need an opinion on epi cycle

  1. need an opinion on epi cycle

    ok. i have 2 botles of epi,60caps/10mg nolvadex,20caps/25mg clomid,genetic edge cycle insurance,plenty milk thistle,fish oil,p-5-p,vitex,amino acids,protein,creatine mono+dextrose..

    can anyone tell my what is the best way to do the cycle and pct, and should i buy an AI like formex or anything else?.

    advance thanks.

  2. so thanks for the help everyone..

    i decided to do like that then.
    cycle epi 30/30/30/30/30/30
    milk thistle 1000mg ed

    pct tamoxifene citrate 20/20/10/10
    ibe formex last two weeks 25/25
    genetic edge cycle insurance through pct
    creatine mono through pct
    formex only two weeks because i have left over 14caps
    also i gonna use all oter supps like, aminos,fish oil,protein ect..
    so any good or no?

  3. Looks good man...Should be a good mild cycle and easy recovery.

  4. can i do the cycle for 8weeks or its gonna be to much?

  5. one more question..
    my workout is on 7pm so it is better to take 10mg epi with breakfast 10mg epi with lunch and 10mg epi with food an hour prior to workout, or 10 with breakfast and 20 with food an hour prior to workout??

  6. I would not run Epi more than 6 weeks MAX....I would personally take it with a meal...It has a 6 hour half life...So every 4-6 hours would be best.

  7. thanks man!! i will run it for 6weeks then..


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