 3x a week at either 40 or 50 on days taking the product

    i believe these would all work for the need but wanted to get some opinions on this.

    Everything will be in order when i do it, and i want to keep it to one compound and one bottle.

    The cycles i have done are a Superdrol when it originally came out and 2 or 3 prostanzanol cycles....


  2. #1 IMO...I would hold off until the most catabolic part of your diet.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by M16 View Post
    #1 IMO...I would hold off until the most catabolic part of your diet.
    Agreed. This is the the most "fool proof" method. Don't be afraid to really create a caloric deficit in the last couple weeks (i.e. take full advantage of the anti-catabolic affects of the epi). You may get super hungry but the fat loss will be worth it.

  4. Agree with them ^^^^ and I will add that at your body weight, given the fact that you a going to be cutting, I feel that 20-30 is a perfect amount, do not go up to 50, even on a pulse. This is my opinion.
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  5. there is a thread where someone was debating over pulsing epi and some guys chimed in and said it worked good as a bf cut for them..
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